Are Volvik Golf Balls Illegal? Do They Fit USGA Regs?

Volvik is a South Korean company that started making golf balls in the early 1980s and soon became (and is still) the dominant golf ball manufacturer in that country. Expansion plans to move into the USA came to fruition in 2012, and their target market was the colored ball. Pricing was very competitive and their range has extended into the premium ball market worldwide.


Korean women have been at the forefront of competition in the LPGA, and many have signed equipment deals with Volvik. The Volvik range is the leader on the LPGA Tour, with 75% of the players using the ball. Top players include Stephanie Kono, Jennifer Johnson, Chella Choi, Mi Hyang Lee, Ilhee Lee, Casey Grice, Pornanong Phatlum, and Christine Song. Bubba Watson plays the pink Volvik ball on the men’s PGA Tour and it matches his pink Ping driver!

Are Volvik Golf Balls Illegal?

Let us get this idea out of the way, and the answer is a definite NO. Volvik fits all the USGA regulations in terms of golf ball specs and is perfectly legal. Because they chose the colorful route to attack the golf ball market worldwide, does not mean the ball is illegal. In fact, they “spiced”: up the game for the amateurs and women golfers who have an array of ball colors to put into play, to match their dress code!

Which is the easiest Golf ball to See?

Interestingly, many people believe the yellow ball is the easiest, but the standard white ball is the choice of the leading manufacturers, who believe it is very visible to the human eye. Maybe the beginner prefers color, due to the places he hits the ball, or the white ball has lost its color over its extended life!

Can Volvik Colored Golf Balls be used in Club Competition Play?

Certainly, the variety on offer can be put into play during all competitions and most likely will be the dominant ball in any women’s four-ball.

Is there anything Special about Volvik Golf Balls?

The uniqueness is the neon colors with a matte finish, that are incorporated into the performance of their Chrystal golf ball. Volvik is the leader in color ball technology.

Does Volvik have a ball for all swing speeds?

Yes, Volvik has a range of golf balls that cater to all swing speeds and can be used by the beginner who wants out and out distance or the experienced golfer who seeks all-round performance, with feel and distance.

Are Volvik Golf Balls Hard?

No harder than the other market offerings where distance is the main criteria. Volvik golf balls are the choice for the World Long Driving Championship, so if the length is the main objective, this is the ball to put into play.

How many Models are Available?

Volvik has a range of 16 golf balls and we will discuss the best for each category of player.

Some Volvik Ball Construction Information

Solid Inner Core, Soft Outer Core

Volvik uses a dual-core to optimize distance by transferring power from the more solid inner core to the softer outer core. The outer layer reduces driver spin, resulting in more distance and roll.

More Weight on the Outer Layer than the Lighter Inner Core

Using their patented technology, high MOI maintains spin longer during flight, creating lift to ensure distance and ball control.

Rebound Resilience with patented Bismuth metal in the Core

Bismuth is compressed into the outer core with a high-temperature heating treatment. Greater energy transfer is achieved with increased expansion of the Bismuth metal.

Zirconium Compound Cover

Zirconium in the outer cover increases golf ball life, without affecting the spin qualities of the ball. The patented Elastic Inner Cover provides an outstanding putter feel and optimal spin around the green.

Radical Concave Dimple Patent

This patent design allows Volvik to form radical indentations in the dimple pattern for optimum flight and spin control.

Volvik Vivid XT golf ball

  • Official ball for World Long Drive Tour and Championship
  • Suit swing speed between 95 to 100 mph
  • Mid to Soft Feel with a Mid to High Trajectory
  • 4-Piece Construction with a Soft Ionomer Cover
  • 95 Compression with Tour and Distance Performance
  • Matte Finish Coating in 5 Colors
  • Low Driver Spin

Volvik S3

  • Tour Performance with 85 compression
  • Suit swing speeds between 85 to105 mph
  • Soft Feel with VU-X Urethane Cover
  • 3-Piece Construction in 2 Color Options
  • Mid Launch with Low Spin Trajectory

Volvik Vivid

  • A 3- Piece Distance Ball with a MId to Soft Feel
  • Soft Ionomer Cover with a 75 Compression
  • Suit Swing speeds of 55 to 85 mph
  • Matte Finish in 11 Color Options
  • High Launch with Mid to High Spin

Other Volvik Balls to Test

The S4 has similar characteristics to the S3 model with a slightly higher swing speed requirement of around 90 mph.

The Vivid Soft ball has a 65 Compression and suits swing speeds between 75 to 100 mph. It has an Ultra-Soft Feel for those wanting that extra feel around the green, and a great ball for Senior golfers.

Final Thoughts

Volvik Golf balls are very much in demand on the LPGA Tour and many tournaments have been won using this ball. They have a range of balls to suit every swing speed and the neon colors are very popular with women golfers. Many men play the ball for ease of detection in dry conditions, or courses with heavy rough.

Give them all a try!

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