Where To Buy Used Golf Clubs – The Best Places Both Local and Online

The clubs you play with are important and will make a significant difference in your game. Golf equipment can be expensive so many people wonder where to buy used golf clubs.

To Buy New or Used?

There is no right or wrong answer. It will differ from person to person. The first thing to note is that there are many highly affordable new golf clubs that offer great quality at an affordable price.  Often these are from lesser-known brands although even the leading manufacturers offer budgets sets of clubs. The choice is yours.

Many people outgrow their clubs or have the budget to upgrade so you can often get a great bargain on a set of quality clubs at far less than the normal retail price.  That being said, new sets of similar quality can generally be purchased for roughly the same price. One has to consider their specific needs and requirements.

Used Golf Club Buying Options

The internet has made buying and selling used equipment infinitely easier and faster. Many people sell online. That being said, there are other options. Here are a few of the  best options for purchasing used golf clubs

1. Local Pro Shop


Much like car dealerships, many people upgrade their clubs and “trade-in” their used equipment. Your local golf store or pro shop is likely to sell used equipment. If you shop around you can find some great bargains that are quality at a fair price.

Your local public golf course might offer used sets or clubs at a good price so look into this when investigating used golf clubs.

2. Second-Hand Dealers


Many general second-hand stores also sell used golf clubs and you can often find really good pricing. It is important to have a fair understanding of the retail value of the equipment to prevent overpaying for clubs. Not everything you come across will be a bargain.

3. Manufacturer Websites

Many manufacturers, including some of the leading ones, have an online presence dedicated to selling used equipment. Callaway is a good example.

They offer trade-ins or outright purchases. Generally, there is a wide range to choose from and they offer a certain amount of security in the form of warranties.

They have a brand reputation to look after. Pre-owned clubs from the manufacturer are a safe option although the price might be a bit higher than the average private sale.

4. Amazon

Amazon is undeniably one of the leading online platforms for new and used goods. They generally offer browsers a choice of new or used equipment, the latter obviously being less expensive. Amazon offers a fair amount of security so you can shop with peace of mind.

5. eBay

This is also a great option and one can often find great bargains if you are vigilant. Check the history of the seller and their rating for peace of mind. Regular sellers want to maintain a good reputation.

6. Online Resellers of Used Equipment

There are many sites that specialize in selling used golf equipment. They range from small sites to larger sites that have been going for many years. Some have a stellar reputation and are extremely trustworthy.

Others are a bit dodgy. One has to do a bit of homework in order to determine the validity of the site and the particular equipment on offer. These sites are generally open and honest as they want to enhance their brand reputation but this does not necessarily apply to all of them.

Some of the bigger and more popular sites available are GlobalGolf.com, 2ndSwing.com (large selection available), and 3Balls.com. The forum on GolfWRX Buy and Sell often has good options at a fair price and is worth checking out.

7. General Online Classifieds

There are a number of websites such as craigslist and other national and local sites dedicated to a range of classified ads. Golf clubs are regularly featured on these pages and if you have the patience some great bargains can be found.

8. Facebook Marketplace and Other Social Media

These are often a great platform to find used golf clubs at a good price. You need to be fast as the real value offers will go quickly. Make sure you belong to the relevant groups and keep an eye on them.

If you spot a good deal that is near you you will need to act quickly and make a fair offer in order to secure the clubs.

How To Buy Used Golf Clubs

Purchasing golf equipment is always a challenge One has to balance desires and needs with your budget. Buying used clubs adds additional challenges.

1. Buyer Beware

The first rule is only purchase used clubs form a trusted and reputable site. The internet is rife with scams and the lure of a good bargain is one of the ways unscrupulous people operate.

There are some amazing deals in the most unlikely places. Do a bit of research and exercise due caution in order to ensure you are buying from a legitimate seller.

2. If It Looks Too Good To Be True It Probably Is

This old expression is particularly relevant when buying online or second hand. While you may come across spectacular bargains, if something really looks too good there might well be a reason.  Proceed with caution.

There are many people selling counterfeit clubs and golf equipment online and generally, by the time you realize you have been taken it is too late and little can be done. This is why it is important to buy from reputable dealers or sites with a track record and some form of recourse should you have any issues.

3. Look At The History of The Site

Some sites, particularly the bigger ones, have controls in place to prevent and control nefarious activity. The older and more trusted sites are generally a better bet unless you have trust in the specific page. A quick Google search should give you some feedback.

4. You Do Not Have To Buy a Full Set

Full sets are available but bargains can often be found if you mix and match a  bit. Buying a driver, woods, irons, and a putter separately over time could save you significantly. You might not need to replace all clubs at once and this is a  cost-effective way to upgrade your existing equipment over time.

5. Sell Your Old Clubs

If you are upgrading to better equipment there may be some value in your existing clubs. If you sell those through one of the many channels we have discussed it might cover a fair amount of the cost of the new equipment.

6. Check Shipping Costs

Many bargains become a lot more expensive once shipping costs are added. This varies from site to site or across different offers or platforms. Be sure to factor in the cost of delivery before making your final decision.

Do You Need to Buy Used Clubs?

This is another important decision that has to be made. Do you really need to buy used clubs? As much as one can find bargains when buying used golf clubs there are many great new sets of clubs that are highly affordable. Look at these carefully before deciding to go for used equipment.

Look at the more affordable sets or clubs.  Some are quality clubs that are not a well-known brand although most leading names offer highly affordable options as well.

It is often less expensive to buy a new set that offers good value than to buy used golf clubs.  It is important to be aware of the options when evaluating the two.

Final Thoughts

If you are keen to buy used golf clubs it is necessary to do a bit of homework first. Don’t rush out and buy the first thing you see without weighing up the options. There are some amazing bargains around, be it online or from a physical store. There are also lots of scams or ripoffs. Be very careful and cautious.

We have highlighted the leading options and each has pros and cons. Take the time to research the value you are getting as well as the legitimacy of the seller.

Also, consider alternatives such as new clubs which are often highly competitive. Once you have evaluated all the options you will be able to make an informed decision and make the best selection based on your specific needs.

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