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Manufacturers are constantly moving forward with their innovation, however, development costs need to be recovered and this sometimes just puts the new technology out of reach for the average golfer. No need to despair, as many of the products become available on used sites, at reasonable prices, and in good condition. Today we take a look at the best used 3 woods…

Best Used 3 Woods


TaylorMade has a great range of Sim Max fairway woods that will appeal to all players looking for forgiveness and distance. A Multi-Material Fairway Wood Construction with a Carbon Crown set on a 185cc Steel Body allows the weight to be set precisely. Ultra-low CG offers high launch, mid-low spin, and explosive distance. The V-Steel Sole Design improves versatility and good turf interaction, resulting in an easy launch from tight or difficult lies.

A Twist Face utilizes corrective face angles to compensate for mis-hits, whilst still delivering straighter shots and a fair distance.

The TSpeed Pocket increases sole flexibility, additional ball speed, and forgiveness. In addition, the TC300 Ultra-Strong Steel Face provides a faster and stronger explosive speed at contact.

cobra-f-max 20-fairway

King Cobra has created a fairway wood with weight reduction all round with an increase of swing speed the desired objective. This includes the head, shaft, and grip. Ideally suited to golfers with a slower swing speed, this lightweight combination will add distance, accuracy, and an easy launch. The F-Max is the lightest, most forgiving engineered fairway wood from the Cobra stable.

The Carbon Crown head design saves 10 grams of weight and a shallower profile at address promotes higher launch.

An offset hosel creates a draw bias for longer, straighter ball flight. A crown alignment detail makes for easy alignment for straighter shots. Low CG is enhanced by a fixed heel weight positioned near the hosel and compensates for mis-hits, whilst the forged 455 stainless steel face insert propels the ball at a faster speed.

Lighter swing weights help generate improved swing speeds for greater distance and control and the lightweight shafts make it easier to get the ball out there without extra effort. Improved comfort and consistency are derived from the larger, midsize grips.


The X Black fairway woods provide slow to moderate swing speed players with the opportunity to put an upmarket, high-performance club into play. Distance and forgiveness have just been made easier, and better players are still able to apply shotmaking playability. The Canon Sole has a weight pad low and behind the clubface which generates greater ball speed and distance, even on mis-hits and shots hit low on the face.

A Cup Face Design that increases the hitting area on the face making off-center hits much more forgiving in terms of distance and accuracy. The clubhead feels lighter due to weights under the grip and enhances swing speed without effort.


Golfers seeking to change their ball flight from the dreaded fade or slice to a draw bias may be interested in testing the Ping G410SFT fairway wood. The SF refers to Straight Flight and will be welcome by many. Lighter swing weight and heel-side weighting assist in turning the clubhead over easier to square the face and produce a right to left ball flight. A draw bias will roll out an extra few yards on the fairway.

Ping has increased the size of the head slightly on this model to drive the MOI higher, and the lofts are also increased by 1,5-degrees to enhance easy launch from all lies.

Eight fitting positions from the new lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve enable the golfer to fine-tune shot trajectories through lie and loft adjustments. CG is set low for all-around playability and forgiveness. This is possibly Pings easiest to hit fairway wood.

Titleist-TSi3-fairway-woodPing fairway-wood

Titleist has improved on the versatile TS3 Fairway Wood with the introduction of the TSi3 model. Golfers seeking a small profile fairway wood with some new tech will be pleased with the options available. CG adjustability, a deeper face, moderate spin with a mid-launch trajectory, and workability for the better player. The TSi3 offers faster ball speed and greater distance than its predecessor TS3.

Titleist has improved the toe shaping on the classic tour pear shape head and is aesthetically pleasing at address. An alignment aid is added on top of the head for a more accurate setup.

More speed through impact is created with the improved Active Recoil Channel system 4.0 version that has a shorter channel wall. CG can be adjusted with a 3 position track weight and the clubhead weight is also adjustable by -4gm to +4gm. A 3 position track weight allows for adjustable CG placement and clubhead weight is also adjustable (-4g to +4g.)


Callaway has introduced the Big Bertha B21 Fairway Wood that will attract the attention of any Big Bertha fan. The oversized head with a shallower face glides through all turf conditions delivering a consistent strike. The A.I.designed Flash Face Technology assists all levels to obtain a greater ball speed and distance, without any swing tempo change. Increased offset assists players to turn the club over more easily and produce a straighter ball flight, eliminating the dreaded sliced shot.

This increased control brings new confidence, which impacts improved scores. Callaway’s groundbreaking Jailbreak Technology, with bars connecting the sole and the crown, increases stiffness promoting more ball speed. Progressive lengths make this fairway wood easier to launch straight and far. In addition, Callaway has used premium components like the RCH Shaft and Active Tip Flag.


Callaway’s continuous development and additions to their range of fairway woods, sometimes make it a bit difficult to choose which one to put into play. Having said this, most of the new technology is incorporated in each new model. The Epic Flash Fairway Wood has a forged Carpenter 455 steel, ultra-thin clubface. Exceptional fast ball speed is obtained with the Face Cup and the new Flash Face Technology on pure and mis-hits. The innovative Jailbreak Technology incorporates two internal bars that stiffen and stabilize the head, placing more load on the face. This creates a “spring-like” effect to produce high energy at impact, resulting in an easy high, and long launch from the fairway or tee.

The new Hosel System that is lighter and shorter, saves weight which is repositioned to lower the CG and increase MOI for straighter ball flight. The Epic Flash Fairway was awarded the Golf Digest Gold Medal in 2019.


Callaways fastest fairway wood is built for confidence with a large and expansive hitting area. Featuring a single fixed weight in the sole to pull the CG low and back in the head for high launch and flat trajectory. Callaway’s new A.I-optimized Flash Face SS20+ Forged C300 maraging steel produces maximum distance and accuracy.

Callaway has combined their industry-leading technologies to deliver fast ball speed for distance, forgiveness, and performance from every club. A unique Progressive Leading Edge Geometry is placed in every model, for easy launch. The woods come with premium stock shafts and grips.


Cobra RADSPEED Fairway Woods feature a traditional shape head that will appeal to the golfer who is slightly old-fashioned when it comes to clubhead looks but wants all the latest technology available to improve his game. Cobra has redistributed the weighting in the head with outstanding results. They increased the distance between the front and rear weights to create low spin, high launch, and stopping power on the greens. The thin-ply Carbon Crown is 30% thinner, allowing the weight distribution for optimized performance.

Two 8 gram internal front weights and one 7 gram back weight help strike a weight distribution balance and forgiveness is maximized. A CNC Infinity Face Edge Design expands the milled area by 95% to increase the zone of maximum ball speed.

Ball speed is further enhanced by the Hollow Split Rail System set in the front of the sole. It allows 70% more flex from the heel to the toe. delivering more ball speeds and higher launch.


The TaylorMade M6 Fairway Wood will appeal to the golfer who continues to struggle with a big fade or sliced shots from the tee or fairway. A new revolutionary Twist Face Curve has been developed that reduces side spin, which is the cause of the sliced shot. Accuracy and distance are the results. The new Multi-Material Construction Head Design with a slightly deeper face and larger carbon crown provides optimal distance and excellent playability.

Discretionary mass is set low in the head to optimize CG while still maintaining a high MOI.

An Advanced Speed Pocket Design with improved slot flexibility creates a larger COR area and minimizes distance loss on mis-hits, especially low on the face strikes. A new TPU Slot Insert sits more flush with the surface and improves turf interaction in all conditions.


Ping has always been a favorite club for many golfers who like the look of the clubhead at address, which immediately inspires confidence. The G425 range of fairway woods lives up to this reputation. A Tungsten Sole Weight increases the MOI for added forgiveness and stability through the shot. The Ping FaceWrap Technology features a thin, high-strength maraging steel face that extends into the crown and the sole. Greater face flex produces faster ball speed, distance, and forgiveness.

Pings Spinsistency, which is derived from a Complex Face Curvature that normalizes spin even on low strikes on the face, is an added feature that will appeal to all golfers. A 3-dot alignment on the crown assists in aligning the shot with ease.


Named after the US military code for a Mortarman, this fairway launches like a missile. The round symmetrical compact head is of average size by modern standards with a lowish profile that will inspire confidence off the fairway. The head chassis is made from 17-4 Stainless Steel and the face from HT1770 high-strength steel to enable it to be lighter and thinner.

The all-black finish has 11 weight screws on the sole. 6 light black titanium screws work with 5 heavier silver tungsten screws to enable the player to vary the weight distribution in the head to optimize ball flight. There are hundreds of different combinations and the CG can be adapted to the golfer’s needs.

The adjustable hosel has eight settings for loft and lie angle. It sits well at address and the head has two subtle alignment lines on the crown. A solid feel and good sound at impact make this a fairway that the better golfer will enjoy.


Honma has a great range of fairway woods with the high performance demanded by the top professionals. The original head-shape was developed with the input from top-ranked players and sits perfectly at address. A deeper lower center of gravity creates an easy launch. This low CG is enhanced by a lightweight carbon crown. Honma has used a high-strength steel cup face that propels the ball at high velocity off the face.

The large head model is distance-oriented and produces a high-launch and low spin performance. Stability and forgiveness matched with playability, make this a great fairway wood for all levels of golfer.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned in the opening paragraphs of this article, there are many good-value 3 woods available on the market. With technology changes coming thick and fast, it may be a good strategy to keep up to date with your equipment, by purchasing good used 3 woods.

It must be said, that there are innumerable makes of 3 woods available on the used market, and some of the lesser-known brands provide good quality products that incorporate similar technology, at a fraction of the cost of leading brands.

Test them all before you purchase, if possible, and enjoy the experience.

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