best driver for seniors

The 5 Best Drivers For Seniors and Older Golfers – Reviewed & Compared

One of the many great things about golf is that you can normally continue to play in your golden years. Obviously, you are not as fast or as fit as you were in your 20s or 30s but you can still play a respectable and enjoyable round of golf. What is important is that you

LPGA Average Driving Distance

What is The LPGA Average Driving Distance?

Make no mistake, the LPGA ladies can drive. The average driving distance is impressive and getting better all the time. If you are wondering about the LPGA average driving distance, we have done a bit of research to bring you the facts. ContentsA Little More About the LPGAWho is in the lead?How Has The LPGA

percentage golfers break 100

What Percentage of Golfers Break 100? – Think You Can Get There?

Golfers are generally a highly competitive bunch. While many try to play simply for fun it is very hard to resist the urge to be competitive. What makes the game even more interesting is that you not only compete with other players but also with yourself. Many players wonder what percentage of golfers break 100.

gap wedge vs approach wedge difference

Gap Wedge vs Approach Wedge – What’s The Difference?

While many golfers focus on their drivers, irons, and perhaps putters they often forget the importance of wedges. If you look closely at the game you will see that the vast majority of golfers have incredible potential to easily reduce their strokes with better wedge play. Sure, all aspects of the game are important and

what is a good handicap

What is a Good Golf Handicap? [HOW DO YOU COMPARE?]

While golf rules and laws are pretty strict, the question of what is a good handicap is somewhat subjective. The truth is, if you have been playing for a bit, and paying attention, you should have a fair idea of where you fit in the bigger picture. There is no perfect answer but let’s take

Golf Wedges Explained - Do You Need To Carry A Sand Wedge?

Do I Need a Sand Wedge? [EXPLAINED] What Wedges Should You Carry

The world of wedges can be quite bewildering for many golfers. Do you wonder “Do I Need a Sand Wedge?”. Are you confused about the different types of wedges and which ones you should carry? Don’t worry, you are not alone. We will help clarify the issue for you and explain whether or not you

best drivers for beginners

The Best Drivers for Beginners – How To Choose The Right Driver

Selecting the best drivers for beginners is no walk in the park. There are multiple factors and aspects to consider. This guide will take you through the important points to think about and show you some of the best drivers for beginners available right now. ContentsWhat To Consider When Selecting A DriverDo I Really Need


The Best Irons for Beginners – Start Golfing The Right Way

If you’re a Golf beginner, investing in a set of the irons for beginners will arguably give you the greatest return and benefit for your money. In this article, we will take a look at the key factors to consider when making your selection and take you through 5 of the best irons for beginners

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31 Gift Ideas for Golfers Who (Literally) Have Everything

Do you have a friend who loves golf, but seems to already own everything golf-related? It can difficult to shop for a well-off friend, especially if you’re trying to buy them something related to a passion of theirs. Chances are, they’ve already purchased or been given all the hobby-related items they can possibly think of.


5 of The Best Golf Irons For Mid-Handicappers in 2021

Buying a quality set of irons that suits your game will help you reduce your weak areas and enhance your strengths on the course. Different skills and levels will have different requirements and we will take you through the 5 best golf irons for a mid-handicapper. ContentsBuying Irons For a Mid-HandicapperThe Benefits of Playing With

Best Putters High Handicappers

The 5 Best Putters for High Handicappers – To Help Improve Your Game

If you are a high handicapper, you want to select clubs carefully as the right equipment can make a dramatic difference to your game. Putting is particularly important as this aspect can make or break a round of golf. We will take you through what to look for when selecting the right putter as well

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15 Golf Gifts For Dad – Treat Your Dad No Matter What The Occasion

B082BH4VWKFather’s Day isn’t too far away, and there’s a good chance that some other big event for your dad is coming up, like a birthday, anniversary, or celebratory occasion. Plenty of Dads like to golf, so if your father is one of them, you might be thinking of buying them a gift that suits their


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