Duracell Vs Trojan Golf Cart Batteries – Comparison Of Performance

Golf carts are available in two choices, gas or electric. As we continue our move towards emission-free transport, electric golf carts have gained popularity.

Due to their quiet nature, electric carts are preferred on many golf courses and resort properties. This is done so as not to impede the experience of other players.

Those of you that own electric golf carts will need to replace the batteries at some point. That is why in this post, we are assessing Duracell vs Trojan golf cart batteries. Our aim is to see which option delivers superior performance and value for money.

Duracell Vs Trojan Golf Cart Batteries Review

Duracell Golf Cart Batteries

Duracell Golf Cart Batteries


  • Enhanced durability
  • Protected from loss of performance due to vibration damage
  • Less recharging and watering
  • Prevents against terminal corrosion
  • 12-month warranty


  • Contains acid requiring the battery to be positioned upright to avoid any leakage
  • You can only use distilled water, nothing else.
  • The charge does not last as long as Trojan batteries.

When we think about batteries, Duracell is likely the first name that springs to mind. Their iconic mascot is recognized in households across the globe, and in 1969, it became the first battery on the moon. Not to mention that the company recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. But, while this is impressive, the question is, how good are their golf cart batteries?

Duracell’s golf cart batteries are renowned for their low maintenance, making them an excellent value-for-money battery.

Duracell Golf Cart Batteries Features and Benefits

Fortified Internal Connections

Duracell golf cart batteries are equipped with internal connections that prevent a loss of performance caused by vibration damage. Depending on the terrain of your home course. Extensive vibrations can damage the internal components of a battery, eventually rendering it useless.

Premium Glass Mat Reinforcements

Duracell employs Premium Glass Mat reinforcements in its batteries, which enhances its ability to store energy. As a result, this means that the charge time of the battery is reduced.

Lower Level of Maintenance

Ultra-pure electrolytes combined with a large reservoir deliver optimal water utilization, reducing the frequency of watering chores. Furthermore, Duracell installed specific alloy and separator materials to reduce the battery’s water consumption. As a result, that minimizes the constancy of water maintenance.

Finally, a Twist and Release Vent Cap system are integrated into the company’s batteries. This enables all vent caps to be released in a single motion, rendering water replacement maintenance a simple task.

Hermetic Cover

The post seal on Duracell’s batteries is fitted with a Hermetic cover designed to prevent terminal corrosion. If your battery terminal begins to corrode. You may experience problems starting the cart, which may cause problems with other components of your golf cart.

Durable Batteries

Duracell produced these batteries to provide enhanced durability, resulting in reduced maintenance requirements. The battery is built with a reinforced polypropylene case and cover. Which shields it from damage in the harsh outdoors. Depending on the layout and condition of the ground at your home course. A durable battery is vital.

These products also consist of fortified, solid posts. Which are designed to shield the battery from the harsh rays of the sun. Without this feature, the fluid in your battery is at risk of evaporating, overheating, and malfunctioning.

Volt Options

The golf cart batteries offered by Duracell are available in 6 and 8-volt options. The 6-volt battery houses three electrolyte vent well openings. Whereas the 8-volt option includes four electrolyte well openings.

Ampere Rate

The statistics that most golfers are interested in are the amperage rate. These batteries will be able to run for 395 minutes or 6.58 hours at 25 amps. That is more than enough to get you through 18 holes and an additional nine if you so desire. Conversely, the battery will only last 105 minutes if you run it consistently at 75 amps.


While prices range depending on the voltage and functionality of the battery. On average, one unit will set you back between $80 to $100.

Trojan Golf Cart Batteries

Trojan Golf Cart Batteries


  • Rapid charge
  • Increased run time
  • Enhanced durability
  • Provides your golf cart with more power
  • 2-year warranty


  • Expensive compared to competitor products
  • 12 v model batteries only function in a select number of golf carts
  • Gassing
  • Requires consistent water maintenance
  • Customer service

Trojan began operations in 1925 and became the first company to produce a deep-cycle flooded battery. In 1952, they pioneered the golf cart battery. And, according to the company. They continue to be the battery of choice for 90% of the top golf courses in the United States.

Golf cart batteries from Trojan are renowned for their long-lasting, deep cycle products. Considered by many to be the creme de la creme of the industry. The company’s unique selling points are power, longevity, and reliability, giving you a battery with all-around performance.

While Trojan batteries receive flack for the gas it produces during operation, the casing is completely composed of recycled materials. As a result, the manufacturer plays their part in reducing battery waste. It is worth mentioning that Trojan’s batteries are even trusted by miliary’s on a global scale.

Trojan Batteries Features and Benefits

Alpha Plus® Paste

The Alpha Plus Paste used in Trojan batteries is designed to enhance its porosity development. Typically, the structure of porous electrodes changes during discharge and is reduced.

This impacts the performance of the battery as it can only sustain itself for a limited period. The Alpha Plus paste helps to enhance the performance of the battery for increased periods.

T2 Technology

Trojan included their own T2 metal agent in the Alpha Plus Paste to bolster its electrochemical processing ability. As a result, the sustained capacity of the battery is optimized, while ampere-hours are increased. This results in more operating power for longer.

Trojan Grid Technology

The grids on these batteries are constructed with a lead-antimony alloy. It combines with the T2 technology and Alpha Plus Paste to deliver a durable frame.

The design guards against corrosion and optimizes the flow throughout the grid for consistent battery performance. Resulting in less downtime and maintenance costs.

HydroLink Vent Assembly

A unique feature in Trojan batteries is their Trademark HydroLink Vent Assembly. That is comprised of three components. They are an Independent Water Level Indicator, Valve Shut Off, and Dual-Flame Arrestors.

These features help you with water maintenance, which can be challenging to carry out correctly.

The independent water level indicator helps you determine when the battery needs water. Conversely, the battery will signal when it has sufficient water. Furthermore, the Valve Shut Off enables the battery to manage the cell electrolyte levels. In turn, this helps to prevent any overflow or acid spillage due to excess water.

Finally, The Dual Flame Arrestors comprise internal and external arrestors that prevent sparks from traveling to other cells and into the battery itself.

Volt Options

Trojan golf cart batteries are available in three predominant voltage options. These are 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt. Keep in mind that if you want the HydroLink Vent Assembly features, they only function with 6-volt and 8-volt batteries.

Ampere Rate

On average Trojan, batteries can run for 475 minutes at 25 amps, which equates to 7.91 hours. Conversely, the batteries will only last for 115 minutes if you discharge them at 75 amps consistently.


As is the case with Duracell’s golf cart batteries, the price depends on the product type that you are acquiring. Furthermore, the voltage, durability, and ampere-rate will impact the price. Batteries can run you anywhere from $170 up to $400. Therefore Trojans are a premium product.

Duracell vs Trojan Golf Cart Batteries – Price

In terms of price, Duracell golf cart batteries are more affordable on average. Trojan batteries can run you up to three times more than their Duracell counterparts. It is for this reason that Duracell golf cart batteries win this round.

Duracell vs Trojan – Ampere Rate

Trojan batteries can run for 7.91 hours at 25 amps, whereas Duracell golf cart batteries offer an hour less with the same amount of amps. As a result, the Trojan is the better performing battery in this category and is, therefore, the clear winner.

Duracell vs Trojan – Maintenance

Duracell’s batteries require less maintenance than the Trojan options, especially when it comes to watering. That is why the Duracell batteries are the best option if you are looking for lower, water bills, and maintenance costs.

Duracell vs Trojan – Life Span

Trojan’s golf cart batteries are renowned for having one of the longest life spans and with proper maintenance, can last up to six years.

Conversely, while Duracell batteries also enjoy a relatively long life span, they often come up short against Trojan products. If you look after you Duracell’s you can get between four to five years out of them.

As a result, Trojan wins this category when it comes and is the longer-lasting battery of the two.

Final Thoughts

Duracell golf cart batteries require less maintenance, are more affordable, and run for almost 7 hours at 25 amps. The Trojan products require increased maintenance and are more expensive. However, they deliver enhanced power and last longer.

As a result of our review of the Duracell vs Trojan golf cart batteries, I would recommend the Duracell option for its affordability and low maintenance. You may need to replace them a couple more times in your cart’s life than the Trojan’s. But, it is worth it.

If you are interested in an affordable, low-maintenance battery for your golf cart. You can check out the Duracell golf cart batteries here.

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