Continental Vs Trojan Golf Cart Batteries

The name Trojan is a common feature in any online article regarding golf cart batteries. And rightfully so, as the company has a rich 96-year history, and are praised for their longevity, durability, and power. Conversely, Continental’s name seldom features, even though they too have been manufacturing batteries for 87 years.

The lack of information on the lesser-known brand has led me to conduct a review on Continental vs Trojan golf cart batteries. I thought it only right to give the Continental’s a chance to show what they can do against arguably the industry standard in batteries.

Continental Vs Trojan Golf Cart Batteries Reviews

Continental Golf Cart Batteries



  • Moderately affordable
  • Deliver excellent discharge capabilities
  • Provides more power
  • Resists against corrosion
  • Reduced downtime
  • Easy to install


  • Do not manufacture their own batteries
  • Requires consistent maintenance

Continental batteries have been operating for 87 years but somehow manage to fly under the radar compared to their competitors. Unlike some of the biggest names on the golf cart battery scene, Continental does not manufacture its own batteries. Instead, their units are produced by the famed Trojan and Johnson Controls.

Surprisingly Continental’s units run for a significantly more affordable price than their Trojan counterparts, even though they use the same batteries. However, the downside comes in with returns or repairs, as Continental relies on the manufacturer to repair or replace a part, which can cause delays and challenges for the customers.

Continental Golf Cart Batteries Features and Benefits

Deep Cycle Flooded Battery

Continental and Trojan golf cart batteries are both deep-cycle flooded units which means they require water to run. This requires you to check the water levels of your battery at least every month. If the plates are exposed to air, it will onset corrosion and shorten the battery’s lifespan.

Furthermore, when topping up the water levels, you should only add deionized or distilled water. With religious maintenance and the use of the correct water, these batteries can get you seven-plus years.

Volt Options

Continental’s most popular golf cart battery is the 2GC-110. And, it is available in three different voltages, 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt.

Ampere Hours

Running a 6-volt Continental branded battery will last your 25 hours with a consistent load of 14.4 amps. The 8-volt option will require a constant amp load of 11.8 to run for that time. While the 12-volt units need to reduce their load to 11.2 to run that long.


Continental golf cart batteries are slightly more affordable per unit than Trojan or Crown batteries. Prices vary depending on the voltage of your battery. You can expect to spend anywhere between $100 to $200.

Trojan Golf Cart Batteries


  • Increased travel time between recharges
  • Durable
  • Gives you more power for longer
  • 2-year warranty
  • One of the longest life cycles of any golf cart battery


  • Expensive
  • 12 v model batteries only compatible with a select number of golf carts
  • Battery releases gas, which is not suitable for any indoor use, nor the environment
  • Requires consistent maintenance and checkups at least once a month.

Trojan is one of the oldest battery manufacturers in the game. Yet, they continue to rise above their competition by manufacturing superior products. Trusted by the best in the business. 90% of the best golf clubs in the United States trust and rely on Trojan batteries to power their fleet of golf carts.

The battery’s long lifespan, shortened charge, and consistent power help these institutions to reduce costs and purchases.

There are more affordable products on the market. But, for the most part, they do not enjoy the longevity of Trojan batteries. This means that you may need to replace them two or three times before needing to replace any Trojan batteries.

The biggest downside when it comes to Trojan batteries is that they manufacture deep-cycle flooded batteries. While these batteries are standard on the golf cart battery scene, they require constant maintenance and water replacement.

If you do not keep up with checks and observations, it can lead to corrosion, and you will not get the years that you should from the unit.

Trojan Batteries Features and Benefits

Deep Cycle Flooded Battery

We learned about deep-cycle batteries when we reviewed the Continental golf cart batteries, and Trojan products are no different. They require constant maintenance and can be challenging for the average person to execute correctly.

However, these batteries will generate more power out on the course compared to AGM deep-cycle batteries.

Alpha Plus Paste

Trojan golf cart batteries contain the companies proprietary Alpha Plus paste. Which is added to enhance the porosity of the active materials. This composition enables the battery to provide a consistent level of performance for longer.

T2 Technology

T2 technology was employed by Trojan to boost the electrochemical processing capabilities of the Alpha Plus Paste.

The construction strengthens the capacity and ampere-hours of the unit. Ensuring that your cart enjoys a consistent supply of power while out on the course.

Grid Technology

Lead antimony alloy was used to craft the grids on Trojan batteries to ensure solid structural cohesion. Furthermore, the technology strengthens the frame of the unit to protect against corrosion and vibration damage.

Volt Options

Trojan’s deep-cycle flooded batteries come in three different types of voltage. You have the choice of a 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt. Bear in mind that the majority of their offerings are in the 6 and 8-volt categories. And, the 12-volt batteries do not fit into every golf cart.

Amp Hours

6-volt Trojan golf cart batteries can operate with a 10.5 amp load to a 21.75 load for 20 hours. While on average, the 8-volt golf cart batteries will deliver a 10.2 amp load for 20 hours.


While the price of a battery will vary depending on its features and performance, one thing is sure, Trojan batteries are at the higher end of the spectrum. They are famed for their lifespan and reliability, and as a result, are a premium product.

Continental vs Trojan Golf Cart Batteries – Price

Continental batteries are slightly more affordable per unit than their Trojan counterparts. A 6-volt Continental golf cart battery may set you back around $120. However, the same voltage option from Trojan will run you almost double that. As a result, it is Continental that wins our battle on price.

Continental vs Trojan – Amp Hours

Continental batteries are no slouch in terms of ampere-hours delivering a load of 14.4 amps for 25 hours. Trojan batteries, on the other hand, offer a varying range of loads for 25 hours. Starting at 10.5 amp load rising up to 21.75.

The Trojan batteries offer more variety and give you a better chance of finding the best unit for your cart.

Continental vs Trojan – Maintenance

Since both batteries are deep-cycle flooded products, they require constant maintenance. If you do not execute the maintenance as expected, it will damage your battery. And you will not get the value out of your unit that you should have. Therefore this round is a tie.

Continental vs Trojan – LifeSpan

Continental batteries can last up to 7 or 8 years if they are maintained as required. Similarly, Trojan batteries can survive for 7 to 9 years before it is time to replace them. It is for this reason that Trojan is preferred by businesses that own fleets of golf carts. As a result, Trojan batteries come out on top, by a nose hair in this round.

Final Thoughts

It was interesting, looking at the lesser-known golf cart battery brand, Continental, which has historically been overshadowed by Trojan and Crown products.

After our review of Continental vs Trojan golf cart batteries, we learned that they share many similarities. Both units are deep-cycle flooded batteries, require constant maintenance, and enjoy long life spans.

However, I feel that the Continental golf cart batteries are the way to go for the individual golf cart owner. They are far more affordable than Trojan’s and deliver a similar performance.

If you are in the market for a new deep-cycle flooded battery. But, you feel the Trojan’s are out of your budget. Then check out Continental golf cart batteries.

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