best slip on golf shoes

The 5 Best Slip On Golf Shoes

The best slip on golf shoes are convenient, comfortable, and protective. These shoes alleviate the hassle of lacing up your footwear and adjusting for the correct fit. By the end of this post, you will know the best slip on golf shoes for 2023, where to find them, and what to consider when buying them.

taylormade m4 irons review

TaylorMade M4 Irons Review: Pros, Cons, Alternatives

The Taylormade M4 irons are the latest addition to the TaylorMade M irons series. The M4 irons are designed for mid-to-high handicap golfers looking for more forgiveness, distance, and ball flight control. From Face Slots to Tungsten weighting, these irons are packed with features that can take your game to the next level. In this TaylorMade

PING i59 Review

PING i59 Review: Pro, Cons, & Alternatives

PING has been known to ship out high-quality golf products, and it seems that the i59 is here to stay. These irons feature a sleek, blade-style design incorporating advanced technology to deliver greater accuracy, distance, and control on the course. We were excited to put them to the test and see if they live up

PING Irons by Year

PING Irons by Year: 50+ Years of History

PING irons are well-loved by the golfing community. Their usual forgiveness means they are a feature for a lot of golfers’ bags – particularly those of a higher handicap. Though, you may not know that PING was going for 10 years before its first iron came out. After being founded by Karsten Solheim in 1959,

most expensive putters

The 20 Most Expensive Putters In Golf

The most expensive putters in golf fetch eye-watering figures that the average player can only dream about. This guide introduces you to the top ten most expensive putters ever sold and a list of options accessible to the average golfer. I will introduce you to premium mass-produced putters that any golfer with deep pockets can

wedge bounce

Wedge Bounce Explained: In Simple Terms & Images

Wedge bounce is an essential consideration for any golfer looking to improve their game. The concept can actually be quite confusing, so in this article, we aim to demystify the jargon. So, what is wedge bounce? Golf wedge bounce is the angle measured from the sole’s trailing edge to the club head’s leading edge. Depending

golf club brands to avoid

Top 10 Golf Club Brands to Avoid (+5 Great Ones)

The golf equipment industry is big business. In 2023, the golf market is forecasted to be valued at $8.74 billion despite continued worldwide economic concerns. Finding equipment is easy with many helpful golf sites, but learning which brands you should avoid is tougher. These are the top 10 golf club brands to avoid: Hammer X

perfect putting mat review
Training Aids

Perfect Putting Mat Review: Worth the Premium Price?

After receiving rave Perfect Putting Mat reviews from my peers, I decided to give it a go to see if all the bark had any bite. Is the Perfect Putting Mat worth it? The Perfect Putting Mat is a quality putting aid that provides golfers with a realistic indoor putting experience. It features alignment guides and

high moi putters (1)

The 10 Best High MOI Putters

High moment of inertia (MOI) putters work wonders for amateur golfers as they increase stability to help prevent spin and speed dropoff on mishits. Our guide on the best high MOI putters for 2023 looks at the top 10 flat sticks in the category to highlight which is best suited to straight, slight, and heavily

titleist irons by year (1)

Titleist Irons by Year: 50+ Years of History

Titleist earned a respected reputation for designing and manufacturing some of the best irons in the golf industry. They suit golfers from all skill levels. Depending on the iron that you buy, some of them set the standards for irons. Let’s take a look at the Titleist irons by year to help you form a

ping drivers by year

PING Drivers by Year: 50+ Years of Golfing History

Most of us have probably used a PING driver in our time. Whether that be your own, a rented one or, borrowed from a friend, they are everywhere. And for good reason too, PING drivers are one of the best brands you can find for driver quality. But, you may not know how PING came

most forgiving wedges

The 10 Most Forgiving Wedges

The most forgiving wedge must possess perimeter weighting, a wider sweet spot, versatile sole grind, and a consistent launch. Otherwise, amateurs will chunk and shank their shots or lose distance control around the green. By the end of this review, you will know the top 10 most forgiving wedges for the 2023 season and learn


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