Maxfli Tour S Golf Ball Review: A Coach’s Perspective

The Maxfli Tour Golf Ball is like the perfect car for golfers: it feels right, and it works great. Picking a golf ball should make you happy and confident when you play. Lots of balls say they are soft, spin well, or fly far. But the Maxfli ball does all of this really well.

As a golf coach, I’ve tried them myself and really liked them. They’re not perfect though. I also asked my students what they thought. They had mostly good things to say as well.

In this Maxfli Tour S Golf Ball review, we’ll talk about why this ball is special. Opening a box of Maxfli balls is like getting an exciting gift. They look good, and they play even better. When you hit them right, they go far and straight, even farther than some other balls. Sure, they’re not top-of-the-line balls, but the price is what makes them a great choice.

So, let’s dive in and see why these Maxfli balls are worth trying!

Maxfli Tour S Golf Ball Review


  • Impressive Driving: Many users have noted that these balls provide standout distance, easily rivaling the more renowned competitors.
  • Masterful Spin: With the Maxfli Tour, you’re not just hitting far, but you’re hitting with precision. They offer great spin control, especially in the short game.
  • Affordable Quality: Perhaps one of its standout features is the price. For a Tour ball, the Maxfli offers solid performance at a more wallet-friendly price.
  • Competes with the Best: User reviews often compare it favorably with the Titleist ProV1s, a gold standard in the golfing community.


  • Feel on the Putt: Some golfers have mentioned that the putting strike might feel slightly harder than they’re used to.
  • Adaptation Period: Like any new equipment, it might take a round or two to fully adapt and see its potential.

The golf ball industry is a competitive field with several brands vying for the title of ‘Best in Class’. Maxfli might not always be the first name that springs to mind when we talk about top-tier golf balls, but their Tour range is proving that they deserve a seat at the table. If you’re considering the Maxfli Tour golf balls, this review will offer a balanced perspective on what you can expect.

What Does “Tour” Mean?

Before diving deep into the product specifics, let’s decode the term “Tour”. Contrary to what some believe, “Tour” doesn’t refer to the PGA Tour or any professional golfing circuit. It denotes that the ball boasts a urethane cover and typically more than two inner layers. The result? Enhanced distance, minimized spin off the tee, and precise spin control during the short game. In essence, “Tour” signifies superior flight and spin control.

Ball Quality

The ball is manufactured in 3 pieces, the core made from synthetic rubber, surrounded by a mantel covered by Urethane. This ball comes with 318 dimples.

Interestingly enough, the manufacturing of a Three-piece golf ball can require more than 80 steps and take more than 32 quality checks, and takes up to a month to manufacture. Next time you by accident lose a ball remember the hard work that went into that lost ball. I know normally it’s the ball’s fault but still.

Dimples and Aerodynamics

Dimples play a pivotal role in determining a golf ball’s performance. A golf ball’s trajectory is majorly influenced by aerodynamics and gravity, and it’s the dimples that help optimize this flight. Maxfli Tour balls are engineered with a specific dimple pattern to enhance lift and improve both flight length and spin. Golf ball design has come a long way from the old elastic band designs to today’s advanced urethane covers.


When we compare the compression with the Titleist Pro V1x, the Maxfli Tour offers a similar feel and performance. It strikes a balance between distance and spin, which is often determined by its compression.

Feedback from Testing

In my time testing the Maxfli Tour golf balls, I’ve been genuinely impressed. They’re competitively priced, especially when you consider their performance is on par with the ProV’s. They’ve quickly become a favorite of mine, and I’ve integrated them into many of my rounds.

During one of my coaching sessions, a client with a GHIN of 5.7 remarked, “These balls are something else! They’re cheaper than the ProV’s and yet, their performance doesn’t falter.” Another one of my senior clients specifically praised the soft feel and the impressive distance these balls provided, a sentiment that’s crucial for players in that age bracket.

Perhaps the feedback that resonated the most was from a long-time player I coach, who after a session, said something like this to me, “I’ve played with a lot of balls over the years, and this is the first one that genuinely rivals the top balls in terms of performance. It covers great distances without losing that soft approach touch on the green.”


If you’re seeking a ball that offers the attributes of higher-priced counterparts but at a more affordable price point, the Maxfli Tour could be your next choice. Whether you’re a senior golfer or a professional aiming for a lower handicap, it seems this ball has something for everyone. As always, consider your playing style and preferences before making the final call.

Who is Maxfli?

Maxfli is a well-known household sports brand name proudly owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods bought on February 11, 2008, from TaylorMade Golf. Maxfli is most recognized for its golf balls, but later adding golfing umbrellas, golf bags, gloves, and training aids to its Maxfli name arsenal.

Surprisingly almost all high-quality golf balls come from the same country. Maxfli is manufactured in a high-quality-controlled factory by Foremost in Taiwan. The quality of manufacturing speaks for itself.


The Golfball market is very competitive with a lot of different manufacturers out there. Below are some of the same class of balls from different manufacturers with their pros and cons.

1. Titleist AVX


  • Improve distance
  • Great aerodynamics
  • Comes in two colors white and yellow


  • Costly for the amateur

This ball was manufactured for the golfer that lacks the distance on the tee thus to increase your distance this ball could be for you. The ball does low flying and has a low spin from the tee.

The feel of this ball-striking is regarded as soft. In the rough, this ball delivers great distance and stability due to its design.

The spin of this ball was rated as Mid, the dimples on this ball come with a one-of-a-kind 352 tetrahedral catenary dimples. This is also a 3 piece ball with a GRN41 cast thermoset urethane cover. Titleist incorporated a high-speed core with low compression technology.

2. Bridgestone TOUR B RX


  • Good Accuracy
  • Designed for greater distances


  • Expensive

This ball targets the low-mid handicap players used to premium balls If you are looking for performance and the tour feel and have a slower golf swing then this ball might suit you. The Spin on this ball is rated as High.

The Tour B RX is made with 338 dimples with a new dual dimple in each dimple design. It’s also a 3 piece ball with Urethane Cover. The unique core composition gives this ball an increase in speed and because the dimple design improves aerodynamics.

3. Wilson Staff Triad


  • High MOI design
  • Ultra-thin cast urethane cover
  • Controlled ball flight
  • Greater Spin


  • Could last longer

If you are a better player looking for a controlled flight and spin, this is one of your shortlist balls.

Choose the Wilson Staff Triad ball that been listed on Golf Digest’s Hot list. Wow, that speaks for itself. This is by far one of the balls out there with the highest MOI.

If you need to increase your spin, this is the ball to try. For the lowest compression tour ball available this ball is a 4-piece ball covered with a Urethane Cover with 362 dimples. The spin of this ball was rated as High. Wilson settled on a soft rubber-rich technology for the core to improve the tour feel.

Final Thoughts

The Maxfli Tour golf ball gets an overall grade of 85%. This is above average and pure outstanding. The balls were found to be near perfect consistent size and weight. This ball takes the game to another level when it comes to flight and accuracy. Although it still depends on the golfer. Don’t expect to now all of a sudden play like a pro because you bought one of the best balls out there.

The Maxfli Tour golf ball belongs in a league of its own for being one of the most consistent balls out there in the market. For the golfer looking to save money during these tough times, the Maxfli Tour is an exceptional offering.

With zero bad balls in the mix, the “True Price” of them means you’re getting exactly what you pay for your dollar.

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