Perfect Putting Mat Review: Worth the Premium Price?

After receiving rave Perfect Putting Mat reviews from my peers, I decided to give it a go to see if all the bark had any bite.

Is the Perfect Putting Mat worth it? The Perfect Putting Mat is a quality putting aid that provides golfers with a realistic indoor putting experience. It features alignment guides and varying cup sizes to help improve your game. While it is expensive compared to other mats, its durability and features make it a worthwhile investment for serious golfers.

By the end of this guide, you will know the features of the Perfect Putting Mat and how its design improves your putting stroke and distance control.

In addition, I will cover the effectiveness of its Auto Ball Return system and the quality of the roll offered by the velvet-felt turf combination. Finally, I detail the features of the standard, compact, and extra-large mats to help you decide the best fit for your home.

Here is a sneak peek of what you will learn in our Perfect Putting Mat review:

  • The pros and cons of the Perfect Practice Putting Mat Dustin Johnson uses
  • The features of the Perfect Putting Mat
  • Size options for the Perfect Putting Mat
  • Who should use the Perfect Putting Mat

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Review

Total Score 92.6
Design 94
Stability 96
Effectiveness 93
Usability 97
Price 83

The Perfect Putting Mat By Perfect Practice

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  • Enhances stroke path
  • Promotes straighter roll
  • Improves distance control
  • Automatic ball return system
  • Helpful lines guide your ball to the cup
  • Endorsed by tour professionals


  • Priced at a premium for putting mats
  • The compact version only features one hole

Check Out the Various Sizes:

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The Perfect Mat is a high-quality product that stands out from the rest.

Initially, I was skeptical, but after trying it out, I must admit that the Perfect Putting Mat reviews were spot on. This innovative training aid is not only durable and well-designed, but it’s also built to last. The alignment lines on both the regular and large mats helped detect my stroke path and ensure a straighter roll.

Additionally, the raised cup gave me the confidence to stroke the ball with greater accuracy and improved distance control, preventing me from leaving my putts short. Plus, the Auto Ball Return feature was an absolute game-changer, saving me valuable time by eliminating the need to fetch balls.

If you’re looking for a high-quality putting mat that replicates an actual green and is easy to set up, I highly recommend the Perfect Practice Putting Mat standard edition. It’s a game-changer that will take your putting skills to the next level.

Who It’s Best For

All golfers could benefit from the Perfect Putting Matt. If you have the space, it can help you to putt more confidently and accurately.

How To Use The Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Step 1 – Unroll Your Mat

Once your putting mat arrives, unbox it and unroll the velvet and felt turf. Make the mat as flat as possible before employing your preferred flattening solution.

Step 2 – Use A Clothing Steamer, Iron, Or Heavy Objects

There are three effective methods to flatten your Perfect Practice putting mat, ranging from a clothing steamer and iron to the use of heavy objects. If you choose an iron, ensure it is set to low heat and spray water onto the creases to steam them out.

Step 3 – Let The Mat Cool

Once your flattening work is complete, give the mat time to cool, dry, and generally rest before you take it for a spin.

Step 4 – Start Putting

When the smooth gliding velvet and felt turf are dry and fresh, you can pull out your flat stick and golf balls and activate your putting stroke.

Perfect Putting Mat Features

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Smooth Gliding Velvet And Felt Turf

Perfect Practice ensures your dollars are well spent by employing high-quality velvet and felt turf to the mat. The smooth gliding materials generate a clean roll to simulate the experience of an actual green.

I enjoyed the speed of the roll, which Perfect Practice suggests ranges from 10 to 14 on the Stimpmeter. For context, the USGA and R&A consider this a high-speed turf, and professional golfers typically experience the speeds on tour.

Precise Track Lines

The Dustin Johnson choice of putting mat contains multiple alignment lines to guide your stroke path and roll. On the regular and extra-large editions, you find four lines. On the right side, you notice two thick lines split by a dotted line. Plus, the left side carries a single, thin, solid line.

The lines on the right help you detect the path of your backstroke and forward stroke. This enables you to decipher whether you operate with an arched or straight stroke. You will find this beneficial when deciding between a face-balanced or toe-hang putter.

Conversely, the line on the right side is built for you to tell if your ball travels straight off the clubface. If your ball veers off to the right of the line, you likely left the clubface open at contact. On the other hand, when the ball goes left, the common cause is a closed clubface for right-handers.

Finally, the compact design features two solid lines, split by a dotted line running down the middle of the mat.

2 Holes

The regular and extra-large Perfect Putting Mat contains 2 cups to enhance your putting practice experience. The right side of the mat, where a dotted line dissects the two solid lines, is fitted with a small cup. However, the left side of the mat carries a regulation-sized cup.

The goal is to dial your skills on the smaller cup and learn how to operate with less margin for error. When you hit the links, the regulation cup almost seems more sizeable than you are used to and installs more confidence in your putting stroke.

Rubber Base

The rubber base on the Putting Mat proved effective on tiles and wood and assured optimal stability during my practice session. I have endured challenges with rigidity before, where the putting mats slip every time you move.

Once again, the quality of the rubber base highlights why this Putting Mat features a premium compared to its peers.

Auto Ball Return

An annoying feature of previous putting mats I have tried is the constant ball collecting. Perfect Practice Practice solves this challenge with their Auto Ball Return feature, which swallows the ball and shoots it back to you after every putt.

When you sink the putt, gravity goes to work and feeds it onto the return track, causing it to roll back to the impact zone. If you miss the cup and the ball goes past, it falls into the gutter behind and returns to the impact zone.

However, if you fail to generate sufficient topspin, your ball does not reach the raised cup and rolls back to you on the mat. Ultimately, you never have to go chasing after your ball. It comes back to whether you drain it or not.

Wooden Backboard

The Perfect Practice engineers fitted a gutter behind the cup and a wooden backboard to prevent the ball from falling off the mat. Instead, the ball falls into the side gutter. The Auto Ball Return system transfers it to the impact zone, almost like a ball accelerator in a bowling alley.


The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is crafted in three sizes to suit varying living rooms and office spaces. The entry-level design is the compact Perfect Putting mat, which extends 8 inches and contains three alignment lines and a single smaller than regulation cup.

Next, the Standard edition is a popular option for amateurs and professionals as it is built to improve your stroke path and distance control. The 9’6” is fitted with two cups, one regulation sized and the other smaller leaving a restricted margin for error.

Finally, the extra-large construction extends 15’6”. It follows the same layout as the Standard edition. It carries two cups, including regulation and reduced diameter. Naturally, the longer the mat is, the higher the final price tag.

Perfect Putting Mat Spec

Sizes Compact Standard XL
Length 8’ 9’6” 15’6”
Holes 1 2 2
Lines 3 4 4
Estimated Retail Price $150 $175 $200

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Does The Perfect Practice Putting Mat Work On Carpet?

Yes, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat works on carpets, but the surface must be completely flat. Overall, I find the best results are achieved on flat, tile surfaces, where there are no patterns or bumps in the carpet, which stand to impact my roll and putting experience.

How Fast Is The Perfect Practice Putting Mat

The Standard and Extra Large Perfect Practice Putting Mat are fast, scoring an average of 11 to 14 on the Stimpmeter. On hard, flat surfaces, the roll reaches speeds closer to 14. However, on thicker, uneven carpets, you will experience a slower roll in the vicinity of 10 or 11.

Is Hitting Off A Mat Easier Than Grass?

Yes, hitting off a mat is easier than grass because a mat gives your sole added bounce to prevent you from chunking shots. As a result, the spring of the rubber and artificial turf combination sends your clubface into the ball instead of digging into the earth, which is what transpires when you hit off grass.

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The putting mat market is flooded with options for all golfers. However, none offer the all-around experience of the Perfect Mat. After trying it, I agree that the Perfect Putting Mat reviews were correct. This durable, well-designed, and long-lasting training aid is a genius product.

The alignment lines on the regular and extra-large mats were handy in detecting my stroke path and prompting a straighter roll. In addition, the raised cup encouraged a more confident stroke to improve distance control and avoid leaving my putts short.

Finally, the Auto Ball Return saved me from fetching balls, leaving me more time to work on my putting stroke. If you desire a high-quality putting mat, which replicates an actual green, and is easy to set up, take a closer look at the Perfect Practice Putting Mat standard edition.

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