How to Hit Irons – Perfecting The Games’ Essential Hit

Golf is a game that challenges every aspect of your life. While driving, chipping, and putting are important it is essential that you know how to hit irons. You have to be physically fit and flexible, have a great technical ability, good feel, and be mentally strong. Without these attributes, it is still possible to become a skillful player, but the top ball strikers in the professional ranks have worked hard in refining this aspect of their game. This will


How to Stop a Slice With a Driver – Eliminate The Dreaded Shot!

Hitting a driver that starts out straight and then suddenly veers off course making a depressing curve to your dominant side is not how you want to hit a golf ball. I am talking about that wild curve that heads for the deep rough, deep into a hazard, or even out of bounds. All golfers have hit the dreaded slice at some stage in their golfing experience. I know because I have seen many and experienced it first-hand. It is

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Bushnell Tour V5 Review – Top Choice For Pros, Would It Work For You?

When 97% of PGA tour professionals and their caddies use a product, you know it must be good. However, equipment that works for the professionals doesn’t always for the average golfer. However, this is different when it comes to laser rangefinder technology. They are easy to use and beneficial for all golfers. The Bushnell Tour V5 is the latest in laser rangefinder technology from the leaders in the market. I have taken the time and analyzed its features to see

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Bushnell Pro Xe Review – A Laser Rangefinder With Impressive Accuracy

I have always been a fan of hiring a caddie. Their course knowledge helps you think differently about your approach, and having them on the bag can help you save a few shots. The reality is, hiring a caddie every time can quickly burn a hole in your wallet in the long run. The alternative option is to invest in a high tech laser rangefinder, which will act as your caddie, minus the carrying of your bag. Recently I conducted


Ben Hogan PTx Irons Review – Is This An Iron To Consider?

I recently saw a Rick Shiels Ben Hogan Ptx Irons review that piqued my interest. The manufacturers have released a technologically advanced set, that will go a long way to keeping your shots long. In the past, you needed to sacrifice forgiveness for distance and look and feel, but now you can find players irons that include all these characteristics. Things To Consider Before Buying a Set of Irons Shopping for a new set of irons can quickly become overwhelming,


TaylorMade M6 Driver Review – Is It Really As Fast As They Claim?

Golf has always been a game of advancement and evolution. Players look to improve with every shot they take, new swing techniques seem to crop up every week, and golfing technologies become more sophisticated with every passing year. One club type in particular often finds itself packed to the brim with the ‘latest and greatest’, game-advancing designs: the driver. The TaylorMade M6 launched with the promise of coming as close to the legal limit of speed as possible, thanks to

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Bushnell Tour V4 Review – Are You After Accurate Yardage To The Pin?

Tight courses leave you little room for error. Landing the ball a few yards short or long is the difference between putting for birdie and trouble. Most distance markers give us the distance to the middle of the green. However, that doesn’t provide us with the distance from our ball to the pin. Luckily, laser rangefinders have solved this problem, given you accurate yardage to within 1 yard. Having found the Tour V3 useful, I have decided to take a

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Bushnell Tour V3 Review – Does This Laser Rangefinder Deserve Praise?

Charging around and looking for distance markers, then calculating how far out you are from the pin, wastes time and detracts from the fun of golf. Fortunately, like with everything else, technology has solved this problem for us, with range finders. The initial GPS rangefinders had their flaws as their accuracy was more of an estimation than an accurate measurement. However, the advent of laser rangefinders has brought the accuracy of some devices on the market to within one yard


Best 60-Degree Wedge – Our Top 5 Ranked & Reviewed

There’s an old saying, ‘drive for show and putt for dough’, but next to the putter your wedge might be the most important and useful club in your bag. We take a close look at the best 60-Degree Wedges. The approach shot into the green, allowing you the best chance for a two-putt or maybe better, is where the wedge comes into play. The best and most versatile of these wedges is the 60-degree or lob wedge. Types of Wedges:


Titleist Ap3 Review – All You Need To Know

In our Titleist AP3 review, we will look at how the manufacturer has designed players distance irons to go long and be forgiving. Things To Consider Before Buying a Set of Irons If you are a lower handicap golfer, this is definitely not the first time that you have been in the market for a set of irons. Here are a few pointers to refresh your memory, before you go out splurging on a new set.  Ball Speed The speed


Pro V1x vs AVX – Tried & Tested For You

Titleist has long been at the forefront of the golf ball design. Most of us have played with, or at least heard of a Pro V1. It is viewed by many as the premium ball in golf. I have decided to see how Pro V1x vs AVX rank against each other. Things to consider before buying golf balls The factors that you need to consider when buying balls differ depending on your level of ability. Lower handicap players often seek specific


Srixon Z Star XV vs Pro V1x – Tried & Tested For You

The quantity of designs Titleist and Srixon, demonstrates the array of selections available to you when acquiring balls. Given their dominance in the golf ball industry, I have decided to review the Srixon Z Star xv vs Pro V1x to see which ball is best suited to your game. Things to consider before buying golf balls From your handicap to course conditions, budget, and preference. There are a variety of factors that you need to consider before buying your next

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