Bridgestone B330 RX vs Titleist Pro V1

Titleist has been the No1 golf ball played on the PGA Tour for many years and continues to dominate the market. Golf balls, like all other golf equipment, have evolved to levels never seen before. Fortunately or unfortunately this evolution will continue, and will continue to confuse players as to what is best for them. Today we take the time to compare two sets of golf balls in our Bridgestone B330 RX vs Titleist Pro V1 review.

What Ball Should I Play?

Swing speed should be the first criteria considered before deciding on the ball to put into play on the course. Today there is a ball to cater to all speeds from the slowest to the fastest. Both the Titleist Pro V1 and the Bridgestone Tour B330 RX will fit swing speeds from 98 mph to 105mph. To obtain the maximum performance out of both these golf balls it is recommended that speeds below 95mph look to softer compression balls.

Compression and Spin

Without sufficient compression on the ball, it will not perform to its maximum. Many amateurs play either of the two balls even though their swing speeds are not high enough. Spin is the other criteria a player should look at before deciding on a ball. Tour pros demand short game consistency, but not without consideration of the flight and trajectory spin brings.

Bridgestone Tour B330 RX

Bridgestone has slowly but surely improved the ball performance throughout their range and can offer a ball for every amateur golfer, whether a beginner or a low single-figure handicap.

Tiger Woods plays a Bridgestone ball and has been involved in the development. Enough reason to consider this ball?

Features and Benefits

A new Reactiv Cover Technology that produces distance and spin in one ball. Previously it was one or the other. Bridgestone claims the ball will fly off the tee and have “stop and drop” power on the short approaches.

The smart Urethane Cover acts as an “impact modifier” offering high resilience on high impact shots and shock absorbing power for more spin and control on short approaches. It reacts differently depending on the force at impact.

Gradational Compression delivers a faster ball speed and reduced spin off the driver adding distance and forgiveness. The higher initial ball speed and lower side spin create accuracy and reduce hooks and slices.

Dual Dimple Technology enhances aerodynamics and less drag on the ball in flight. The more efficient ball trajectory increases distance and roll on the fairway.

Seamless Cover Technology for more consistent accuracy, distance, and a better trajectory. The perfectly balanced 330 dimple pattern improves performance and aerodynamics.

A 3-piece Tour class ball.

Titleist Pro V1

The Titleist Pro V1 offers a combination of distance, spin, and feel. An all-purpose ball played by the highest percentage of professional golfers on the PGA Tour.

Amateurs have taken this lead and although the ball is Tour quality, its price tag is high. A high-quality 3-piece golf ball.

Features and Benefits

The No 1 golf ball on the PGA Tour makes its own statement.

A new reformulated 2.0 ZG Process Solid Core delivers exceptional distance through the bag. Consistency is crucial with the ball in play and understanding the flight and roll, produces the results expected by the top players.

Optimized Spin and Increased ball speed with the new faster high-flex casing layer. This highly-resilient high-speed ionomer was developed initially for the Pro V1x and reduces long game spin.

Softer Cover for more greenside spin and control. The new softer cast urethane elastomer cover is the softest ever used on a Pro V1 ball. This offers increased spin around the green and on short approach shots. A reason the Pros play this ball!

New Aerodynamic Package. Titleist has introduced a new spherically-tiled 388 tetrahedral dimple design for the Pro V1 ball. A penetrating and consistent flight is optimized, with distance maximized. Long-distance with a very low spin on the driver and long irons increases accuracy.

Who Should NOT Play Either of These Two Golf Balls?

Trying to emulate the best golfers in the world, is a fantastic dream that all amateurs share. Making swing changes and copying the swing movements, is not a bad thing, but if the golfer does not have the desire and time to put in hours of practice to accomplish these changes, then it is better to stay with the swing you have.

As mentioned earlier in this article, swing speed is the best way to determine which ball should be played. Senior golfers, women, and golfers with slower swing speeds will derive no benefits whatsoever from playing the Tour B330 RX or the Titleist Pro V1.

It may look cool, but if game improvement and scoring the best you can on the track, is the objective, play a ball with lower compression. Both Bridgestone and Titleist have golf balls ideally suited to the slower swing speed golfer.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the constant engineering changes to golf balls have revolutionized this great game we play. The R and A, plus the PGA are looking at ways to reduce the incredible distances pro golfers achieve off the tee. The golf ball looks like the easiest option, and don’t be surprised if this comes to fruition.

I suggest golfers with faster swing speeds, try both the Bridgestone Tour B330 RX and the popular Titleist Pro V1 ball to see which is best for them.

It should be fun!

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