Titleist Tour Speed Review: Pros, Cons, Alternatives

As a golfer, finding the right ball can make a world of difference in your game. Today, we’re diving into the Titleist Tour Speed golf ball, which has caught the attention of many players since its release in August 2020.

The Titleist Tour Speed is an excellent choice for golfers looking for a high-performance ball with a great combination of distance, control, and feel. However, it might not suit those who prioritize maximum greenside spin or prefer a softer feel.

Don’t miss out on our detailed Titleist Tour Speed review, it might just be the key to unlocking your full potential on the course.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Titleist Tour Speed, from its features to how it performs on the course to alternatives.

Titleist Tour Speed Review: Overview


  • Impressive distance off the tee
  • Good control on approach shots
  • Durable cover for extended playability
  • Competitive price point for a premium ball


  • Not as much greenside spin as some competitors
  • Firmer feel compared to other Titleist model

The Titleist Tour Speed golf ball is designed for golfers seeking a balance of distance, control, and feel. It’s three-piece construction and thermoplastic urethane (TPU) cover provide an impressive blend of performance characteristics.

Key Metrics To Consider

Specification Titleist Tour Speed
Layers 3
Cover TPU
Compression 75
Weight 45g

Who It’s Best For?

In my experience, the Titleist Tour Speed is best suited for golfers looking for a ball that offers distance, control, and feel without breaking the bank. It’s an excellent option for mid to low-handicappers who want a high-performance golf ball.

However, you might want to consider other options if you prioritize maximum greenside spin or prefer a softer feel.

Our Verdict

titleist tour speed

The Titleist Tour Speed is a well-rounded golf ball that truly delivers in terms of distance, control, and feel, providing a comprehensive performance package that caters to a wide range of golfers. As someone who has used this golf ball extensively, I can attest to its impressive performance and benefits on the golf course.

One of the most notable features of the Titleist Tour Speed is its ability to generate significant distance off the tee. My experience with the ball has shown that it’s high-speed core and thermoplastic urethane cover work together to produce faster ball speeds and lower long-game spin, resulting in increased distance across various swing speeds.

When I play with the Tour Speed, I consistently find myself hitting longer drives and getting closer to the green on longer par-4s and par-5s, which has been a game-changer for me in terms of scoring.

The Tour Speed has allowed me to shape my shots effectively and consistently hold the green on approach shots, even when faced with challenging pin positions.

Despite its focus on distance and speed, the Titleist Tour Speed also offers a remarkably soft feel I’ve come to appreciate. The responsive feedback on putts has also helped me gauge the speed of the greens better, leading to more confident strokes and better-putting performance.

What about the Titleist Tour Speed vs the Titleist Velocity ball? Both have great distance. The Velocity is better for speed, has a softer feel, and the 350 octahedral dimple pattern will give you a  higher trajectory.

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Titleist Tour Speed

Before purchasing the Titleist Tour Speed golf ball, consider your specific needs and preferences as a golfer. Are you seeking maximum distance, optimal control, or a softer feel? The Tour Speed is an excellent all-around performer, but golfers with specific requirements might want to explore other options.

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Titleist Tour Speed Review: Features & Benefits

Tour speed golf ball

Exceptional Distance Performance for a Wide Range of Swing Speeds

The Titleist Tour Speed is meticulously designed for impressive distance off the tee, catering to a wide range of swing speeds. Its high-speed LSX core and proprietary thermoplastic urethane (TPU) cover synergize to achieve faster ball speeds and lower long game spin.

The result is an increase in overall distance, making it suitable for golfers seeking to enhance their driving performance. This exceptional distance performance is backed by Titleist’s commitment to quality and rigorous testing procedures, ensuring that golfers can rely on the Tour Speed to deliver consistent distance gains throughout their rounds.

Enhanced Control on Approach Shots for Improved Scoring

The Tour Speed’s three-piece construction and TPU cover provide excellent control on approach shots, giving golfers the confidence to attack pins and improve their scoring opportunities.

While it may not generate as much greenside spin as some competitors, its performance in this area is more than satisfactory for most players.

The combination of distance and control makes the Tour Speed a versatile option for golfers looking to excel from tee to green, providing the optimal balance for consistent play and lower scores.

Durable and High-Performance Cover for Extended Playability

titleist tour speed

One of the standout features of the Titleist Tour Speed is its durable TPU cover, which is designed to withstand the rigors of golf course play. This material is resistant to cuts and scuffs, extending the ball’s playability and ensuring consistent performance on the course.

The TPU cover also provides excellent greenside control and spin, crucial for precise short-game shots and saving strokes around the green.

Golfers can trust the Tour Speed to maintain its performance characteristics, even after multiple rounds, providing a reliable option for players who demand the best from their golf balls.

Advanced Aerodynamics for Improved Ball Flight and Stability

Titleist has incorporated a cutting-edge 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design in the Tour Speed golf ball. This innovative dimple pattern enhances the ball’s aerodynamics, optimizing lift and reducing drag for improved flight characteristics.

As a result, golfers can experience a more stable, penetrating ball flight, which translates to improved distance and accuracy in various weather conditions.

The advanced aerodynamics of the Tour Speed provide greater control over ball flight, allowing golfers to shape shots and execute a wide range of shots with confidence.

Impressive Distance and Speed Without Sacrificing Control

The Titleist Tour Speed is engineered to deliver maximum distance off the tee without sacrificing control. The ball’s high-speed LSX core is designed to generate fast initial velocity and low long game spin, allowing for impressive distance gains.

This core, combined with the advanced aerodynamics and durable cover, ensures that the Tour Speed is a formidable contender in the distance category. Golfers can rely on the Tour Speed to deliver the distance they need without compromising the control necessary for accurate play and improved scoring.

Soft Feel for Enhanced Control and Touch

Despite its focus on distance and speed, the Titleist Tour Speed also offers a remarkably soft feel. The Titleist Tour Speed’s compression core and TPU cover work together to provide a pleasant feel off the clubface, which many golfers find appealing.

A soft feel can contribute to better touch and control on approach shots and greenside play, helping golfers maintain consistency in their short game.

The Tour Speed’s soft feel is not just limited to short game shots; players will notice the pleasant sensation throughout their bag, from driver to putter, enhancing their overall experience on the golf course.

Optimized for Mid to Low-Handicap Golfers Seeking Performance

The Titleist Tour Speed is specifically designed for mid to low-handicap golfers who seek a combination of distance, control, and soft feel. Its performance characteristics make it an ideal choice for those looking to improve their overall game without sacrificing any one aspect.

The Tour Speed’s exceptional distance, control, and feel ensure that players can execute a wide range of shots with confidence and precision, leading to improved scoring opportunities and lower handicaps.

Consistency Across the Entire Ball

Golf-g4b6a34b21 640

Titleist’s commitment to quality and consistency is evident in the Tour Speed golf ball. Each ball is produced with strict quality control measures in place, ensuring that golfers can trust every ball in their dozen to perform at the highest level.

This consistency is crucial for golfers who demand the best from their equipment and expect their golf balls to provide predictable performance throughout the round.

Titleist’s Reputation for Performance and Quality

The brand’s reputation backs the Titleist Tour Speed golf balls for delivering high-quality, high-performance equipment. As a trusted name in the golf industry, Titleist is committed to providing golfers with products designed to help them play their best.

The Tour Speed is no exception, offering a well-rounded combination of distance, control, and feel that will satisfy golfers seeking a competitive edge on the course.

Alternatives to the Titleist Tour Speed

TaylorMade TP5x: A Firmer, High-Performance Alternative

The TaylorMade TP5x is another high-performance golf ball that offers impressive distance and speed, thanks to its five-layer construction and high-energy Speed-Layer System.

With a firmer feel compared to the Titleist Tour Speed, the TP5x may be better suited to golfers who prefer a slightly harder feel and more feedback on their shots.

However, some players may find the TP5x lacks the same level of greenside control and spin as the Tour Speed, potentially making it a less ideal choice for those who prioritize short-game. The TP5x is well-suited for high swing speed players and professionals, as its firmer composition can better handle the increased force imparted on the ball.

Bridgestone Tour B RX: A Softer Feel for Moderate Swing Speeds

The Bridgestone Tour B RX is designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds who want a combination of distance, feel, and control. With its Gradational Compression Core and proprietary Reactive Urethane cover, the Tour B RX offers comparable performance to the Titleist Tour Speed regarding distance and control.

However, it has a slightly softer feel, which some golfers may prefer for improved touch around the greens and on putts. While the Tour B RX provides excellent performance for moderate swing speed players, it may not provide the same level of distance and speed as the Tour Speed for faster swingers.

This ball is a solid option for those who value a softer feel without sacrificing too much distance.

Callaway Chrome Soft: An Ultra-Soft Choice for Feel-Focused Golfers

The Callaway Chrome Soft is a popular golf ball that focuses on providing an ultra-soft feel alongside distance and control. With its Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core and urethane cover, the Chrome Soft delivers impressive greenside spin and control, making it an excellent choice for golfers who prioritize touch and feel around the greens.

However, due to its softer composition, the Chrome Soft may not deliver the same level of speed and distance as the Titleist Tour Speed, especially for players with higher swing speeds. Golfers who value soft feel above all else may find the Chrome Soft an ideal alternative to the Tour Speed. Still, they should be prepared to potentially sacrifice some distance and speed in exchange for a softer playing experience.

Srixon Z-Star: A Balanced Alternative with Spin Control

The Srixon Z-Star is another alternative to the Titleist Tour Speed that offers a blend of distance, control, and feel. With its FastLayer Core, Spin Skin coating, and advanced 338 Speed Dimple pattern, the Z-Star provides a balanced performance that appeals to a wide range of golfers.

While it may not offer the same level of distance as the Tour Speed, the Z-Star excels in terms of spin control, particularly on approach shots and around the greens.

Golfers who prioritize spin control and a balanced overall performance may find the Srixon Z-Star an appealing alternative to the Titleist Tour Speed.

Titleist Tour Speed Review: FAQs

Does Titleist Tour Speed Have a Urethane Cover?

No, the Titleist Tour Speed features a durable TPU (thermoplastic urethane) cover known for its resistance to cuts and scuffs. This cover material ensures consistent performance and playability while providing excellent greenside control and spin.

Is the Titleist Tour Speed Suitable for Beginners?

Yes, the Titleist Tour Speed can be suitable for beginners looking for a golf ball that offers a combination of distance, speed, and control. Its soft feel and greenside performance can help new golfers develop their short game skills, while the advanced aerodynamics and high-speed core can aid in maximizing distance off the tee.

How Does the Titleist Tour Speed Compare to the Titleist Pro V1?

The Titleist Tour Speed vs Pro V1 sparks regular debate amongst golf aficionados. The Titleist Tour Speed is designed to provide maximum distance and speed while maintaining a soft feel and excellent greenside control. The Pro V1, on the other hand, is geared more toward overall performance with a focus on greenside control, feel, and long game spin.
The Pro V1 also features a urethane cover, whereas the Tour Speed has a TPU cover. Both golf balls are high-quality options, but the Tour Speed may be a better fit for golfers prioritizing distance and speed, while the Pro V1 might suit those who value control and feel.

What is the Compression of The Titleist Tour Speed?

The Titleist Tour Speed performs consistently well in various weather conditions. Its advanced aerodynamics, which includes a 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design, helps maintain stability and accuracy in windy conditions.
Furthermore, the durable TPU cover provides excellent grip and control even in wet conditions, ensuring that golfers can maintain their performance on the course regardless of the weather.

If you are a senior seeking a low-compression ball, check our list of the best low compression golf balls for seniors.


Let’s wrap up this Titleist Tour Speed review with a brief summary: The Titleist Tour Speed is a top-tier golf ball that offers impressive distance, speed, and control.

I found the advanced aerodynamics, high-speed LSX core, and durable TPU cover made this ball a standout option for golfers seeking to improve their performance on the course. We highly recommend the Titleist Tour Speed for players looking to up their game.

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