How Big is a Golf Hole and Are They All The Same? (Width and Depth Sizes)

A popular question that many golfers throughout their years in the sport wonder at some point is how big a golf hole is.

There is a distinct answer, and it brings up several other related questions to the topic.

Quick Answer: The standard size of a golf hole is a circle with a 4.25 diameter all the way around.  This is the universal size for golf holes and is a specific size that all golf courses in the world follow.

In a sport like golf where every course is different in layout, length, and difficulty, the holes are almost always the same exact size.

Do Golf Holes Ever Differ in Their Size or Shape?

Technically, the normal answer to this question would be that all golf hole sizes are the same 4 ¼ inch size in a circular shape.

But there are starting to be other options that golfers in the sport have in regard to the size of golf holes.  A new phenomenon in the game is actually with golf courses that have 15-inch holes and are aimed at beginner and more casual golfers.

Still, keep in mind that basically every golf course in the world adheres to the 4.25 inches rule for golf holes.

Are There Golf Holes That Are Smaller than the Standard Size?

Since there are a few golf courses that have bigger golf holes, maybe you are wondering if smaller golf hole sizes exist?

While there are not courses that have smaller golf holes than the standard, there are putting green that can utilize a 3 inch hole for practice.  The point of practicing with a small golf hole makes the golfer more confident when they are lining up a putt on the course at a 4.25 inch hole.

Practicing with such a small golf hole will really make you improve and carry it onto the course.

How Do They Make All Golf Holes the Same Size?

Let’s face it, human error exists.  Golfers know that, so they do not rely on a greenskeeper to pull out his/her ruler and cut each hole to the standard size.

Instead, there are very nifty gadgets out there that already has the 4.25 diameter circles measured out and can simply dig into the green and make the holes easily.

The gadgets are basically at every course that you can imagine and are really helpful with maintaining the standard size of golf holes across the world.

How Deep are Golf Holes?


The standard size that all golf holes must go down is at least 4 inches.  The level of depth can truly very all depending on who cut out the hole, but the minimum is actually 4 inches down according to the official rules in golf located at Golfweek.

Is There a Standard Length for Golf Flagsticks?


Know that you know the standard size of a golf hole, maybe you are curious how long a flagstick is that goes in the hole?

A normal golf pin is around 7 feet long, and usually, about 4-6 inches are inside the hole.  That means that a normal flagstick is sticking out of the green at around 6’6″ to 6’8″.

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