The Best Cavity Back Irons in 2021 – Get The Best Out Of Your Game

Searching for the best cavity back irons to play in 2021 is an exciting and rewarding experience for golfers of all skill levels looking to improve their game. In this article, we have researched the best buys for: The low and accomplished golfer wanting to get the best out of their game. The mid handicap


Which Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA?

Golf equipment manufacturers have over recent years had to realign the cost structures of their business to remain competitive, raising the question…which golf clubs are made in the USA? Just like Automotive and many Global manufacturers, China has “dangled the carrot” of low manufacturing costs, to every industry. Labor in China is abundant and low-cost.


U.S. Batteries Vs Trojan Batteries – A Fair Comparison Review

As golfers, it seems that we’re faced with decision after decision about what products are right for us. Choosing the right set of irons is hard enough – but finding the best battery for your golf cart, for many people, can be even more of a headache. There are many elements that constitute the quality

Training Aids

The Best Commercial Golf Simulator – For Best Value and Quality

Purchasing the best golf commercial simulator will allow you and your clients to play no matter the weather. Simulators come in assorted sizes and are used for different applications and in this piece, we will be looking at the best commercial golf simulators on the market. A golf simulator is not only designed to enable


What Are The Degree Lofts Of Golf Clubs?

Every golfer wants to launch the golf ball high and far, and so the question ‘what are the degree lofts of golf clubs’ is asked. Golf club manufacturers are constantly designing new equipment ideas to increase either playability or distance. Manufacturers today make up sets with higher or lower lofts depending on their target market.


What To Do With Old Golf Clubs? Donate, Resell And Reuse!

The shortened release cycles whereby various brands offer new equipment annually or bi-annually results in avid golfers building quite a stockpile of golf clubs. This raises the question of what to do with old golf clubs? Donate Depending on your financial status and money requirements there are a few ways of reducing your stockpile to


Can Golf Balls Get Waterlogged? Does It Affect Performance?

Water hazards – they’re everywhere, right? Imagine how many thousands, or rather, millions, of golf balls, have been fired into a lake or pond. If you’re buying a batch of used golf balls, you’re probably right to assume that a good chunk of them have been recovered from a lake. And you’re probably wondering, does


Which Are The Most Expensive Golf Shoes You Can Buy?

The Most Expensive Golf Shoes You Can Buy: Are they worth it? Golf shoes are crucial in maintaining stability and prevent sliding especially when swinging hard and fast for a few extra meters on the long par fives. Comfort and style combined with technology push the price of golf shoes up and can be quite


How Much Does A Golf Driver Cost? Examples And Advice.

Golf drivers are the most admired club in nearly every golfer’s bag. It stands the tallest, has the biggest head, and the longest shaft. It is often the most expensive club as well. Many golfers wonder, do they have to invest a fortune in a driver and how much does a golf driver cost? Why


Do Golf Balls Float? It’s Sink Or Swim Time!

It’s a question that’s often asked of small objects. Sink or swim? Generally speaking, it’s heavy objects that sink, and lighter ones that float. But what about golf balls? They’re not that heavy, are they? Wouldn’t it be nice if they floated, thus making them far easier to retrieve? But no, golf balls do not


How To Sell Used Golf Balls And Earn Some Extra Cash!

Whether you’ve got a knack for stumbling across lost golf balls, or you’re looking to become a dedicated golf ball hunter, you can easily make a nice bit of extra cash by selling used golf balls. In this guide, we’ll cover the four steps of peddling used golf balls: finding them, cleaning them, sorting them,


Which Are The Worst Golf Balls Ever Made?

Deciding on the worst golf balls ever made is rather a subjective matter. It depends on what caliber of golfer is asked the question. For the Scratch golfer, his requirements will be totally different from that of the monthly social hacker. The ball the better player puts into play could be used by the hacker,


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