Wilson Staff 50 Elite Review – Golf Balls Perfect For Low Swing Speed

It is ideal for golfers with a swing speed below 90mph, it launches off the clubhead and provides plenty of distance and carry. This makes it a perfect ball for both men and women, beginner or intermediate golfers that are looking to improve their golf game. Senior golfers will benefit from putting this ball into their arsenal.

Sufficient spin is generated to keep the ball straight and provide surprising stopping power on the green.

Wilson Staff 50 Elite Golf Ball Review


  • Responsive cover
  • Soft feel
  • Lower driver spin
  • Low price
  • Maximum carry, great length
  • Straighter ball flight
  • Good feel on the green
  • Low compression
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Suitable for senior golf players of both genders
  • Aggressive core
  • High greenside spin


  • Lack of the rebound of other popular brands
  • Some reviewers complain that it feels too hard
  • Durability is questionable

Wilson Staff 50 elite construction is a 2-piece golf ball consisting of a rubber core and an ionomer cover with 302 dimples with a low compression rating of only 50.

The 50 in name designates the low compression of the ball, not the target market of the golfers it is aimed at.

It is aimed at recreational golfers that want maximum distance from a value-for-money golf ball. Designed to be the softest two-piece distance ball, it offers a great combination of feel and power while the ultrasoft feel appeals to a wide segment of golfers

Improved NanoTech rubber chemistry yields an extremely dynamic core that is 22% softer than its competitors.

Covered by an ionomer cover with 302 PhD aerodynamics flat-bottomed shallow dimples to create more stability and a penetrating ball flight.

Low compression golf balls on the market tend to produce a somewhat rubbery soft sound and feel and the Wilson Staff 50 elite is no different.

The aggressive core combined with the responsive cover aids in creating a balance between explosive distance and a soft feel.

Available in traditional white, yellow, and orange.

Wilson was a premium brand when it started but has lost ground to most of the high-premium names in golf at the moment. The company offers a somewhat cheaper product in the Wilson Staff 50 Elite golf ball, but it remains a serious performer.

Although less expensive than some of its competitors it cannot be described as a low-end golf ball.

Performance-wise you will be pleasantly surprised at how the ball sticks on the clubface to produce a soft buttery feel.

You will produce enough spin from the fairway and in most lies in the rough to create stopping power on the greens. This will exceed your expectations for a golf ball in this category.

It may not feel quite as soft on greenside shots as top-rated golf balls, but it does produce the spin required to perform well of your wedges and soft enough off the putter face.


1. Srixon Soft Feel

The Srixon Soft Feel is a 2-piece golf ball that was engineered to produce a highly resilient 71 compression super soft core that gets progressively softer toward the center and has an overall compression rating of 60 compared to the 50 compression found in the Wilson Staff 50 Elite golf ball.

Energy transfer from the core is maximized for greater distance and softer feel from tee to green.

A high moment of inertia (MoI) is the result of the low compression leading to more accuracy on mishits.

The 344 dimple Ionomer cover with an advanced for higher lift force pattern and maximum surface coverage covers the explosive core. The dimple design reduces the drag, increase ball speed, and reduce spin off the driver for incredible distance, stability, and amazingly soft feel

Medium spin and is perfect for beginners and average golfers with low to moderate swing speeds below 90 miles per hour.

Srixon added a unique “hit straight” alignment arrow to aid in the alignment and accuracy on the greens.

2. Srixon Q-Star

Q-Star Tour is a premium, 3-piece, high spin golf ball designed to incorporate all of Srixon’s tour technologies. The design is aimed at a longer and straighter ball trajectory from your moderate swing speed.

The combination of a tour urethane cover with a soft, responsive core providing maximum distance and tour-level greenside control.

Golfers with moderate swing speeds can expect to generate tour level performance and feel from the Q-Star Tour.

With a compression rating of 75 aimed at intermediate to advanced golfers, it has quite a significantly higher compression rating than the Wilson Staff 50 Precise golf ball.

A thin urethane cover and an improved spin skin layer cover the energetic gradient growth core.

The thin urethane cover contains 324 dimples spread out over the ball in the Srixon speed dimple pattern creating low drag for enhanced ball flight, longer distance, and more control.

The Q-star sacrifices some durability for the increase in performance and feel.

3. Callaway Supersoft

One of the most popular golf balls for average golfers is the 2-Piece Callaway Supersoft with its long, straight distance ball that is incredibly soft

Accuracy is increased through the ultra-low 40 compression core that promotes fast ball speed. This offers even lower compression than the Wilson Staff 50 Elite golf ball.

The Callaway Supersoft is geared for long and straight shots with a soft feel on the clubhead and increased greenside control.

Covering the core is a new softer Trigonometry cover formulation with low drag HEX aerodynamics optimized to reduce drag and enhance lift for longer carry and longer distance

Combining the low compression core and the soft trigonometry cover formulation makes the Callaway Supersoft ideal for the beginner and intermediate golfer that requires feel and control on and around the green.

Final Thoughts

The Wilson Staff 50 elite golf balls are low-compression golf balls incorporating the latest technology to supports the distance and precision on full golf shots.

However, this model also includes technology to enhance feel and offer a great spin on your wedge shots around the green.

Affordability and durability are the best features of this golf ball.

The Wilson Staff 50 elite golf balls are ideal for golfers with lower swing speed.

Competition is stiff in this category, but the Wilson Staff 50 prestige can meet the competition head-on and deliver the results you have been searching for.

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