Which Junior Golf Clubs are Best?

Starting out as a child to play golf is normally inspired by a parent (or both parents) playing the game. Whether it be a weekend hacker or social player, or a serious golfer, the child is taken along to the golf course and enjoys riding on the golf cart, more than the game itself. Dad will have cut down an old club and a putter to encourage the child to participate if playing a social game between the parents. Once the interest is “tweaked” it’s time to go to the next level and purchase a beginner’s set for children.

Selection Process for Junior Clubs

Gone are the days when cutting standard-size club shafts down to create a set for a child. Firstly, the shorter you cut the shaft, the stiffer you make the flex, which in turn makes it more difficult to get the ball airborne. Nothing encourages a child more than to see the ball fly through the air. Secondly, the club’s weight is too heavy, forcing the child to lift the club up rather than swing it. When they do swing the club it is very flat, causing “fat” shots and hitting way behind the ball. Junior sets are lightweight and manufactured with graphite shafts and added loft. Faster swing speed and high-flying shots are key motivators.

Sizing Chart

Most manufacturers offer a sizing chart that relates to the age and size of the junior. This guide will take the guesswork out of the selection. My advice is to shop by height as some junior players may be big or small for their age. A better fit will make it easier to play more consistent golf. The lie angle at address is extremely important and can be adjusted by most professional teachers or golf retail shops.

Junior Sets on the market, in random order:

  • Wilson Profile JGI Junior Set
  • Aspire Junior Set
  • Callaway XJ Junior Set
  • TaylorMade Rory Junior Complete Set
  • Cleveland Junior Golf

1. Wilson Profile JGI Junior Set

Wilson has a 3 set option utilizing age in their range, but also height measurement to help choose the right set. They are firm believers in “one size does not fit all”. They follow through with the popular trend of custom fitting. They claim that their Profile JGI Junior set is the only custom fit in a box! Eight Junior size options to fit any aspiring Junior golfer.


Approximate Age Range: 5 to 8
Approximate Height: 40 to 50 inches  /  3’4” to 4’2”  /  102 to 127 cm
Approximate Fingertip to ground measurement: 15.25 to 18 inches  /  39 to 46 cmA6-piece set includes Driver, Short Iron, Wedge, Putter, and  Lightweight carry bag with Head Cover


Approximate Age Range: 8 to 11Approximate Height: 50 to 56 inches  /  4’2” to 4’8”  /  127 to 142cm

Approximate Fingertip to ground measurement: 18 to 20.5 inches  /  46 to 52cm

An 8-piece set includes Driver, Hybrid, Short Iron, Wedge, Putter, and Lightweight carry bag with two Head Covers.


Approximate Age Range: 11 to 13Approximate Height: 56 to 63 inches  /  4’8” to 5’3”  /  142 to 160cm

Approximate Fingertip to ground measurement: 20.5 to 23 inches  /  52 to 58cm

A 9-piece set includes Driver, Long Iron, Short Iron, Wedge, Putter, and Lightweight carry bag with two Head Covers.


  • Game Improvement Technology—Engineered for Super Game Improvement
  • Custom Fit—Custom fit in a box with many options
  • Oversized Driver— Low CG for high easy launch
  • Oversize Face—Irons have a large face for forgiveness and confidence
  • Good Turf Interaction—Heavy sole on the wedge for good turf interaction
  • Alignment Aid—Heel/toe putter with alignment aid for accurate set up on putts
  • Lightweight carry bag—Has a stand and plenty of pockets
  • Hybrid— Large set has a big face Hybrid for easy launch

Comment: Well priced dual-gender entry-level set for beginners and intermediaries

2. Àspire Junior Set


  • Clubs for all sizes—Head size and weight are different for each age group. Lighter smaller irons for the very young and heavier larger heads for older age.
  • Graphite Shafts—Manufactured to suit each age group, with a Progressive Flex System, to match swing speeds and height.
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum—Manufactured in Aircraft Grade Aluminum makes the iron’s head 15% bigger, with a larger sweet spot, but still 20% lighter than standard Junior sets.
  • Lightweight Junior Carry Bag—Lightweight bag with stand for easy access and dual carry straps.

Aspire design Junior golf sets to suit all ages and strengths, sizes, and abilities. Head size and weights are specific to these factors. 5 options are available starting from as young as 3 to 4, 5 to 6, 7 to 8, 9 to 10, and 11 to 12.

Comment: Clubs for every age group and specs are very impressive.

3. Callaway Junior XJ Sets


  • Callaways Leading Technology—Designed to hit solid, long, and straight shots, while offering forgiveness through the bag.
  • Graphite Shafts—Tried and tested graphite shafts to get the ball airborne easily
  • Titanium Driver—Gets the ball out a long way down the fairway with control
  • Ultra-light Clubs—The clubs are ultra-light and engineered for increased clubhead speed for long-distance.

Callaway is a leading brand within the golf industry, and their entry-level Junior golf clubs cater to aspiring young golfers wanting to emulate their professional heroes.

The Junior sets are broken down into 3 categories, for easy reference and choice, and are specifically designed for maximum playability.

The XJ1 is a 4 -piece set built for height ranges between 38 and 46” and comprises a  fairway wood, 7-iron, Sand Wedge, and Putter.

The XJ2 is a 6-piece set built for height ranges between 47 and 53” and comprises a Driver, Fairway Wood, 7-iron, 9-iron, Sand Wedge, and Putter.

The XJ3 is a 7-piece set built for height ranges between 54 and 61” and comprises a Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 7-iron, 8-iron, Sand Wedge, and Putter.

Comment: Callaway has a large following in the golfing world and their Junior sets will not disappoint!

4. TaylorMade Rory Junior Complete Set


  • Latest Technology—TaylorMade has incorporated many of the technologies found in their standard sets in the Junior options, with engineering to improve swing mechanics and easy launch.
  • Titanium Driver— 16-degree loft Titanium Driver with easy launch and distance, inspires confidence.
  • Rescue and Fairway Wood—Designed to lift the ball easily from the fairway or rough and bridges the gap between driver and irons.
  • 7 and 9 Iron—Sufficient loft to hit accurate approach shots into the green and can be used for chip shots around the green.
  • Sand Wedge and Putter—The short game is where low scores evolve, and the center-shafted mallet putter will inspire confidence to learn all the basics to become a good putter. The Sand Wedge has a good bounce for easy extraction from the bunker and can also be used around the green for delicate chips.

Rory McIlroy started playing golf at the age of 5 and now has teamed up with TaylorMade to develop a set for enthusiastic Juniors to follow in his footsteps.

TaylorMade Rory Sets have 2 x color options, Blue and Pink, and cater for Juniors aged 4+ and 8+.

Age 4+ or height between 42 and 52” with 5 clubs and stand bag

Age 8+ or height between 52 and 60” with 7 clubs and stand bag.

Age 8+ or height between 52 and 60”, with 7 clubs and stand bag.

Note: The 4+ set has Driver, Rescue, 7-Iron, Sand Wedge, and a Putter in the set.

Comment: Rory knows about golf and the skills required to reach the top. These TaylorMade sets will produce the goods.

5. Cleveland Junior Golf Set



  • Lightweight Composite Shafts—The Driver, Hybrid, and Irons all feature a lightweight composite shaft that produces a faster clubhead speed for greater distance.
  • Cleveland Latest Technology—The clubs have the same technology as standard sets.
  • Modified Configuration: A modified configuration in each set allows for the best lengths and head weight to fit age and height.
  • Cavity Back Irons—The cavity back irons offer a large sweet spot for more consistency and control even on mis-hits.
  • Wide Sole Wedge—The classic shape wedge has a wide sole with medium bounce for short shot control.

Cleveland Golf Junior sets are categorized into three groups that allow for a  simple selection choice.

Age from 4 to 6 or a height between 36 and 43” tall. A 3-set piece with stand bag comprises a 22-degree Fairway Wood, 7-Iron, and a Putter. (Small)

Age from 7 to 9 or 44 to 53” tall. A 6-piece set with a stand bag comprises an 18-degree Driver, 28-degree Hybrid, 7 and 9-Iron, 56-degree Wedge, and a Putter. (Medium)

Age 10 to 12 or a height between 54 and 63”. A 7-piece set with a stand bag comprises an 18-degree Driver, 22-degree Fairway, 28-degree Hybrid, 7 and 9-Iron, 56-degree Wedge, and a Putter. ( Large)

Comment: Cleveland Golf has a good reputation for producing distance golf clubs, and even for the Juniors, it is important!

Final Thoughts

Junior Golf sets have improved over the years and as the game grows, the new youngsters want the latest technology in the set. I have covered a varied selection of Brands, and all will serve the purpose of introducing our children to this wonderful game. Price is always a consideration and these 5 options will fit a wide spectrum.

Truth be said, the fathers will enjoy purchasing the sets as much as the Juniors receiving them!

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