Phigolf Simulator Review: Is It Worth It?

Affordable golf simulators have become all the rage with many golfers having to spend long stretches indoors due to the pandemic lockdown and long freezing winters.

To avoid boredom and getting totally out of touch with their golf game, a small investment is worthwhile.

Having the ability to practice at home and entertain friends and family at the same time is growing the affordable golf simulator market at a rapid pace.

Some of the better affordable golf simulators do not need loads of space to swing the club in.

Phigolf is one of the affordable golf simulators we will review in this article

Phigolf Simulator Review

PhiGolf Home Golf Simulator


  • Fun Simulation Game Modes
  • Affordability
  • Ease Of Setup And Use
  • Sensor Technology
  • Wide Range Of Data Points
  • Play Authentic Golf Courses


  • Graphics Not As Good As Expensive Simulators
  • Could Improve Accuracy
  • Lacks Feel If Not Used With A Real Club

PhiGolf’s offers an affordable Home Golf Simulator compatible with a variety of software apps thus providing you with a great selection of gaming and practice options.

These games provide an authentic golfing experience on well-known courses globally that you can play on your own or compete against others locally or internationally.

The setup consists of a swing stick containing a golf ball-like end that you swing wherever there is sufficient space to open you are and swing freely.

To activate the software you have to screw the square sensor into the back of the swing stick. You may find this similar to some other swing analyzers.

Fortunately is weighs a mere 0.35 ounces and is unlikely to have any influence on your swing.

Although it will fit into the back of regular golf clubs, it’s not advisable to use regular golf clubs as it will influence the results.

Find out how Phigolf compares with the Tittle X golf simulator.

What comes in the box?

  • 9-Axis Phigolf Club Sensor
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 4 Inches Swing Stick
  • Access To The Apps


A swing stick is included appears similar to a regular golf club including the grip. However, the shaft is much shorter and attached to the bottom you will find a bright blue golf ball-like device.

The sensor is square-shaped which can be attached to the back of the swing stick. Below the square top, you will find a round area that contains some buttons for operating while holding it in your hand. At the bottom of the sensor is a connection piece that screws into the back of the club.

The Phigolf grip contains markings indicating the best position to hold onto the grip.


  • Compatibility with a wide variety of devices such as Smart TVs, iOS and Android devices
  • Easy to set up
  • Use your own clubs instead of the plastic swings stick
  • Play WGT and E6 CONNECT against other people
  • Phigolf comes with a rechargeable battery that can and last up to 4 hours
  • It works with EGT, E6 CONNECT, and Phigolf’s s proprietary app.
  • You can operate the device within 10 meters from the source using Bluetooth version 4.1.
  • Compatible with iOS 9.0+ / Android 6.0+

Phigolf Set Up

  • Recharge the battery before initial use. This will take approximately 2 hours
  • Activate Bluetooth on your mobile device and install WGT, E6 CONNECT, or the Phigolf app on your mobile device
  • Screw the sensor into the back of the swing stick
  • Turn the sensor on by pressing down and holding the sensor for a few seconds
  • Activate the app up on your mobile device and connect it via Bluetooth to the Phigolf sensor
  • During setup and tweaking your aim you will be required to press the sensor once, rotate to the desired position, and press the sensor again to lock it.

If you find that the display of the mobile device is too small, you can cast the display onto a larger screen such as your TV.


You can build your swing and work on the club path, swing tempo, and face angle while increasing your swing speed.

However, I find that the lack of contact with a real golf ball reduces the feel. It will take a while to get used to the lack of contact but could work in other areas.

Game Modes

The most attractive part of Phigolf, other than the affordable price, is the number of gaming options available.

You can play on your own while practicing on the driving range, play a round of golf on your own, or even better you can compete with a 4-ball consisting of friends and family. For the real competitive players that have depleted their options in the circle of friends, there are international competitions available.

Stroke play is available on internationally renowned golf courses that many a golfer has dreamt of playing but are unlikely to ever get to.

Some of the competitions available include close to the pin where you can fine-tune your short game in the comfort of your home, without breaking anything.

Most amateur golfers struggle to hit the green in regulation or to shape the golf ball around obstacles. Phigolf allows you to improve through the use of the Approach game where you can work on some of the trickiest shots in golf.

There is no substitute for the feel of the green to improve your speed and direction, Phigolf putting will allow you to improve the way you read a green to find the right line allowing you to work on the speed only when on the green.

Read greens with green grid layouts and prove you have what it takes to putt for dough.

Data Points

When used in practice mode you will take more cognizance of the data points provided than during a competitive game.

Phigolf provides ample data points for you to evaluate your swing and determine which areas of the swing you need to improve on.

Data points provided are

  • Carry Distances
  • Face Angle
  • Club Speed
  • Club Path
  • Attack Angle
  • Swing Tempo


1. FlightScope Mevo

FlightScope’ s Mevo is another highly rated launch monitor that when combined with FlightScope’ s Mevo Golf companion app can operate well as a golf simulator.

It is in a comparable price category to the Phigolf, and Tittle X simulators backed by the doppler technology used successfully in their higher range simulators.

The marketplace it competes in leaves a little leeway for accuracy at the cost, but FlightScope Mevo is one of the most accurate in this category.

It is flexible and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Data points measured include

  • Carry Distance
  • Ball Speed
  • Club Speed
  • Spin Rate
  • Smash Factor
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Apex Height
  • Flight Time

2. Optishot 2

Another world-class competitor in this category is the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator for Home, Golf in A Box Series.

It is rated as the World’s #1 Golf Simulator for Mac or PC.

The package includes a golf simulator only, hitting mat and net must be procured additionally.

Measurements are captured using 16 high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors for some of the most accurate swing and ball data points.

3. Tittle X Golf Simulator


  • Works with E6 Connect gaming software
  • 4K UHD compatible
  • Quick response with a reaction rate of less than 0.1 second


  • Difficult to compete with expensive simulators
  • Does not support Mac and Android but will in 2022

Tittle X golf simulator package is similar to the Phigolf package and contains much the same type of components although shaped differently.

There are a few options to select from:

Basic Set consisting of

  • Tittle X device
  • Product key for E6 Connect software
  • Device Charger cable and manual
  • Multi clip and bands
  • 1 Fixed Clip for Single Clubs

Stick Set:

  • Tittle X Device
  • Swing Stick
  • Product key for E6 Connect software
  • Device Charger cable and manual
  • Multi clip and bands (for Multi Clip),
  • 4 Fixed Clips for single clubs

Tittle Micro Sensor:

  • 1 Tittle Micro Sensor
  • Cradle: 2 multi clips and 4 Single cradles
  • 1 Impact folding swing stick

The setup is as fast and effective as the Phigolf.

Battery lasts up to 8 hours.


Golf simulators have become extremely popular with golfers of all abilities.

To grow the market manufacturers have come to the party and released several options that are more affordable and still provide ample fun and competitive activities.

Competition in the lower-end market is growing rapidly and is sure to provide golfers with an opportunity to spend time indoors during inclement weather while still enjoying their favorite sport, and time with family and friends.

Competitive play is available for those the thrive on competitions.

Although some competitors may offer more features, Phigolf offers the biggest variety of software to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Phigolf has created a niche market where they are thriving and look to grow their market share.

Your thoughts on the role of affordable golf simulators during extended indoor stays and inclement weather would be welcome in the comments section below.

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