The 20 Best Gifts For Golfers Under $50

Gifts for golfers under $50 can be challenging due to the general cost of golf equipment. However, by the end of this post, you will know the top presents for golf lovers under $50, $40, $30, and $20.

You will learn how to satisfy your loved one’s golf craving with balls, retrievers, card games, putting greens, and chipping nets. In addition, I explain why hand warmers are a great golf gift and why you can never go wrong with apparel.

Here is what you can expect to learn in our guide to the best gifts for golfers under $50:

  • 5 best gifts for golfers under $50
  • 5 best gifts for golf lovers under $40
  • 5 top golf gifts under $30
  • 5 best golf presents under $20

The 5 Best Gifts For Golfers Under $50

  1. Titleist Pro V1X – Best Golf Balls
  2. AbcoTech Indoor Golf Putting Green – Best Training Aid
  3. Tally Tumbler – Best Novelty Gift
  4. Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever – Great for Beginners
  5. Titleist Tour Performance Golf Hat – Most Functional

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The 20 Best Cheap Gifts For Golfers 2024

There are plenty of fantastic gifts for golfers that won’t set you back much. Read on to get a huge list of options.

The Best Golf Gifts Under $50

Titleist Pro V1X Golf Balls

Balls are always a safe bet when seeking golf gifts under $50. The premium Titleist Pro V1X golf balls feature a 3-piece design, which spins low and accelerates off the tee box while increasing spin on the green.

They deliver a tour-like performance from tee to green to maximize control and distance. While they are exceptional golf balls, their complex construction and high compression score make them suitable for higher-swing speed golfers.

However, the average player will always appreciate receiving a box of Pro V1X (versus the Pro V1), given their high-end status.

Durarange Pop-Up Golf Chipping Net

The golfer in your life will welcome the Durarange Pop-Up Golf Chipping Net with open arms as it allows them to work on their short game anywhere. As far as the best gifts for golfers under $50, you cannot extract better value for money.

The combo set contains a net, foam and driving range balls, and two hitting mats. I appreciate the design of the mats as it offers a standard mat and a thicker design resembling rough on the golf course.

While the set also includes tees, this puzzles me, as golfers should not be hitting any full strikes, given the reduced size of the net.

AbcoTech Indoor Golf Putting Green

Sticking with short-game training aids, we move to the AbcoTech Indoor Golf Putting Green. Busy professionals struggling to fit in a weekly practice session can roll out the green in their office or living room and start stroking the ball.

AbcoTech crafted a nifty putting green with two holes and an Auto ball return feature to push the ball back to the impact zone after every putt. Finally, it carries two holes to aim at. One is a regulation-size cup, while the other is smaller and strives to improve your accuracy on short putts.

Yorepek 2-Layer Golf Trunk Organizer

Is your golfing loved one a messy individual who leaves their golf equipment strewn across their vehicle and house? Force the change and bring order to their life with the Yorepek 2-Layer Golf Trunk Organizer.

The double-decker design is built to house two pairs of golf shoes, gloves, polo shirts, caps and tees, and balls. It also carries the perfect dimensions to sit in the trunk of a vehicle, so golfers can deposit their gear directly after walking off the golf course.

Freeshot All-In-One Golf Accessory

My final gift for golfers under $50 is the Freeshot All-In-One Golf Accessory. The genius yet compact design clips onto a player’s belt and holds a golf ball and tee. Due to its design, it gives a player easy access to the tools needed without having to rummage through the golf bag.

Besides its ball and tee-holding capabilities, the accessory includes a ball marker, a divot tool, and an unbreakable tee.

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Best Golf Presents Under $40

Rustico Leather Golf Book

There are numerous ways to keep score on the golf course, but the Rustico Leather Golf Book is the classiest option. The book is covered in top-grain leather and seems like a Moleskine diary. However, as you flip the first page, you are greeted by a quality golf scoring logbook.

It features 46 pages, which translates to 46 rounds of golf, which should cover a year of golf. Once the book is complete, the golfer in your life can remove the pages from their best rounds to frame and display it proudly around the house.

Golf Tally Tumbler

A tumbler that keeps score is a brilliant idea for every golfer looking to stay hydrated on the links and on top of their strokes. The Golf Tally Tumblr is crafted from premium stainless steel to maintain the temperature of your beverage. Plus, the design holds 30 ounces of liquid.

Tally Tumbler applied 360-degree rotating rings to the exterior of the tumbler. Golfers can turn them to reflect the total strokes for that round, along with fairways and greens in regulation.

Under Armour Performance 2.0 Golf Polo

Polo shirts offer a practical gift for golfers, as they always need an item of clothing. The Under Armour Performance 2.0 polo is a high-performing golf shirt to keep players cool, dry, and comfortable on warm days on the course.

The shirt is crafted from polyester and elastane, providing an ideal combination of breathability, moisture wicking, and 4-way stretch. In addition, the fabric dries rapidly to keep players moisture free as they navigate the links, reducing the risk of chafing.

Prowithlin Golf Ball Retriever

Moving away from scoring instruments, we focus on golf ball retrievers, which can save your beloved golfer a heap on equipment expenses. If you are fed up with them consistently donating balls back to the Golfing Gods, get them a Prowithlin retriever to help them gain rather than lose golf balls.

The simple construction ranges from 9 to 18 feet in length but retracts to 3.8 feet to fit comfortably in a golf bag. In addition, its twist-lock design simplifies the task of retrieving balls from the water and shrubs.

Titleist Tour Performance Golf Hat

The legendary brand Titleist is loved by golfers of all skill levels, thanks to their high-quality equipment. Ensure your loved one is protected on warm days by selecting their preferred Tour Performance hat color with eight options.

The Titleist hat is crafted from 97% polyester and 3% spandex and carries a snap closure to adjust to the desired fit. In addition, it includes a standard curve bill that offers maximum protection from the sun around the face area, thanks to its 50+ UPF quality.

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Presents For Golf Lovers Under $30

Ascent Golfer’s Best Tool

Help the golfer in your life keep their grooves clean, cleats tight, and pitch marks repaired with the Ascent Golfer’s Best Tool. One tool contains six features to cover every aspect of golf maintenance needs.

A standard ball marker to use on the green, while a brush and groove cleaner maintains your golf clubs in peak condition. Next, a cleat tightener keeps studs firmly rooted to the shoe for optimal turf traction. Plus, a divot repair tool cleans up the dents left by a golf ball on the green.

Finally, the Ascent Golfer’s Best Tool contains a bottle opener and screwdriver to keep you and your buddies fresh.

InTheZone Frost Box Golf Bag Cooler

Speaking of refreshments, the InTheZone Frost Box Golf Bag Cooler is the go-to gift for golfers who enjoy a beer or two during the round. It is equipped to house a 6-pack of 12 or 16-ounce cans. Also, the cooler is handy for fishing trips, picnics, or afternoon hikes.

InTheZone applied a 600D, durable poly shell to keep beverages colder for longer on warm days. When I tested it, the cans remained chilled until I extracted and consumed them. This was good enough for me, but the brand suggests it can keep drinks colder than 40 degrees Fahrenheit for six hours.

STICKIT Magnetic Towel

Most golfers have a golf towel to cleanse their clubs after every shot and their golf ball before and after putting. However, the STICKIT Magnetic Towel improves convenience by allowing you to attach it to the frame of a golf cart or club shaft.

The 25-pound pull magnet remains firmly attached to the golf cart, allaying any fears of it falling off. I also appreciated the quality of the waffle-styled towel, which proved efficient in removing debris between my grooves.

Gutimo Hand Warmers

A cold day is no excuse for a golfer to skip their round. Fortunately, you can ensure a comfortable experience with the Gutimo Hand Warmers. These affordable unique gifts golfers are efficient, compact, and last up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Considering their design for winter conditions, these are the ideal golf secret Santa gifts, which the player in your life can use immediately. In addition, Gutimo reduced the weight by 30% over its competitors for a comfortable carry.

Finally, the devices heat up in 3 seconds and are equipped with 3 levels of heat for optimal warmth outdoors.

10LOL LCD Display Mini Golf Cart Clock

Golf fanatics love showing affection for the old game by owning various golf-themed items to decorate their office or home. The 10LOL LCD Mini Golf Cart Clock is a novelty gift that displays the time digitally using a 12 or 24-hour system.

Besides the usual time-telling features, this affordable golf gift under $30 is programmed to display the temperature and the date. Plus, it offers an alarm system that is simple to set up. Finally, the 10LOL LCD Display Mini Golf Cart Clock is available in white, red, or green.

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Inexpensive Golf Gifts Under $20

BuddyBirdie Birdie Putt Green Reader

The BuddyBirdie Birdie Putt Green Reader is an excellent gift for golfers under $20. It helps the average golfer gauge the line of the putt. The green reader is shaped like a golf marker, which is lightweight and easy to fit in your pocket during a round.

BuddyBirdie is divided into quadrants to highlight whether the putt is uphill or downhill or breaks right or left. In addition, it points to where a player should aim to improve their accuracy on all putts.

Play Nine Card Game

Moving away from game improvement tools, we move to ways to enjoy the game. The Play Nine Card Game allows between 2 to 6 players and is recommended for players over 8 years old.

This gift is brilliant for inclement weather delays when getting onto the golf course is impossible. Whip out the cards, grab friends and family, and get playing. Each card is assigned an eagle, birdie, par, or bogey. The point is to match cards to discard them.

Each player is dealt 8 cards at the start of the game, and when any player has one card left, the final round is called, and scores are tallied. The player with the lowest score wins, just like in real golf.

Jeasona Men’s Funky Golf Socks

Like golf balls and polo shirts, golfers can never own enough socks. The Jeasona Funky Socks are a great golf gift for guys and feature golf-style art on the upper part, with the sole carrying a hilarious golf-related quote. My favorite is, “I Love You More Than You Love Golf,” a phrase my wife has mentioned many times.

Aside from their funky designs, and hilarious phrases, these socks offer a comfortable fit, crafted from durable fabrics for improved longevity. The combination of cotton, spandex, and acrylic delivers moisture-wicking qualities to keep feet dry and cool for 18 holes.

CybGene Retirement Golf Markers

CybGene Retirement Golf Markers make the perfect gift for the male golfer calling time on their professional career. The markers are packaged in a classy case to add to the occasion. In addition, the golf markers contain a clip, which attaches to a cap, for easier access to the green.

The set includes two markers that contain phrases like “Legend Has Retired” and “My Retirement Plan Is On Course.”

Handy Picks Magnetic Golf Towel Clip

Our final best golf gift under $20 for 2024 is the Handy Picks Magnetic Golf Towel Clip. The design features a golf ball magnet, which comes apart and reconnects. When you take the golf ball apart, you can use one side to attach it to the frame of a golf cart.

In addition, the magnet design simplifies detaching your towel from your bag without unclipping anything. Finally, Handy Picks crafted the Magnetic Golf Towel Clip in black, red, silver, gray, and blue.


As our review revealed, you are spoilt for choice with gifts for golfers under $50. Whether premium Pro V1X golf balls or a putting mat, a stretched budget can still source a killer golf present. Plus, I found quality gifts below $40, $30, and $20.

While all these gifts are worth looking at, I suggest starting with the Titleist Pro V1X golf balls or the AbcoTech Indoor Golf Putting Green.

Matt has played golf since he was 4 years old and has written over 150 articles at GolfSpan since 2021. Matt specializes in product reviews using his postgraduate degree in Sports Marketing from Johan Cruyff Institute. Matt has a handicap index of 10.8 and currently plays weekly at Pilar Golf Course near his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also loves his Callaway Odyssey Exo Rossie putter and likes a pepper steak pie with curry gravy at the turn. You can connect with him on LinkedIn

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