Who Makes Maxfli Golf Balls? Brands Explained

The Maxfli brand is renowned globally for their golf balls in the mid-handicap and beginner markets with a historied past that includes ownership by Dunlop, a leader in the rubber industry, and TaylorMade, a leading golfing brand.  Eventually, Maxfli found itself in the Dick’s Sporting Goods stable where it has found stability since the acquisition on February 11, 2008.

As Dick’s Sporting good is a well-known sports retailer and not renowned for its design of new equipment, it raises a question about who makes Maxfli golf balls.

Maxfli was included in a basket of sporting goods when the British Rubber Company (BRT) acquired Dunlop Holdings in 1985.

A management buyout in 1996 did not deliver the required success and Maxfli was taken over by TaylorMade adidas Golf in 2004 under a previous licensing agreement before eventually selling Maxfli to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Dick’s Sporting Goods are looking at growing their interest in golf brands as they own Top Flite as well.

Although not clearly stipulated in any documentation, many pundits believe that Maxfli is still manufactured under the previous licensing agreement at the TaylorMade adidas Golf manufacturing facility in Korea.

While under the TaylorMade adidas golf umbrella, Maxfli moved away from the premium market in which TaylorMade was competing and concentrated on distance balls.

The range of balls produced by Maxfli is simple to understand with naming conventions that reflect the construction of the golf ball.

Urethane cover golf balls with a 4-pice construction are known as the U/4 and U/4x while the 3-piece balls trade as U/3 and the 2-piece golf ball as U/2.

In addition to golf balls, Maxfli also produces golf bags, gloves, training aids, and umbrellas.

6-Piece Golf Balls

Maxfli is one of the few, if not the only, manufacturer that offers a 6-piece construction in the U6 Tour X Golf Balls

4-Piece Golf Balls

Maxfli’s 4-piece golf balls, U/4 and U/4x, are designed for use by more experienced golfers with fast swing speed. The U4 goes farther off the tee but retains the soft feel around the greens.

You will experience a softer feel with more spin around the green with a mid-launch trajectory when using the U4 while the U4x produces a lower launch angle, feels firmer, and produces less spin.

3-Piece Golf Balls

The 3-piece Maxfli golf ball offers a higher launch angle than the 4-piece balls, provides ample spin for the average golfer, and feels soft off the clubface.

2-Piece Golf Balls

The most affordable golf ball in the Maxfli range is their 2-piece construction offering a high launch angle off the tee for a ball that travels farther. As a 2-piece construction, you cannot expect the same performance and soft feel as the 4-piece and 3-piece golf balls.

Some of the best golf balls produced by Maxfli currently are the 

2-Piece Golf Balls

Maxfli Soft Fli Golf Balls

  • Maxfli’s softest golf ball at 35 compression rating for enhanced feel and feedback
  • Reformulated core construction adds to the soft feel while retaining faster ball speed and low spin rate
  • 332 dimple pattern for a consistent ball flight at all swing speeds
  • Soft Ionomer blend cover enables superb greenside spin for feel and control
  • Matte Green cover enhanced visibility through the air and on the ground

Maxfli Straightfli Golf Balls

  • The straightest ball in the Maxfli range for increased accuracy
  • 374 Find the Fairway™ Dimple Pattern sees large and small dimples in stacked and packed patterns for less lift
  • Soft Ionomer blend cover for greenside spin and enhanced feel and control

Maxfli Revolution Distance Golf Balls

  • Aimed at distance, not feel
  • High coefficient of restitution (COR) core produces optimal ball speed high and fast launch to go farther
  • Mid-compression rating at 85 

4-Piece Golf Balls

Maxfli UFli Speed Golf Balls

  • Maxfli’s softest golf ball for increased spin on approach shots and enhanced greenside performance
  • Ultra-low, 35-compression dual-core for a soft feel from tee to green
  • The Interior mantle layer reduces the spin rate for maximum ball speed and longest distance
  • Urethane cover boosts greenside performance without sacrificing ultra-soft feel
  • Quasi-Cuboctahedron 318-dimple pattern for consistent flight

6-Piece Golf Balls

Maxfli U/6 Tour X Golf Balls

  • Mid compression core for faster ball speeds and lower spin
  • Set of 4 mantle layers produces a high MOI, reduces spin, and a straight ball flight
  • Durable cast urethane cover 
  • Conforms to USGA regulations

Final Thoughts

Although not as well known as in their early years, Maxfli is still competitive in the golf ball sector and will continue to develop and provide an alternative to the premium brands at a reasonable price.

Please provide some feedback and your thoughts on where Maxfli can move forward and enhance its reputation in the comments section below.

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