Titleist Velocity vs Pro V1 – Tried & Tested For You

Being a high proponent of the companies golf balls, I recently took it upon myself to review the Titleist Velocity vs Pro V1 to see which options are best suited for your game. Things to consider before buying golf balls While all golf balls are round, they are crafted from different materials and vary in price, weight, and size. Here are a few tips to help you save time, money, and make the right decision the next time you are


Callaway Supersoft vs Chrome Soft – Tried & Tested For You

Throughout my years of playing golf, Callaway has always been popular with players. That is why I was surprised to learn that the company was only founded in 1982. It was not until 2000 that they would release their original golf ball, Rule 35. Since then, the company has continued to innovate and has released a variety of soft feel balls. In this review, I will give you the results of the tests I conducted of the Callaway Supersoft vs


Callaway Supersoft vs Superhot – Tried & Tested For You

The Callaway Golf company first stamped their mark on the golf industry with their Big Bertha driver in the 90s. But it wasn’t until 2000 that they would release their first ball. After $150 million in development costs, Ely Callaway and his team released the Rule 35 ball. It was the first in history to feature an ionomer polymer casing and a thinner urethane cover to give you complete performance from tee to green. Two decades on, the company continues


TaylorMade SIM Max Driver Review – All You Need To Know

If you’re the kind of golfer that likes to keep up with the latest and greatest, and you’re looking to spruce up your performance off the tee, then the TaylorMade SIM Max could be the driver for you. In TaylorMade SIM Max Driver Review, we’ll take a dive into the finer details of this club, and see if its performance measures up to TaylorMade’s promises of driving advancement. Things to Consider Before Buying a Driver Buying a new driver is


Pro V1x vs TP5X – Tried & Tested For You

Over the past few years, some giants in the golf ball industry have released products that they claim give you both distance and spin. It led me to test the Pro V1x vs TP5x to see if this was true. Things to consider before buying golf balls Beginners may find the process of buying balls easier than serious players, for the simple fact that your mission is bulk at the best price. It is natural when you start out to


Callaway Mavrik Driver Review – Is This A Driver To Consider?

The Callaway Mavrik Driver, featuring new technologies and diligent craftsmanship, is shipped with a promise of an extra 5 yards compared to previous Callaway models – a bold statement, to say the least. In this review, we’ll see if that claim was justified, and we’ll explore what else this driver can do to bolster your performance off the tee. Things to Consider Before Buying a Driver As easy as it is to be lured in by flashy technologies and promises


How To Pick The Right Shaft For Your Driver?

In this article, I will guide you to assess your requirements on how to pick the right shaft for your driver. Often golfers change the shaft on their driver for reasons other than fitting the best shaft. The reason could be as simple as the golfer likes the look of the shaft or a favorite professional golfer uses the shaft. The detrimental effect on your game can be avoided by visiting a professional club fitter. You should, at the very


Callaway X2 Hot Driver Review – Increase Your Distance With This Driver

Finding the perfect driver isn’t always easy. There’s a lot of choice out there, and each model offers something slightly different. To help you out a bit, we present to you the Callaway X2 Hot Review- an in-depth look at a driver that could very much be worth your attention. Things to Consider Before Buying a Driver In an ideal world, we’d be able to decide if a driver was right for us by giving it a good old whack


Cobra Baffler XL Iron Review – A Top Pick For ‘Game-Improvers’

As I’m sure you know, picking out the best irons for our own individual game isn’t particularly straightforward. However, if you happen to be classed as a ‘game improver’, then your search may be over, read our Cobra Baffler XL Iron Review as this has a lot to offer. Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Irons To start with, deciding which golf irons to purchase can be a pretty overwhelming endeavor. There’s a lot to consider, and it’s a sizable


Cobra F7 Irons Review – All You Need To Know

Cobra Golf has long strived to be the club of choice for the average golfer. In 1974 the manufacturer released their first club, the Baffler wood. However, it would be their oversized irons creation that would catapult them to prominence, becoming the best selling irons in golf. Much has changed in the world of golf equipment since they released their oversized irons in 1992. When I heard about their set that comes with four different styles of clubheads in one,


Cobra Bio Cell Iron Review – All You Need To Know

Game improving irons have become a popular choice for mid-handicappers over the years. The advancement of technology has enabled manufacturers to design more club options that make life easier for the average golfer. Reading a Cobra Bio Cell Iron Review, it came as no surprise to me that the King is once again at the forefront of golf club innovation. They consistently have managed to create equipment that makes golf easier for the average player. In this Cobra Bio Cell


Titleist 917 D2 Review – A Driver To Consider?

Finding the perfect driver isn’t the easiest of tasks. We’re all different players with different swings, and it can sometimes take a bit of digging to find our own personal sweet spot. That said, there are some drivers out there with such appeal that they find a valued place in many a player’s golf bag. The Titleist 917 D2, with its sleek design and rock-solid performance, might just be one of them, here’s our in-depth Titleist 917 D2 Review with

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