The 5 Best Golf Clubs For Short People – Find Clubs To Suit Your Height

Golf may not be the most physical sport where the competition’s physical attributes can intimidate you as a shorter person. That is because you have more control over this individual, and sometimes a team, sport. A question is frequently asked, “What are the best clubs for short people?”. Taller and stronger golfers have an advantage


The 7 Best Golf Clubs For Tall People – Find Clubs To Suit Your Height

Creating a wide arc enables you to generate more swing speed and thus create more ball speed and carry distance. While golfers of all sizes and shapes can play a quality game, it does not hurt to be tall. That is, provided you have the best golf clubs for tall people. Tall players have an


Where Are Titleist Golf Clubs Made?

Anyone who has even the slightest interest in golf has probably heard of Titleist. The Titleist Pro V1 golf ball has been the most played ball on the PGA Tour for the past 20 years and is widely considered to be one of the most important pieces of equipment in the history of the game.


ES16 vs SkyTrak – Launch Monitor Testing

When it comes to launch monitors we have typically had the choice of photometric and doppler radar products. Doppler radars are the best for measuring speed data. Camera-based devices deliver pinpoint spin and direction data. Ernest Sports have gone one step further by creating a hybrid device that functions with doppler radar and photometric technology.


Where are PING Golf Clubs Made? Are They Still All American?

PING is one of the great pillars of golf manufacturing. Its putters, which are instantly recognizable by the ‘ping’ sound they make, have been a dominant force in golf for almost half a century. Its irons, drivers, and golf bags have also garnered universal praise. As a brand, PING is synonymous with clean, no-nonsense quality.


Best Golf Rain Gear To Keep You Dry and Scoring In Wet Conditions

I have played my share of golf in poor conditions and have learned from my mistakes. That’s why I am sharing my recommendations for the best golf rain gear. We will look at golf rain pants, jackets, and the best rain suit. Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Golf Rain Gear Budget Rain gear varies in


Best Wide Brim Golf Hats – Face And Neck Protection On The Course

Sunburn, the most sadistic punishment a golfer can endure after a round of 18. Besides the immediate pain, sunburn expedites skin cancer. My recommendation is to look for a wide brim golf hat that gives your entire face and neck protection. In this post, we take a look at the best wide brim golf hats


The 8 Best Driver Shafts Available For 2021! Reviewed For You!

Reviews of drivers generally concentrate on the details of the clubhead and all the technology included. This does not do justice to the role and the importance of the shaft. To help you decide, we look at the best driver shafts. Having the right shaft attached to the head of your driver will make a


The 7 Best Golf Irons Available for 2021! Reviewed For You!

In this article, we look at golf irons and the best golf irons available for you… Many golfers keep their clubs for an extended period, between 6 and 8 years, while assessing new releases every year to determine whether there is any innovative technology that will make golf easier and more fun. Apart from Tour


Is Your Golf Club Shaft Too Stiff? Symptoms & Solutions

You have just invested in a brand new set of clubs, woods, and irons, carefully selected to match the equipment used by your favorite pro. You have been shooting in the mid-eighties, and today with this new kit, you hope to break 80 for the first time. Fast forward five and a half hours, and


Golf Ball Marking – Is It Just About Identifying Your Golf Ball?

The main reason for golf ball marking is to identify your ball on the odd occasion that it goes astray or you end up in the rough. Ball markings are also used for personal, corporate, or charity branding. Ball alignment is another reason. This concept sounds simple yet it is quite a contentious subject. You


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