The 3 Best Warm Golf Gloves & Mitts

After a recent article on the best winter trousers for golf, I felt it fitting to look at the best warm golf gloves and mitts.

Keeping your hands warm and dry is essential for optimizing the feel of your club. When our hands are cold, we are unable to grip the club effectively. That results in a loss of control, distance, and accuracy.

That is why in this post, we unveil our five best gloves and mittens to keep your hands warm on the golf course this winter.

Quick Overview: Best Warm Golf Gloves & Mitts

OUR RATING: 4.7/5gstblcr-table__imageFootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves
OUR RATING: 4.9/5gstblcr-table__imageCobra Stormgrip Winter Gloves
  • Superior Grip-Storm Grip Suede provides maximum grip in wet conditions
  • Dry Performance
  • PURFIT Tech-Lightweight mesh and form-fitted wristband provide exceptional comfort
OUR RATING: 4.8/5gstblcr-table__imageTitleist Golf Warmer Mittens
  • Mitten style with micro fleece lining
  • Water resistant shell for performance in all weather conditions
  • Internal hand warmer compartment
OUR RATING: 4.4/5gstblcr-table__imageMizuno ThermaGrip Golf Gloves
  • Breath thermo flexible upper for cold conditions
  • 3D printing on palm enhances grip in wet conditions
  • Fleece cuff for warmth and comfort
OUR RATING: 4/5gstblcr-table__imageFootJoy Winter Cart Mitts
  • A convenient pocket offers added room for storage or hand warmth
  • A soft warm liner provides hand warmth and comfort
  • Synthetic leather is place along the thumb and palm to provide a secure grip

Overall Best Warm Golf Gloves

1. FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

Features of FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

Cool Weather Grip

For a glove to excel in cold and wet conditions, it needs to possess an exceptional grip. FootJoy understands this, and as a result, they included their water-resistant Sure-Grip Autosuede knit.

The grip repels water away from the surface to keep dry and deliver a soft feel and superior control.

Weather Shield Cuff

For your hands to maintain warmth, your gloves need to seal in the heat. Preventing any gaps from allowing air to creep in. The weather shield cuff blocks cold air and rain from entering the gloves and keeps your hands dry and warm throughout your round.

Waterproof Nylon

Further enhancing the dry qualities of these gloves is a nylon-waterproof structure. The nylon waterproofing expels water to keep your hands dry and ensure comfort, grip, and control.

Foam Fleece

Besides keeping your hands dry, it is essential to keep them warm in cold weather. The reason is to help you maintain your grip and control over your club. Cold hands impact your ability to feel the club and lead to a loss of distance and accuracy.

FootJoy added foam fleece to the back of the glove to shield your hand from chilly winds and to warm them up.

Pull-On Closure

Standard golf gloves feature a velcro or button closure to enable you to adjust it to your preferred fit.

Warm gloves need to seal in the heat and are naturally tighter than their summer companions. That is why FootJoy employed a pull-on closure to maintain a secure fit. It also reduces any gaps where cold air and sneaks in.

Value For Money

Since they are sold as a pair, we needed to determine the cost per glove to understand if they are good value for money.

They fetch a similar price to standard mid-priced gloves, yet they deliver superior all-around performance. Therefore, they are excellent value for money.

The one gripe that I have with warm golf gloves is that you need to take them off to play every shot, which becomes tedious after a while. However, these FootJoy WinterSof gloves keep you warm and don’t impact your feel and control of the club.

FootJoy’s design team created a pair of warm gloves that are waterproof and provide exceptional grip. Plus, they are highly affordable for golfers on all budgets to enjoy.


FootJoy WinterSof golf gloves are affordable, and they keep you dry and warm. Plus, they enable you to maintain a secure grip and control over your golf club. As a result, if you intend to play golf this winter, it is worth seeing if these gloves fit.

Best Golf Mitts Overall

2. Cobra Stormgrip Winter Gloves

Features of Cobra Stormgrip Winter Gloves

Stormgrip Suede

When you play in wet conditions, you need an additional grip on your glove. Without it, you lose control of your club, resulting in a loss of distance and accuracy. To avoid this challenge with these gloves, Cobra added Stormgrip suede which increases your grip in the rain.

Dry Performance Suede

The Stormgrip suede of these gloves enhances your grip in wet conditions. However, if it weren’t for the dry performance suede palm, your hands would be soaked after a few minutes in the rain.

Dry-performance suede shields your hands from moisture and rain to keep them dry in all weather conditions.

Warm Fleece

Besides the increased traction of these Stormgrip Winter Gloves, they provide optimal heat for your mitts. The back of the gloves is lined with a warm fleece material that enhances your comfort and rapidly heats up your hands.

Purfit Tech

Although grip and warmth are vital in winter golf gloves, so is comfort. Cobra employed their Purfit technology to create a contoured wrist band that secures your hand while ensuring comfort.

Electronic Screen Compatability

One downside to gloves in the age of technology is that you generally need to take them off to operate your smartphone.

These gloves don’t face that challenge, as the index is built for compatibility with electronic screens. That means that you can take calls and respond to messages without running the risk of getting your hands cold.

Value For Money

The Cobra Stormgrip Winter Gloves are priced on the affordable end of the spectrum and offer excellent value for money. They deliver warmth, grip well in the rain, and are waterproof. And they are half the price of the FootJoy Winter Cart Mitts.

Cobra Stormgrip rain gloves are our top pick for the best grip in the warm golf gloves category. If your winter rounds consist of torrential rain, these are gloves that are worth looking into.

The suede on Stormgrip gloves enhances your grip in wet weather, while a DWR coating repels water to keep your hands dry.

Finally, these gloves sport a tailored cuff to improve your comfort. And you can use your index finger to operate your smartphone and rangefinder.


For those of you looking for a pair of warm gloves that offer optimal grip in the rain, your search is over. Considering the affordable price point and the features of these gloves, I would recommend them to any golfer considering playing in wet and cold conditions.

3. Titleist Golf Warmer Mittens

Features of Titleist Golf Warmer Mittens

Microfleece Lining

According to the Illinois-based Anatol Manufacturers, microfleece is thin, soft, and lightweight. The double-sided fleece repels moisture from the skin to keep your hands warm and dry. The microfleece lining in these Titleist mittens retains heat well and combats cold air.

Cinch Opening

The cinch opening secures the mittens around the wrist to minimize the ability of icy air to make contact with your hands. This design also leaves sufficient space for you to wear the mittens over your golf glove, avoiding the hassle of taking it off after every shot.

Internal Hand Warmer Compartment

Titleist added an internal hand warmer compartment to accelerate the speed at which the mittens heat up your paws.

Every time you take off the mittens to hit your shot, your hands may cool down rapidly. The internal compartments warm up your hands and prepare you for your next shot.

Water-Resistant Shell

We have covered the features of these mittens that keep you warm. Now is the time to look at the element that keeps you dry. To achieve this mission, Titleist designed these mittens with a water-resistant shell.

The shell repels water from the gloves and reduces the risk of your hands becoming soaked in a rainstorm.

Value For Money

These mittens are higher in price than the FootJoy WinterSof gloves, and you need to take them off between shots. However, they are warm. Overall, there are better value-for-money options on the market.

Titleist designed their golf warmer mittens to use in conjunction with your standard glove. They are loose enough to wear over your glove, but the cinch opening prevents cold air from entering the mittens. Plus, their water-resistant shell keeps your hands dry in all conditions.

Finally, the internal hand-warming qualities of these mittens keep your hands toasty to maintain the feel of your club.


Although not wildly priced, these Titleist Golf Warmer Mittens set you back more than the average pair of gloves. With that said, they are comfortable, warm, and keep your hands dry between shots.

If you prefer mittens to gloves and are willing to fork out a few more shekels, this pair is worthy of consideration.

4. Mizuno ThermaGrip Golf Gloves

Features of Mizuno ThermaGrip Golf Gloves

Suede Palm

Manufacturers often use suede to construct the palm area of a golf glove as it improves durability. That is the approach Mizuno took with their ThermaGrip gloves. They added synthetic suede, which takes longer to rip, giving you more wear out of your glove and value for money.

Fit Bridge

The Fit Bridge design sets your hand up for a contoured fit without impacting the stretch of the material. As a result, this design gives you a firm feel when you grip a club.

Breath Thermo

Mizuno’s Breath Thermo fabric is the reason for us selecting these gloves as the warmest around. The fabric moderates your temperature by absorbing the moisture of your body and generating heat. That warms up your hands and ensures they stay dry.

Fleece Cuff

Following on from the warmth created by Breath Thermo, we see that these gloves feature fleece cuffs.

The soft, warm material traps heat around your wrists to reduce the risk of wark air escaping. Conversely, they shut out cool breezes looking to infiltrate the gloves and make your hands cold.

Foam Resin Print

To enhance the grip of these gloves in the wet, Mizuno applied a 3D printed foam resin on the glove’s palm. The resin creates more traction between your palm and the grip of your golf club, increasing your control. As a result, you are likely to enjoy consistent distance and accuracy.

Value For Money

These Mizuno ThermaGrip Golf Gloves are affordable but offer the performance of a premium pair of warm golf gloves. As a result, we can safely say that they are good value for money.

Mizuno’s ThermaGrip’s came out on top as the warmest golf gloves on the market, thanks to the use of their Breath Thermo fabric.

Added to the warmth of these gloves are their outstanding grip, durability, and contoured fit. These factors combine to provide optimal comfort for your hands.

If warmth is what you are after, and you don’t care much for mittens, keep reading.


Considering Mizuno’s background in skiing, it is no surprise that they know their way around a pair of warm golf gloves. The suede palm, combined with printed Foam Resin, delivers exceptional grip in the wet. And Breath Thermo and fleece cuffs collaborate to keep the cold out and your hands warm.

5. FootJoy Winter Cart Mitts

Features of FootJoy Cart Mittens


FootJoy is not synonymous with the DryJoys brand for nothing. Their designers added a sturdy polyester casing that keeps the rain out.

Furthermore, the mitten’s ability to repel water helps you maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel of your golf cart.

Overall, the waterproofing of these mittens keeps your hands dry and warm in light rain.

Therma Feel

What are mittens for if they can’t warm up your hands? The manufacturer ensured that these Cart mitts would retain heat by fitting them with a soft, warm thermal feel liner. The liner optimizes your comfort while keeping your hands warm.

Velcro Pocket

These Winter Cart Mitts also feature a velcro pocket to help you store items such as additional hand warmer packets.

Value For Money

Although you cannot fault the FootJoy Winter Cart Mitts for their warmth, it does not provide value for money. The mittens struggle to repel water in heavy rains. And they are more expensive than the majority of products on our list.

The FootJoy Winter Cart mittens top our list for the best warm golf gloves for those who drive around the course. These water-resistant mitts contain a thermal feel and a velcro pocket for additional storage space.


If you use mittens to drive your golf cart during winter, then the FootJoy’s are worth looking at. However, based on the higher price and the mediocre waterproofing. It would not be my first choice of warm golf mitts.

Conclusion Of The Five Best Warm Golf Gloves and Mitts

After researching, testing, and compiling our best warm gloves, we have completed our list of top picks.

Here is a recap of our five best warm golf gloves and mitts. The FootJoy WinterSof golf gloves topped our list as the overall best warm golf glove, thanks to their grip, warmth, and ability to keep your hands dry in the wet.

The Titleist Golf Warmer Mittens are our number one pick for the best golf mittens, while FootJoy’s Winter mitts are the best pick for those who drive golf carts.

Finally, Cobra’s Stormgrip Winter gloves topped our list for the best grip, and Mizuno’s ThermaGrip gloves are the warmest overall.

If you are looking for an all-around warm golf glove to get you through the winter. It is worth taking a closer look at the FootJoy WinterSof gloves.

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