Which Golf Clubs Are Made In The USA?

Living in a global economy puts loads of pressure on the manufacturing industry of financial economies such as the USA.

The American golfing industry lost a substantial number of jobs to the Asian job market as the pressure to keep product prices affordable increased.

America is rated in the top 5 golfing countries globally with more than 24 million active golfers and 268+ victories in Major tournaments.

To remain competitive without sacrificing quality, many of the prominent American golf brands outsourced the manufacturing to Asian countries. However, most retained the final assembly and quality control in their American facilities.


Cleveland is one of the largest golf brands that manufacture drivers, woods, irons, putters but is famous for the wedges that it produces. The best-known examples are the CBX and RTX wedges.

In 2014 Cleveland ranked as high as the number 3 brand measured in retail value.

The company continues its history of innovative design and materials providing golfers with the best game improvement.

Manufacturing of the components is outsourced to Asian markets while the final assembly and quality control are done at Cleveland Golf Headquarters in Huntington Beach, California.


Ping has its roots deep in the USA since it was started in Karsten Solheim’s garage in Redwood City.

The famous Ping Anser is the bedrock on which the company was built and expanded.

With manufacturing plants in Japan and Vietnam Ping keeps to its American heritage by placing many American citizens at these facilities. The lower labor costs in these countries made it essential for Ping to base their manufacturing facilities there. This helps Ping to stay price relevant and competitive.

Final assembly and quality control are completed at the company’s manufacturing facilities in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ping’s bestselling Ping golf clubs, G10, G15, G20, G25, and the latest P53 are still wholly manufactured in the USA.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations make the chrome plating services in America difficult to remain competitive as the company cannot source carcinogens and other chemicals.

The EPA regulations can force Ping and other American manufacturers to move all their golf club manufacturing offshore.


PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) is a relatively new golf company founded by Bob Parsons in January 2015.

He was able to invest heavily into his golf ventures after selling a software developing company and a successful domain registration company, Godday.com.

With its base in Scottsdale, Arizona it breaks from the traditional American brands that prefer California as its headquarters.

PXG invests heavily in research and development and no cost is spared to obtain the best design and materials. This of course comes at a cost to the golfer at the end of the day. If you have an unlimited budget, you will get the best money can buy.

To make the company more American it manufactures all of its clubs in the USA under the supervision of its founder.

PXG’s success is built on four non-negotiable pillars

  • PXG’s standard in rigid tolerances and performance cannot be sacrificed
  • Continuously improvement and patenting of innovative high-performance technologies
  • Only supreme materials may be used in the manufacturing of PXG clubs
  • PXG’s unique manufacturing process and painstaking workmanship must be adhered to


Titleist is the brand renowned for its Pro V1 golf balls but the quality of all of its clubs are in the same league at the top of the pile.

Professional and better golfers benefit tremendously from the technology incorporated into Titleist clubs. In the last decade, Titleist moved to be more accessible to the average golfer.

As a result of EPA regulations, Titleist was forced to move the manufacturing of their clubs offshore mostly to Asian countries. With its brand on the line, Titleist ensures stringent quality control is exercised over the manufacturing process and would rather invest in quality than sacrifice the end product.

The final assembly of its clubs are done at its American facilities in Carlsbad, California, and its headquarters in Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Top Flite

Top Flite contributed tremendously to the development of the golf ball and is still heavily involved in the manufacturing of golf clubs.

Since changing ownership from Callaway to Dick’s Sporting Goods it is fighting to remain relevant at low volumes of sales.

Most of its clubs are manufactured at its state-of-the-art facility headquarters in Costa Mesa, California.

Fortunately, EPA regulations have not forced Top Flite offshore as yet.

Tour edge

Tour Edge offers golfers of all abilities clubs that will help them enjoy golf more.

Their ranges include the entry-level Bazooka, Hot Launch aimed at mid-handicap golfers, and Tour Edge Exotics aimed at professional golfers.

Exotics and Hot Launch ranges are handcrafted in the USA at the manufacturing facility based in Batavia, Illinois.

Its best-selling Bazooka clubs are manufactured in Asian countries.


Wilson Sporting Goods is a centurion in the golfing industry producing a wide range of sporting goods including golf equipment.

It is still played on the professional circuit by well-known golfers and enjoyed by a wide range of amateurs.

Design, prototyping, and customization are done at its Rosemont location while mass production is done in Tullahoma, Tennessee.

It may be possible that some of the components are manufactured in Asia but there are no clear guidelines from the company on this point.

Sassy Malassy

Materials for the manufacturing of Sassy Malassy Golf Clubs are sourced from within the USA at companies such as Nucor Steel Company and all titanium from Carpenter Technology Corporation.

Manufacturing is done at the company’s facility in Philadelphia where its founder keeps an eye on the entire process.

Club champion

Club Champion is an apt name for some of the best American golf clubs aimed at competitive golfers.

KB Partners, a Chicago-based venture capital firm,  provides the backing to the company with its headquarters near the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet.

Currently, their clubs are sold through a network of 30 locations in the USA.

Other brands that are manufactured offshore and then assembled in their facilities on American soil include Callaway, TaylorMade, and Cobra

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