5 Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men: Pros, Cons, Review

Tall golfers have an advantage as they create a wide arc enabling them to generate more swing speed and thus create more ball speed and carry distance.

However, taller players find it challenging to have a consistent and accurate swing with short clubs, which is why they prefer their golf clubs long. To assist you, I have compiled a list of the best golf clubs for tall men in 2022.

Tall golf clubs will give you an advantage since they can create a wider arc than shorter clubs. However, the advantage is lost if you cannot control the swing and create a center impact on the clubface. We have reviewed some of the best tall men’s golf club sets in this article. Read on to find the perfect fit for you.

Overview Of The Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men

Most Forgiving Best Overall Best Budget
Callaway Strata Wilson Profile Platinum McGregor GC3000
  • Great value for money
  • Complete set
  • The lightweight forged driver is forgiving
  • Extremely durable
  • Includes putter and golf bag
  • The set covers every element of your long, mid and short game
  • Glare resistant clubs
  • Easy launching woods and irons
  • Ergonomic carry bag
  • Forgiving
  • Forgiving clubs
  • Lightweight driver helps you increase your swing speed
  • Easy launching hybrid, fairway wood, and driver
  • The set includes a sand wedge
  • The carry bag features padded straps for supreme support
  • Lacks Callaway branding
  • Not suitable for golfers with a fast swing speed
  • Gap distance between the driver and 5-wood
  • It may be too short for players exceeding 6’3″
  • Durability of the bag material
Price Score 87.8 89.6 96.1
Shaft Length 90.2 92.8 92.9
Distance 92.7 85.3 84.6
Forgiveness 93.4 94.5 86.8
Rating 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars

The Problem Tall Men Face When Buying Golf Clubs

No industry guidelines are used to manufacture “standard” equipment that sells off the shelf. However, male golfers measuring 5 feet 9 inches and women golfers measuring 5 feet 7 inches are most likely to find off-the-shelf golf clubs ideal standard-length golf clubs.

Male golfers taller than 6 feet will probably experience difficulty playing with a set of standard-length clubs and may require extended golf clubs.

The total height of the golfer is not the only criteria in determining the golf club length you should use. The leg length ratio vs upper body length, arm length, and other factors play a significant role.

The distance between your wrists and the ground is the ultimate determining factor. This distance is measured in your normal position, with your arms hanging stress-free from your shoulder.

Custom fitting can be expensive and is not always an option for taller golfers. Buying a generic set for taller golfers becomes the only affordable option. Although affordable, many of the sets aimed at taller players are from lesser-known brands that may lack the R&D and development offered by the major brands.

Shortening or lengthening the golf shaft is a possible solution to the problem. However, this creates its own challenges by changing the characteristics of the shaft.

Extended-length golf clubs could replace the existing shaft with a new shaft or add extenders to your existing one. The option selected will create different challenges. Look at Tom Wishon’s “The Golfsmith Practical Clubfitting Program” guide to see more information on the effect.

Extenders will change the flex and kick point characteristics of the shaft. The amount of flex is unpredictable. Lowering the shaft’s kick point will influence the club’s precision.

To keep the original characteristics of the shaft, you could replace it with a longer shaft of the same type. You can also check out our tips for tall golfers.

How To Find the Right Shaft Length for Your Height

Standard shaft length is ideal for men that are approximately 5’9″

To determine your ideal shaft, you can take measurements from the grip’s top to the ground when standing upright.

Shafts of an inappropriate length will make it more difficult to achieve the best shots from the sweet spot.

Arm length will significantly affect the shaft length on your clubs. This is why many tall golf players get custom golf clubs.

The table below looks at the shaft length and the wrist-to-floor measurement.

Golfers between 6 feet and 6 feet 6 inches need long-shaft golf clubs, while golfers taller than 6 feet 8 inches require even longer clubs. That’s why golf clubs for 6’4 man and golf clubs for 6’3 man may differ from each other.

The chart below shows the variation from the standard lengths on drivers specifically.

Golfers Height Wrist-to-floor length Driver shaft length
< 4’ 10” Less than 25” 2” shorter
4’ 10” to 5’ 0” 25” to 27” 1.5” shorter
5” 0” to 5’ 2” 27” to 29” 1” shorter
5’ 2” to 5’ 4” 29” to 34” 0.5” shorter
5’ 4” to 5’ 7” 32” to 34” 0.25” shorter
5’ 7” to 6’ 0” 34” to 37” Standard length
6’ 0” to 6’ 2” 37” to 38” 0.25” longer
6’ 1” to 6’ 4” 38” to 40” 0.5” longer
6’ 5” to 6’ 6” 40” to 41” 1” longer
6’ 6” to 6’ 8” 41” to 42 1.5” longer
> 6’ 8” > 42” 2” longer

Without further ado, here are the best golf club sets for a tall man.

The Best Golf Clubs For Tall Men

1. WILSON Men’s Profile SGI Complete Set – Best Overall Clubs For Tall Men

  • The set covers every element of your long, mid, and short game
  • Glare resistant clubs
  • Easy launching woods and irons
  • Ergonomic carry bag
  • Forgiving


  • Gap distance between the driver and 5-wood
  • It may be too short for players exceeding 6’3”

Beginners and high handicappers looking for a forgiving set of clubs should keep reading. The Wilson Profile SGI Tall Stand clubs offer a complete set of long yet forgiving golf clubs.

The 10.5-degree driver features a black PVD finish to help reduce glare. In addition, the 460cc head offers an expanded sweet spot to promote consistent ball speed and reduce sidespin. Therefore, you enjoy increased yardage and accuracy.

There is no 5-wood in the set, leaving a distance gap between your driver and 3-wood. However, the fairway wood achieves a consistently high launch with optimal carry distance.

The next longest club is a 5-hybrid that replaces your long irons. The construction of the hybrid sole produces great turf interaction from any lie to encourage a clean strike and a high launch.

Like most golf sets, the longest iron is a 6-iron. Then it is followed by a 7-iron through to the pitching wedge. Unlike other golf sets, the SGI set includes a sand wedge to enhance your short game control.

Lastly, the WILSON Men’s Profile SGI set comes with a forgiving mallet putter and an ergonomic stand bag.

The set consists of:

  • 10.5-degree 460cc driver with a PVD finish
  • 3-wood
  • 21 degree-hybrid
  • #6, #7, #8, #9, and PW
  • putter
  • Carry stand bag


This set has a good array of golf clubs for tall people. Our testers noted that these golf clubs were kinder on those off-center strikes. The only issue that might arise is the durability due to the plastic part of the golf shafts that goes up to the club head. These golf clubs are perfect for players up to 6’4. However, these are not golf clubs for 6’5 man but for our testers that were over 6’4’, they were still too short. Make sure you choose the “Tall” option when you buy these, as they’re available with different shaft lengths.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

2. MacGregor GC3000 – Best Long Game Set For Tall Men


  • Lightweight, high-launching driver
  • Forgiving clubs
  • Exceptional long-game composition
  • It includes a 5-iron which is rare for golf sets.
  • Lightweight carry bag


  • The set does not include a sand wedge
  • The bag does not have a stand

Although most of the sets on this list offer a well-rounded selection of long and short game clubs, some players are most concerned with increasing their long game distance. Those golfers should appreciate our best long game set for tall men.

The MacGregor GC3000 offers a solid selection of woods and hybrids to leave no gap in your long game distance. That is why it is the best option if you demand consistent yards.

Kicking off the set is a 10.5-degree titanium driver that contains a wide sweet spot to produce a supreme moment of inertia (MOI). As a result, you enjoy increased forgiveness, leading to straighter shots and consistent distance, even on heel and toe mishits.

Next is a stainless steel 3-wood that encourages long launches from the fairway and tee box. In addition, MacGregor added a 21 and 24-degree hybrid to bridge the gap between your 3-wood and mid-irons.

The 5-iron is the strongest lofted club in this department, which is rare for a set of clubs. A 6-iron is the next strongest, lofted option, followed by a 7, 8, 9, and pitching wedge. The irons and pitching wedge contain perimeter weighting and produce heightened MOI. Therefore you experience consistent ball speed and straight shots on off-center strikes.

Lastly, the set contains a half-mallet putter that maintains topspin and accuracy on heel and toe mishits. Plus, you can store your clubs in a 14-way top nylon bag with ample storage space.

The set consists of:

  • 10.5-degree titanium driver
  • 3-wood
  • 3-hybrid
  • 4-hybrid
  • #5 ,#6, #7, #8, #9 irons
  • mallet putter
  • Sand wedge
  • Carry bag


In our tests, this golf club set did quite well with our tall players but not as forgiving as some of the other clubs, which is why it didn’t make the best overall. However, it was still good enough to be a contender on our list of best clubs for tall golfers. Other than that and a few issues on durability that we saw in the Amazon reviews, there were no complaints for this set. We certainly couldn’t relate to those problems with the set we picked up for testing.

Rating: 4 Stars

3. Callaway Strata – Most Forgiving Golf Set For Tall Men


  • Great value for money
  • Complete set
  • The lightweight forged driver is forgiving
  • Extremely durable
  • Includes putter and golf bag


  • Lacks Callaway branding
  • Not suitable for golfers with a fast swing speed
  • You may want to consider a longer shaft if you exceed 6’4″

Callaway is a premium brand that supplies the extremely popular Strata Ultimate set containing innovative technology. The composition of the set, coupled with the playability, forgiveness, and distance of these clubs, makes them the best set for tall men this year.

The Strata range offers increased distance without sacrificing forgiveness. Thus aiding you to build maximum confidence, which is great for beginners and mid-handicap golfers.

A complete set consists of a full complement of woods, hybrid, irons, and a putter to provide optimal coverage on the course. It is available as a 12, 14, or 16-piece set. The 12-piece set does not include headcovers. They are only included in the 14-piece set (2 headcovers) and the 16-piece set (4 headcovers).

Although it does not cater specifically to taller golfers, it is easily modifiable and is popular among taller male golfers.

The set consists of:

  • 12-degree 460cc titanium driver
  • 15.5-degree 3-wood
  • #4 (22-degree) and #5 (18-degree) hybrids
  • #6, #7, #8, #9, and PW
  • SW
  • Face milled putter
  • Carry bag
  • Optional – headcovers are available in the 14-piece and 16-piece sets


The 3-wood club has a low profile to keep the center of gravity on the rear of the club. Our players noticed an improvement in their swing speeds and accuracy. The 4 irons are game improvement irons, built for tall golfers with cavity backs that push extra steel to the outer rim of the club head for more forgiveness. The titanium club head offers plenty of forgiveness which is why it comes as no surprise that this golf set is one of the overall best golf clubs for tall golfers.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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4. Cobra Golf Men’s Fly XL Complete  – Longest Golf Clubs For Tall Men


  • Delivers supreme distance
  • High quality
  • Offset driver
  • Ultralight to help with low swing speeds
  • Available in Regular and Lite


  • Some golfers may shy away from the price
  • The wedges are chunky and hard to control

If you want more distance on every shot, then the Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s Fly XL Complete set is what you want to consider. This tall golf clubs set has lightweight construction of the clubs, coupled with optimal forgiveness, and produces straight, long shots for increased distance.

Drivers have an offset and come in 2 loft options with 10.5-degrees for the regular driver and 11.5-degrees for the Lite options.

Fairway woods come in a 16-degree 3-wood and a 2-degree 5-wood. Making it a complete set is the 2 hybrid clubs in a 20.5-degree 4-hybrid and a 2.6-degree 5-hybrid replacing the long irons.

Irons come with strong lofts to provide that extra bit of distance, and you can select either graphite or steel shafts. It also comes with a 55-degree sand wedge and a 45-degree pitching wedge, but they are chunky and hard to control.

A set is not complete without a putter, and the Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s Fly XL Complete offers a 3-degree blade style putter with a 34-inch shaft. Rounding the set out is a full-featured black cart bag with a blue Cobra logo.

The set consists of:

  • 10.5-degree 460cc driver with a PVD finish
  • 3 Wood
  • 5 Wood
  • 4, 5 Hybrid –
  • 6 Iron – PW,
  • Sand Wedge
  • Blade Putter
  • Cart or Stand Bag


The most impressive part of this golf club set was its lightweight feature which is made for low to moderate swing speeds. The clubs were harder to control for our players with fast swings and felt a little too wild. This set had longer golf clubs for taller players.

The players noted it was easy to launch the ball even with a bad swing. The Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s Fly XL Complete set really did a lot to improve the accuracy and distance for our tall players. This set also had some of the best irons for tall golfers. The wedges might be chunky and hard to control in this set but the forgiveness almost completely makes up for it.

Rating: 4 Stars

5. Founders Club Tour Tuned Tall Steel – Best Budget Golf Clubs For Tall Men


  • Forgiving clubs
  • Lightweight driver helps you increase your swing speed
  • Easy launching hybrid, fairway wood, and driver
  • The set includes a sand wedge
  • The carry bag features padded straps for supreme support


  • Durability of the bag material
  • You may need to fit a longer shaft if you are taller than 6’4”

The Founders Club Tour Tunes Tall Steel clubs top the list of the best budget golf clubs for tall men in 2022. In addition to the affordable price, the set offers a robust composition of clubs that are easy to launch.

The 10.5-degree driver features a 460cc head with a wide sweet spot and an easy launching nature. The increased sweet spot delivers consistent ball speed and low spin on mishits for straighter, long drives.

Furthermore, the 15-degree 3-wood contains a flexible graphite shaft and advanced turf interaction for high, long shots. The stronger loft of the 3-wood enables it to substitute for your driver when the big stick is misfiring.

After the 3-wood, you get a 24-degree hybrid that replaces your 4 and 5-iron. The low and back CG and superior turf interaction promote high and straight shots.

The Founders Club Tall Steel set includes a 6, 7, 8, and 9-iron. In addition, it contains a pitching and sand wedge for an improved performance around the green. The irons and wedges feature a wider sole with perimeter weighting for maximum forgiveness on off-center strikes.

Completing the set is a half-mallet putter and a carry bag with a stand. The bag is lightweight and fitted with a padded dual carry strap for optimal comfort during your round.

The set consists of:

  • 10.5-degree lightweight stainless steel driver
  • 15-degree 3-wood
  • 4-hybrid
  • #6, #7, #8, #9, and PW
  • SW
  • Half-mallet putter
  • Carry stand bag


This set held up pretty well in our tests, so they took the crown for best budget men’s tall golf club sets. It has a good set of golf clubs for tall guys. However, you might need to get the irons and putter extended or longer golf clubs if you are over 6’4’

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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Read more: The Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players

How To Buy Good Clubs for Tall Men

Buying A Set vs. Individual Clubs

Generally, buying a golf club set for a tall man is helpful since the shafts will all suit your length. However, you may only require some individual clubs to fix your problematic shots.

When purchasing a full set, ensure that you get the most comprehensive coverage possible and overlap in distances allowing you to play a variety of shots using different clubs.

Ideally, your set should include woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter. Hybrids often replace the long irons for tall men as they are easier to get airborne and improve your control significantly.

Buying A Putter

The putter is the most frequently used club in your bag. It requires finesse and a good feel.

Take extra care in selecting the right length putter that suits your dimensions for enhanced consistency and confidence.

The standard length for a regular putter shaft varies between 34” and 35”, enabling you to keep your eyes directly above the ball. Belly putters vary between 39” and 45”.

Taller golfers should add ½ inch to the putter length for every 2” over 6’.

For example, a 6’ 2” golfer should add ½ inch to the putter length, 6’ 4” should add 1” to the length, and a 6’ 6” golfer should add 1½” to the putter length, etc.

Lie Angle

Lie angle plays a significant role in the angle of the clubhead at the time of impact with the ball and turf.

Taller golfers will find the club upright, altering the lie angle. This leads to the toe often digging into the turf, thus affecting the quality and accuracy of the shot and the distance.

Lie angle is determined once the shaft length is decided on as the shaft length affects the dynamic lie angle.

Generally, you would increase the lie angle one degree stronger for every 1/2″ increase in shaft length.

The standard lie angle for a 7-iron is 62.5 degrees. Increasing the shaft length by ½” will increase the lie angle to 63.5 degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Tall Players Actually Need Longer Golf Clubs?

Tall golfers need longer shafts to have the appropriate posture for a good swing at address.
Golfers taller than 6 feet will find standard length clubs too short unless they have long arms that compensate for their length.
As per the table earlier in this article, shafts changes by between ¼ inch and ½ inch depending on your length. Although this sounds insignificant, you can improve your game by having the shafts fitted to the correct length.
Clubs that are too short will tend to pull you too far forward, thus affecting your balance while swinging.

An incorrect stance will affect your direction and distance as you compensate for the shorter shaft by changing other areas of your swing.
Arm length must be taken into consideration when selecting the right shaft length. If you have longer arms than the average golfer, you will require shorter shafts, while golfers with shorter arms will require longer shafts.

How Tall Do You Need to Be to Use Tall-Sized Men’s Golf Clubs?

The standard length for golf clubs is aimed at women golfers measuring 5 feet 7 inches and men measuring 5 feet 9 inches.
Golfers taller than 6 feet will probably need tall-sized men’s golf clubs with longer shafts. The exception to the rule would be golfers with long arms.
Golf clubs for 6’ 5” men and golf clubs for 6’ 4” men vary by approximately 1 inch.

How to Know If Your Golf Clubs Are Too Long or Short?

Common errors that will quickly highlight that you need to evaluate the length of your clubs:
Loss of Distance
Once you have fine-tuned your swing, if you still tend to lose out in the distance stakes, then it is time to evaluate your shaft length.
If your golf clubs are too short for you, you may lose distance.
Longer shafts will enable you to produce a wider arc and higher swing speed to increase your distance.

Bad Posture (Bent Over Too Far)
Bad posture is a major contributor to bad swing dynamics. When bending over too far to compensate for the short shafts, you will tend to lose balance and have an inconsistent swing.
This leads to the loss in distance, direction, and accuracy.
Club Swing Path
When shafts are too short, golfers tend to take the club too far inside, leading to shots that hook. Even worse, it often leads to the dreaded shank.

Why Is So Much Importance Placed on Golf Club Fit and Length in Golf?

Shaft characteristics such as flex, weight, and length are crucial to achieving the best results.
The shaft plays a significant role in your club's performance, including spin, launch, and speed. Playing a shaft that does not suit your length and strength could cause the ball to launch too high or too low. This, combined with increased spin, can also rob you of distance.
Having a shaft that is the incorrect length for your height leads to various problems that could send you on a wild goose chase trying to adjust your swing.

Is It Harder for Tall Guys to Play Golf?

Tall people would usually get more distance off their swings, so you would think it’s easier for them to play golf, but it’s not. There are a lot of downsides to being a tall golf player.
Tall players also suffer a problem with stability when they swing because, as you know, the taller they are, the higher the center of gravity. However, there are also advantages to height in golf, such as better club head swing.
Therefore we can’t say that it’s harder for tall golf players to play golf than the average height golfer. It’s just that their problems are different from each other. The most challenging part of being a tall golf player is probably that you’ll sometimes need to buy custom equipment.

Do Taller Players Need More Upright Clubs?

Upright clubs actually improve the accuracy and distance for tall golfers. As such, a tall golfer will do better with an upright club since they help the club to sit correctly in the address and also help with low swings.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, club selection is a very personal choice. Many golfers select clubs based on the brand their favorite golfer or friend used.

Finding a tall men’s golf club set is not straightforward, as manufacturers tend to concentrate on the “standard” length clubs.

This article provided you with options for taller golfers and ways to have a set fitted. Although custom fitting is an option, it comes with a hefty price tag that may not be affordable to everyone.

If a club fitting is not an option, you can follow the above guide to help you make your final decision. Let us briefly recap the picks for the best golf clubs for tall men in 2022.

Earning the title of the most forgiving set is the Callaway Strata clubs. The next winner was the Founders Club Tour Tuned set, coming in as the best budget option.

Furthermore, the Cobra Golf Fly XL claimed the prize for the longest golf clubs for people, while the MacGregor DCT3000 set had the best long game selection.

In the end, there had to be one winner, and our pick for the overall best golf clubs for tall men went to the Wilson Profile SGI Set. Their forgiveness, distance, and easy-launching nature set them apart.

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