The 5 Best Kids’ Golf Gloves

One of the most exciting days for a parent is the day your child expresses an interest in learning the game of golf. As a golfer yourself, you likely know the lifelong journey they are about to embark on. However, that journey can come to a screeching halt when a young golfer gets a blister.

As a golf professional, I highly recommend kids start the game out with the option to wear a glove. Knowing their hand is protected will undoubtedly increase the young golfer’s confidence and allow them to develop. But getting the wrong glove could also reduce their enjoyment. Let’s take a look at some of the best kids’ golf gloves on the market for 2024 to find one that fits your youngster.

Best Overall Kids Golf Glove Best Value Kids Golf Glove Best Premium Kids Golf Glove
 Glove FootJoy Junior Golf Glove Finger Ten Kids Golf Gloves Under Armour Cool Switch
  • Accommodates kids’ hands as they grow
  • Durable kids’ golf glove with plenty of longevity
  • Reinforced palm for better grip and control
  • Very fair pricing
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Available in both left and right-handed junior golf gloves
  • Cools a junior golfers hand
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Durable yet soft material for added feel
  • Built for the serious junior golfers
  • Not available in the very small sizes for toddlers
  • The material is a bit thin
  • Won’t last quite as long as some other options on the market
  • Higher price point than others on the market
Grip Score 92.7 91.4 91.5
Comfort Score 91.8 90.00 95.6
Durability Score 92.5 90.1 93.0
Rating 4.5 Stars 4 Stars 4.5 Stars

The Best Kids Golf Gloves for 2024

1. Footjoy Junior Golf Glove: Best Overall Kids Golf Glove


  • Very comfortable children’s golf gloves
  • Palm patch for extra durability
  • Synthetic mesh material


  • Hard to find in toddler and young kid sizes

The FootJoy Junior Golf gloves are the best overall kids golf gloves on the market for 2024. These gloves have a great mix of durability and functionality, and they come at a fair price. If you are looking for something that will encourage a kid to play more golf and not be worried about hurting their hand, this glove can do it.

We like the addition of the spandex stretch panels that allow for a customized fit. If your child is growing rapidly, these youth golf gloves should accommodate them for quite some time. In addition, the fact that the material is a mix of synthetic material and mesh means there is plenty of breathability.

2. Finger Ten Kids Golf Gloves: Best Value


  • Faux leather material
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Black palm will not get dirty
  • Sold in a two-pack


  • Material is a bit thin for the serious youth golfers

One thing that parents quickly learn about the game of golf for kids is that it can be a bit expensive. Unfortunately, even a junior golf glove can be more money than you expect. If you are looking for a youth golf glove but would rather not spend too much money, the Finger Ten kids Golf Gloves are the way to go.

These gloves are very thin and lightweight. The Finger Ten comes in various colors that will work for girls’ golf gloves or boys’ golf gloves. The two-pack system is sold in either the left-handed standard model or the right-handed junior golf glove. Accommodating both lefties and righties for a fair price is an excellent feature of this Finger Ten.

The only thing to watch out for here is that the glove is a bit thin. If you have a young golfer who is serious about the game, they may wear a hole in this glove quicker than others on the market.

3. Under Armour Cool Switch Junior Golf Gloves: Best Premium


  • It has a bit of elastic in the fingers
  • Machine washable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Durability and control


  • Pricing is a bit higher

For the young golfers that are a bit more serious about the game, the Under Armour Cool Switch Junior Golf Gloves are a perfect option. This glove is made with 84% polyester and 16% Elastane. The idea here is that your kid’s hand will be comfortable. The glove will accommodate the hand and wick moisture even as the child grows.

Our favorite part of the Under Armour Cool Switch Junior gloves is the moisture-wicking and cooling material it is made of. The glove will pull sweat away and dry it quickly. In addition, there is an exclusive coating that pulls heat from your skin. For improved ventilation, a premium feel, and plenty of durability, this is the glove to go with.

4. Callaway Golf X Junior Golf Glove: Best Durability


  • Premium material
  • 4 Way stretch in the fingers
  • Reinforced palm patches


  • Not available in really small sizes

The Callaway Golf X Junior Golf Glove is the best for durability. If you think your young golfer will be spending quite a bit of time on the golf course, this is a glove that you will want to consider seriously.

The Callaway Golf X Junior Golf Glove has a 4-way stretch synthetic material that allows the child’s hands to grow a bit without the glove feeling too tight.

In addition, this glove has premium moisture reduction technology and a palm patch that is reinforced and ready for some time to be spent on the range. We like that the Callaway Golf X Junior Golf Glove still has a great feel, even though it has the durability to make it through several rounds of play.

5. Finger Ten Toddler Golf Pattern Glove: Best For Toddler and Younger Golfers


  • Fun patterns to get kids excited
  • It comes in very small sizes
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Not a classic looking golf glove

The youngest golfers are sometimes the ones that struggle with blisters on their hands the most. However, it can be hard to find golf gloves adequately suited for the smallest hands.

The good news is the Finger Ten Toddler Golf Pattern glove is a perfect option to consider. These youth golf gloves come in great patterns and are designed to comfort and protect a kid’s hand.

The gloves are durable, and they provide comfort for a young golfer. The glove’s ventilation keeps kids’ hands’ cooler and allows them to play well on the warmest days of the year. If you are thinking about starting your young kids in the game this weekend, this is a very handy accessory to have on hand.

What To Know When Buying Kids Golf Gloves

If you looked for a kid’s golf glove 20 years ago, you wouldn’t even find one on the market. Kids would have to play with an adult-size golf glove as soon as their hand was even remotely big enough.

Today kids have options for a wide range of golf gloves that it makes sense to narrow these down. Here are a few things to look for in a kid’s golf glove.


The size of junior golf gloves is not universal across brands. This is important to remember as youth golfers will need to ensure that they choose a glove that will fit their hands correctly. It sometimes takes time to try out a few different manufacturers before you can get an exact fit for a child’s hand.

Most of the time, kids’ golf gloves come in small through extra-large. The extra-large-sized golf gloves are very close to the standard adult-sized golf gloves. This is where kids can get away with things like winter golf gloves or rain gloves that are adult size.


A junior golf glove is very durable when it has an extra reinforced palm patch. The good news is that kids don’t put nearly as much grip pressure on a club. Since they don’t grip the club all that hard, the glove won’t break down quite as quickly.

The hardest part for some junior golfers is not losing their golf gloves from one practice session to the next. Make sure kids have a good storage spot for their gloves in their bag, and they know how to wash them and clean the gloves when necessary.


Which hand should juniors wear a glove on? This is probably the most common question we get about junior golfers. Some parents want to know if kids should wear a golf glove on both hands until they get used to the sport.

For the most part, a right-handed youth golfer will wear a golf glove on their left hand. The left-handed youth golfer will wear the glove on the right hand. But it does vary so you will have to determine what is best for your child.


Sometimes, you will have to measure your child’s hand and compare it to the fitting chart supplied by the golf glove manufacturer. To do this, you will typically measure from the base of the palm to the top of the middle finger.

When doing this, make sure that you account for just a bit of room for the kid’s hand to grow into. However, too much room in the fingertips can make it very difficult for a junior player to grip the club properly.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can make it difficult for a young golfer to enjoy their time on the golf course. Many golf gloves have moisture-wicking capabilities or mesh areas for breathability. If you are sending your kid off to summer golf camp, make sure they have something that is lightweight and allows for breathability.


Here are a few of the questions that we are most commonly asked about a child’s size golf glove. There are many theories on the best ways to start a child in the game, but it is up to you as their teacher to find a solution that works best for everyone involved.

Should kids wear golf gloves?

Most kids should wear golf gloves to protect their hands from a painful blister. Once kids get used to the game, their hands will be stronger, and they may not need the glove on their hands. Some junior golfers never use a glove, and they are completely fine with it. However, we highly recommend the glove to avoid an issue with a cut or blister.

What size golf glove does my child need?

The size your child needs for their golf glove will depend on the brand that you are choosing. A youth small from Footjoy may be slightly different from a youth small from Callaway or Under Armour. This makes it very important for junior golfers to have their hands measured and look at the size chart before purchasing.

How do you size junior golf gloves?

Junior golf gloves are typically sized very similarly to adult golf gloves. Although there are no cadet options for a kid, you will find them in small, medium, large, and extra-large. Some golf manufacturers will give an average age recommendation with each of these. Many companies call the small the 4-6-year-old glove, and things go up from there.


We hope you now feel more confident in your ability to choose the best kids’ golf gloves for 2024. The Footjoy Junior Golf glove stands out as the best overall option because of the impressive features, great feel, and fair pricing that this glove brings to the market.

For the school-age child ready to start taking the game seriously, the FootJoy glove is the way to go.

Many young golfers pick up the game quickly, and getting them started with the right fundamentals is essential. Ensure your child does not quit the first time they play by giving them a great golf glove to play with.

Britt is a Class A PGA Professional and golf membership director who decided a career in golf writing was the perfect fit. She's been playing golf since she was seven years old, graduated from St. John's University with a bachelor's degree in education, and played Division 1 golf with a +1 handicap. Today, Britt plays more golf than ever with her husband and two children near Savannah, Georgia, and still loves connecting with golfers worldwide. You can connect with Britt on IG, LinkedIn, or FB.

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