U.S. Batteries Vs Trojan Batteries – A Fair Comparison Review

As golfers, it seems that we’re faced with decision after decision about what products are right for us. Choosing the right set of irons is hard enough – but finding the best battery for your golf cart, for many people, can be even more of a headache.

There are many elements that constitute the quality of a golf battery. There are prices to assess, numbers to navigate, and details to digest. But by breaking down the complexities of batteries into a more simple form, you can better decide which battery is right for you.

That’s what we’re here for. Let’s compare U.S. batteries and Trojan batteries, and see who comes out on top.

U.S. Batteries Vs Trojan Batteries Reviews

1. U.S. Battery


  • Manufactured in the US
  • Fastest cycle to full rated capacity
  • Variety of voltage options
  • Built with quality materials and attention to detail
  • Easy to maintain


  • Expensive

Founded in 1928, U.S. battery are one of the biggest battery providers in the US, specializing in deep-cycle flooded lead-acid and sealed AGM batteries. Enjoying a history of high repute, with extensive data to back it up, there’s no denying U.S. Battery’s capability of delivering powerful, long-lasting batteries.

They are perhaps best known for their 6v golf cart batteries, which have been engineered to provide the fastest cycle up to full rated capacity. In other words, it takes fewer discharge/recharge cycles than normal to get the batteries working optimally. In addition, they have been proven to deliver impressive amounts of total energy over the course of their life.

The standard 6v U.S. battery model produces 208 amp-hours (Ah) at a 20-hour rate. The more expensive models provide more Ah in increments of 12. Basically, these rates are more than good enough, giving you enough juice to confidently last you for more than 18 holes.

Furthermore, U.S. battery’s deep cycle batteries have the ability to maintain peak capacity for longer periods of time between each charge. This means less maintenance for you and lower annual operating costs.

U.S. Battery Golf Cart Battery Features and Benefits

American Manufacturing

As the name implies, every U.S. Battery is made right here in the United States. They’re a family-orientated company, with a focus on quality rather than quantity. Not only is this supporting local economies with decently compensated jobs, but it also comes with an assurance of reliability. There’s a reason that they have been around for nearly 100 years.

Diamond Plate Technology

Combined with the company’s exclusive XC2 formulation of cell paste, the diamond plate technology provides some of the most efficient cell plate designs in any lead-acid battery. Essentially, it gives you a high overall energy delivery, the ability to reach peak capacity in fewer cycles, and an extended battery life. The cornerstones of every decent battery.

Efficient Charging

The high charge efficiency of U.S. Batteries is compliant with the latest California Energy Commission regulations, meaning that the combined charger/battery performance is as environmentally friendly as you can hope for with lead-acid batteries. This is bolstered even further by the fact that the company offers a variety of sizes, including 6, 8, and 12-volt batteries, offering wide compatibility with chargers.

Durable Construction

Made with strong polypropylene, the exterior case of every U.S. Battery is built for maximum protection against even the most rigorous of uses. As with all lead-acid batteries, they should be handled with care – but the attention to detail coupled with the strength of the materials offers a solid assurance of safety.

SpeedCap System

The vent system has been designed to be very easy to operate. It is easy and quick to remove, and then locks securely into place. Conducting maintenance, specifically topping up the water levels of your battery, has been made very simple indeed.

2. Trojan Battery


  • Most used lead-acid batteries in the US
  • Variety of voltage options
  • Very good Ah rates
  • Pioneering technology to boost performance
  • Environmentally friendly (99% recyclable)


  • Expensive
  • Requires regular maintenance

With close to a hundred years of battery manufacturing experience, Trojan is widely regarded as the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle Solar and Motive batteries. In 1952, they invented the first golf cart battery, pioneering the technology of deep-cycle batteries for the golf industry. Since then, they have gone from strength to strength; more than 98% of America’s top courses have used Trojan Batteries in their fleets.

Available in 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt sizes, Trojan batteries form a broad portfolio of exceptional performance. They have been proven, time and time again, to be reliable and long-lasting. They are also easy to maintain, and environmentally sustainable.

The standard 6-volt battery delivers 210 Ah at a 20-hour rate. More expensive models increase this in increments of 15 and 20. It may be just a number, but these are the kinds of rates that are enjoyed by thousands of golf cart users across the globe.

Trojan Battery Features and Benefits

C-Max Technology

As the energy needs of golf cart users continue to evolve, so too does the technology of Trojan batteries. Their C-Max technology incorporates a number of forward-thinking features, including a special proprietary paste, a separator for protection against stratification, a highly durable plastic polymer case, and flame arrestors.

Together, these work to produce a high total energy output, consistent quality, maximum sustained performance, superior durability, and most importantly, high levels of safety.

Smart Carbon Technology

To address the problem of partial state of charge (PSOC) often seen in deep-cycle batteries, Trojan has developed a unique Smart Carbon technology. Ordinarily, operating at a PSOC on a regular basis would quickly diminish the lifespan of a battery, resulting in the need for frequent and costly replacements. With this technology, however, this problem is greatly reduced.

The Smart Carbon technology comes as a standard feature in its flooded battery lines,  providing longer-lasting deep-cycle batteries which save consumers a lot of money in replacements.

Environmental Stewardship

Trojan is committed to manufacturing batteries that are 99% recyclable. This contributes massively to various clean energy initiatives and recycling programs. Through a partnership with Southern California Edison (SCE), Trojan is making huge CO2 cuts and is saving millions of kilowatt-hours annually. In other words, they’re being good neighbors!

U.S. vs Trojan – Amp Hours

Trojan batteries deliver slightly better Ah, but it’s very marginal. Both provide you with a good amount of juice to sustain your rounds of golf.

U.S. vs Trojan – LifeSpan

If properly maintained, the common lifespan of a U.S. battery is up to six years. Trojan batteries, however, have long been known to have some of the longest lifespans in the industry – they typically last between seven and nine years.

U.S. vs Trojan – Maintenance

Both batteries require the usual amount of maintenance expected with deep cycle batteries, but U.S. batteries have managed to make the process slightly less arduous. Thanks to their SpeedCap system, you can quickly and easily maintain the necessary water levels.

Having said that, Trojan has designed their batteries in such a way that less general maintenance should be required. For instance, they use special separators for protection against stratification.

US vs Trojan – Price

Generally speaking, U.S. and Trojan batteries are priced within a few dollars of each other, with Trojan usually being the more expensive.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of good things to be said about both U.S. and Trojan batteries. U.S. Batteries are a high-quality, USA-made product, offering the fastest cycles to full rated capacity, as well as durability and impressive Ah output.

But overall, Trojan batteries come out slightly on top. They are more technologically proficient, delivering slightly higher levels of performance for a longer period of time. Their C-Max technology incorporates a number of forward-thinking designs, offering some of the best performance and maintenance metrics in any deep-cycle battery.

You’ll get along just fine with both of these batteries – but for those looking to squeeze out that little bit of extra performance, Trojan is probably the way to go. You can check out more of their golf cart battery options here.

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