Callaway Hex Control Review – Is Soft Feel Golf Ball For You?

What started as Hickory Sticks Golf became known as Callaway Golf in 1988 after an avid golfer Ely Callaway Jr. bought 50% of the company in 1982 and the remainder of the company in 1984.

Callaway entered the golf ball market in 1996 and has grown to become one of the premium brands in the industry.

Soft feel golf balls have become immensely popular with golfers for the low spin leading to longer and straighter ball flight combined with a soft feel off the clubface around the green.

Callaway Hex Control golf ball with its unique patented HEX Aerodynamics provides unparalleled aerodynamic performance with improved and penetrating ball flight with reduced drag.

Callaway’s HEX aerodynamics

Callaway Hex Control Golf Balls are part of the Hex Ball range which includes HEX Black Tour, HEX Chrome, HEX Solaire, HEX Warbird, HEX Hot, and Hot Pro. Every golfer will be able to find a suitable alternative from the range.

Circular dimples on most golf balls cover approximately 85% of the ball with fillers between the dimples. Callaway’s interconnected Hexagon dimples provide 100% coverage on the golf ball. It leaves no undimpled space on the golf ball.

The use of hexagon dimples is aimed at better aerodynamics and lower drag for more distance and control.

Combining the unique hex pattern with the low spin generated from the low compression core produces more forgiveness and straighter shots.

Callaway HEX Control Golf Balls

The Callaway Hex Control golf balls are designed for low spin, low compression, and soft feel on and The Callaway Hex Control golf ball is an earlier version of the current line of Hex golf balls from Callaway. Although the technology may be slightly outdated it is still competitive with some of the newer golf balls and combined with the competitive pricing it remains popular with beginners and mid-handicap golfers.

around the green. The 3-piece ball is constructed with a low compression core covered by the Callaway Trionomer cover with its hexagon dimples.

This combination offers a lower spin off the tee for a longer distance without sacrificing spin and control on and around the green to enable you to get a better feel off the clubface and lower your scores.

Its 3-piece construction provides a good feel off the clubface and sufficient workability for mid-handicap golfers that needs to shape the ball on occasion.


The mid compression core has a compression rating of 83 providing a firm yet soft feel off woods, hybrids, and irons.

Trionomer Cover

Callaway adds more resins to the base ionomer product to produce what they call a Trionomer cover on their ionomer range of golf balls.

Although it’s not as soft as a urethane cover, the Trionomer cover can generate a sufficient amount of spin for shots on the green without sacrificing distance off the driver.


The Hex design used on Callaway golf balls offers 100% coverage of the surface and allows Callaway to add more dimples for increased control.

Hex Control Golf Balls have 332 dimples which are higher than most of its competitors.


Combining the spin characteristics of the Callaway Hex Control golf ball with the aerodynamics of the hex design offers you extra distance off the tee, which is highly sought after in the current way golf is being played.


Hex Control golf balls have been around for quite a while and are no longer the latest evolution of the Callaway range. This brings the price point lower thus making it more affordable for golfers that are looking for performance combined with a competitive price.

Who is the Callaway Hex Control golf ball for?

Callaway Hex Control is a three-piece golf ball aimed at mid-handicap golfers. In no way does that imply that beginners and high handicap golfers will not reap the benefits of putting this ball in their bag.

Performance and accuracy off the tee will provide the distance to shorten your approach shots and play more shots from the fairway.

Experienced and low handicap golfers may find that it lacks the feel of a Titleist Pro V1 or other premium golf balls around the green, but it should still have a sufficient feel for mid-to-high handicap golfers.


  • 3-piece golf ball
  • Low Driver spin
  • High wedge spin
  • Great feel around greens
  • Affordable pricing
  • Suitable for any game level
  • Increased durability due to the resilient mantle layer
  • Outstanding control
  • Straight flight combined with workability


  • Not the latest model and technology
  • Some competitors might be longer
  • Difficulty in differentiating between the variety of golf balls available in the Hex line.

Alternatives to the Callaway Hex Control golf ball

It is always proper to compare golf balls to possible alternatives to ensure that you find the one most suited to your swing and conditions.

Below are some possible contenders for you to consider in making a final selection.

1. Callaway Hex Tour Soft golf balls


  • Excellent distance
  • Low spin rate
  • Affordability


  • Not suitable for medium to high swing speeds

Another ball from the Callaway stable is the Callaway Hex Tour Soft which provides an even softer feel around the greens than the HEX Control Golf ball.

This ball suits golfers with a slower swing speed requiring less spin off the tee.

It produces sufficient spin and feel on and around the greens to satisfy most golfers.

2. SRIXON Soft Feel golf ball


  • Fair pricing
  • Soft feel around greens
  • Good distance


  • Two-piece golf ball

Srixon golf balls have grown in popularity, and they offer a wide range of golf balls ranging from the Value category to Premium Tour golf balls.

The Srixon Soft Feel is a 2-piece ball with a reactive gradient growth core for higher speed off the tee. The low compression rating of 60 makes it ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds of around 70+ miles per hour.

A soft feel off the clubface around the green is made possible by using a thin ionomer cover with 344 Speed dimples.

This is an ideal alternative for golfers with a slower swing speed looking for distance without sacrificing feel.

3. Wilson Staff Duo golf ball


  • Budget-friendly
  • Fun color options
  • Good distance and accuracy


  • Lack of stopping power and control on the green
  • It may be too soft for some golfers

Wilson has been around in the manufacturing of quality sports equipment for nearly a century. It won a Golf Digest Gold award in 2018 with the Wilson Staff Duo golf ball.

A wide range of colors will please even the most flamboyant golfer and the most conservative of us. Colors range from traditional white to lime green.

The low compression rating of 29 makes the Wilson Staff Duo one of the softest golf balls on the market. Golfers with a swing speed below 70 miles per hour will benefit most from this softcore.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the most suitable golf ball is one of the most neglected parts for many golfers, with some playing anything that they pick up on the golf course.

To increase your consistency and lower your scores, it is recommended that you find the ball most suited to your swing speed, spin, and feel requirements, and that fits into your budget.

Callaway Hex Control golf balls may not be the latest in their range of excellent golf balls. Still, it offers sufficient technology to offer mid to high-handicap golfers the opportunity to lower- their scores and handicap.

Feedback on the golf ball that you play and your experience with the Callaway Hex Control golf ball will be highly appreciated in the comments section below.

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