Phigolf vs Tittle X: Which Golf Simulator Is Better?

The world of golf simulators has become exciting as more competitors take on the challenge to produce affordable devices providing you with the option to improve your skills at home while entertaining friends and family.

Phigolf and Tittle X are two of the more competitive options and in this article, we will compare how the two stack up against each other.


  • The reaction rate of 0.1 second
  • Compatible with E6 Connect gaming software
  • 4K UHD compatible


  • Lacks some of the features found on high-end golf simulators
  • Mac and Android are not Supported by E6 in 2021 but will be in 2022

Tittle X golf simulator package is designed for golfers that want to have the opportunity to play golf indoors without having the frustration of setting up a net to catch the golf ball.

However, the Tittle X is one of the few simulators in this price category that promotes the option to hit real golf balls is available if you are prepared to set up an impact net or screen.

What comes in the box?

There are a few options to select from:

Basic Set:

  • 1 Fixed Clip for Single Clubs
  • Tittle X device
  • Product key for E6 Connect – PC or iOS
  • Charger cable and manual
  • Multi clip and bands

Stick Set:

  • 4 Fixed Clips for single clubs
  • Tittle X Device
  • Swing Stick
  • Product key for E6 Connect – PC or iOS
  • Charger cable and manual
  • Multi clip and bands (for Multi Clip),

Tittle Micro Sensor:

  • 1 Tittle Micro Sensor
  • Cradle: 2 multi clips and 4 Single cradles
  • 1 Impact folding swing stick

The swing stick is slightly longer than the grip of a normal club with a weighted portion at the bottom end. The swing stick can be replaced by your clubs for a more lifelike experience. 

Setting up the Tittle X is a rather simple task when following the accompanying instructions.

Setting up steps

  • Once vibrating you can enjoy the pleasure of your indoor golf simulator
  • Download the Tittle X app from the applicable Appstore and set it up on your mobile device
  • Download and install the required software on your PC
  • Follow the instruction manual to set up the Tittle X device 
  • Link your computer and the Tittle X device 
  • The device will start vibrating when it is ready for action


The Lithium Polymer battery takes approximately 4 hours to charge to full and can then provide for approximately 8 hours of continuous use. 


Full 4K Simulator Software

By incorporating the latest improved version of E6 CONNECT into the bundle, complete with a one-year subscription, Tittle X offers you all the features of E6 Connect software in full 4K UHD.

Subscription to E6 CONNECT can be upgraded to the Expanded Content License when you register your purchase.


For accuracy, the sensor is placed as low as possible to be part of the physical motion. Tittle X is attached below the grip to obtain the most accurate data capture.

Use real golf balls

Unlike most of its serious competitors, Tittle X encourages the use of real golf balls for an authentic experience. 

Response Time

Tittle X uses complex algorithms to calculate data points such as spin, balls speed, distance, and more. This is done in approximately 120 milliseconds, therefore, minimizing the delay in displaying the data on the screen.

E6 CONNECT provides software for

Family and Friends

Tittle X and E6 CONNECT allows for up to 8 players to compete simultaneously making it ideal for a fun golfing experience indoors with friends and family

Coaching For Adults and Children

It will also enable you to get family members involved and teach them the basics of a great swing to pique their interest in golf.

Training Simulation

For the more experienced golfer that wants to tweak their swing, Tittle X offers an option with simulation training whereby you can analyze the components with precision.

Phigolf WGT Edition Golf Simulator

It provides feedback on data points such as distance, club speed, spin, tempo, and even clubface.


  • Can play against golfers globally
  • Easy to set up


  • Lacks some in the accuracy department

The Phigolf is a compact and portable mobile simulator game that can be used indoors or outdoors.

Similar to the Tittle X, the Phigolf simulator uses a multi-axis sensor that attaches to a club or the included swing stick.

Unlike the Tittle X though, Phigolf does not promote the use of real golf balls but rather foam or plastic balls when using the swing stick.

To hit real golf balls it is recommended that you use the multi-axis sensor on your clubs. However, the use of real golf balls is likely to interfere with the results. 

Another difference between Phigolf and Tittle X is the software that they use. Phigolf integrates with WGT (World Golf Tour) and is run entirely from an iOS or Android mobile device. Tittle X integrates with E6 Connect which is not available on Mac and Android yet.

What comes in the box?

  • Phigolf Sensor: 9-Axis club sensor
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0+ / Android 6.0+
  • Battery can be charged within 2 hours and lasts up to 4 hours
  • Bluetooth version 4.1 can operate up to a 10m from the source
  • 24.4 inches Swing Stick
  • Works with 2 Apps: WGT Golf (1 course free, $1.99/month for full access) & Phigolf (completely free)

Although the package includes a swing stick, you can use your clubs, but it will require you to move the sensor every time you change clubs.

Setting up Phigolf

  • The first step to set up Phigolf is to charge the Lithium Polymer battery completely. This will take around 2 hours and will enable you to play uninterrupted for approximately 4 hours
  • While the battery is charging you should activate Bluetooth on your mobile device and install WGT or the Phigolf app
  • Mount the 0.32-ounce sensor by screwing it into the back of the swing stick or club that you want to use
  • Switch on the sensor by pressing down and holding the sensor for a few seconds
  • Set he app up on your mobile device and connect it to the Phigolf device.

Setting up and fine-tuning your aim requires that you press the sensor once, rotate to the desired position, and press the sensor again to lock it.


3-In-1 Home Golf Simulator

Phigolf provides access to their homegrown app Phigolf, WGT, and E6 Connect apps. In this aspect, it provides all the software you can use on the Tittle X as well as their proprietary software and the widely used WGT golf app.

Options available include multiplayer games, 3D swing analysis, putting analysis, driving range, nearest to the pin competition, and a stroke game that can be played with a fourball on a range of highly-rated golf courses.

Swing Analysis 

The multi-platform Phigolf allows you to analyze your swing while practicing indoors. It evaluates clubhead speed, swing path, tempo, face angle, attack angle, and calculates distance data. This data can be sent to your golf coach for in-depth analysis.

 Putting Analysis

It’s not only the full swing that undergoes an analysis. PhiGolf analyses your putting and teaches you the correct putting line for improved performance on the greens.

Driving Range

Similar to real golf it’s advisable to visit the driving range regularly and warm up before a round. The Phigolf practice range to practice a variety of clubs to dial in your distance control.

Stroke game

Up to 4 golfers can compete on the same course at any time. This is no different from real-life golf where clubs limit the size of the group to 4 players to keep the speed of the game up. On Phigolf you can play several worldwide golf courses to test your skills under a variety of conditions.

You can also compete in online tournaments against golfers from around the globe to further test your skills

Nearest the pin mode

Adding to the challenge or allowing for a tie-break at the end of the round, Phigolf offers a nearest to the pin competition that tests your skills from 120 yards and less. This is where most of the scoring happens and fine-tuning your wedges will benefit you on the course


Phigolf and Tittle X are very similar and each offers some unique features with Tittle X more comfortable to hit real golf balls for a more authentic experience while Phigolf offers a wider variety of software to use.

Our preference is the Tittle X due to the more authentic experience of hitting real golf balls. While it is possible with Phigolf, it is not recommended as it interferes with the data feedback.

Have you tried any golf simulator in this category that you want us to test? Feedback in the comments section will be highly appreciated.

Nick is the founder of GolfSpan and an avid golfer. He's not quite a pro but has over 15 years of experience playing and coaching golfers worldwide. His mission is to bring the golfing community a better experience when it comes to choosing the right golf gear and finding the right setup for your game.

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