Phigolf vs Trugolf: Is The High Price Worth It?

The dynamic growth in the use of golf simulators led to an explosion in the options available ranging from as low as $200 to more than $100,000 for a top-of-the-range option.

Indeed, you will not get all the functionality and accuracy in a budget solution, but it is fair to say that it provides ample opportunity to track some data points and guide you in the right direction to improve your swing.

The use of software makes the experience complete and enables you to push the simulator to its maximum capabilities. 

Phigolf is pushing the boundaries by providing their proprietary software while still being able to integrate to the top-of-the-range E6 CONNECT and WGT.

Phigolf vs Trugolf Review

Phigolf WGT Edition Golf Simulator


  • Affordability
  • Ease of set up
  • International tournaments


  • Not as accurate as the Trugolf simulator

Phigolf is not a full simulator experience but provides data gathered during your swing and at the impact that can be displayed on a screen of your choice. The data is collected from the multi-axis sensor that attaches to any golf club or the included swing stick.

It is not recommended that you use real golf balls to take measurements with Phigolf as it interferes with the system. The use of foam or plastic golf balls is recommended.

A standout feature of Phigolf is its ability to integrate with WGT (World Golf Tour) on subscription and Phigolf’s proprietary app.

What comes in the box?

  • 9-Axis club Phigolf sensor 
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 24.4 inches Swing Stick

Easy setup

  • Firstly you have to give the battery a full charge. This may take up to 2 hours.
  • activate Bluetooth on your mobile device and install WGT and/or Phigolf app
  • Mount the 0.32-ounce sensor on the back of the swing stick or club that you want to use
  • Switch the sensor on by pressing it down and holding it for a few seconds
  • Connect it to the Phigolf device.

Unlike most simulators, Phigolf has its own proprietary app Phigolf, which can link to WGT, and E6 Connect apps. This provides more options to play games and additional courses without additional expense. 

Gaming options include multiplayer games, 3D swing analysis, putting analysis, driving range, nearest to the pin competition, and a full round of golf on a variety of globally recognized courses.

Phigolf app offers

Play Golf mode

  • Feel real courses on your game
  • Supports 3D maps for real golf courses
  • Play golf game with max 4 players

Nearest Mode

  • Tweak your short game for scoring shots
  • Settings for a distance of the goal
  • Auto change golf club by distance
  • A championship for friends and family 

Practice Mode

  • 3D swing analysis by sensor data
  • Detailed putting graphics and data
  • Swing History


trugolf simulator


  • A variety of models depending on how deep your pockets are
  • Great software 
  • Can be used in a residential and commercial environment
  • Swing Analyzer is easy to interpret


  • The complete setup is exclusively for indoor use
  • The complete setup is rather expensive, even for the entry-level Vista range

Trugolf offers a variety of full-blown simulator experiences starting with the entry-level Vista range (Vista 8, Vista 10, and Vista 12). This includes the enclosure, screen, projector, and hitting mat.

For this review, we will concentrate on the launch monitor and software to keep the comparison to Phigolf fair.

Data measurements are taken by the TruTrack2 Tracking System that uses photometric technology for increased accuracy in spin and direction data. 

It uses a set of 3 cameras to cover more angles at impact.

Optical sensors collect data from every shot and present both ball and club data that is shown on the screen. These optical sensors calculate accurate measurements of clubface angle and club path at impact. 

Clubface angle provides you with the direction in which your golf ball leaves the clubface and the amount of spin it generates. This analyses the weaknesses that result in a pull or a slice.

The complete set of data that is collected by Trugolf include

Ball Data

  • Launch Angle
  • Launch Direction
  • Spin Rate
  • Apex Height
  • Landing Angle
  • Ball Speed
  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance

Club Data

  • Club Path
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Face Angle

E6 Connect software

Unlike Phigolf that can integrate with three apps, Trugolf use only the E6 CONNECT app.

E6 CONNECT offers more than87 global golf courses of which 23 are ranked in “Top 100 Courses in the World”. 

Furthermore, it offers club-fitting capabilities and provides technical details to improve your swing dynamics.

Global participation in tournaments enables you to test your skills and develop your overall game. 

A variety of skills challenges enables you to fine-tune your long and short game as well as putting to become more competitive in the global tournaments.

For increased fun, you can compete with up to 3 family members or friends by playing a virtual round.


Comparing simulators that vary between $200 and $10,000 may sound a bit unfair. However, Phigolf offers a competitive package that can be used as a simulator with the basic data points to guide you to a better swing.

Trugolf in its basic form using a photometric system in the tracking system will be able to provide more accurate information than can be expected from a sensor attached to the back of your club.

Your feedback on this article will be highly appreciated in the comments section below.

Nick is the founder of GolfSpan and an avid golfer. He's not quite a pro but has over 15 years of experience playing and coaching golfers worldwide. His mission is to bring the golfing community a better experience when it comes to choosing the right golf gear and finding the right setup for your game.

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