Short Par 4 Review – Is The The Golf Subscription Box For You?

Golf apparel is big business and there are many golf stores where you can buy your favorite apparel and accessories. This means that you have to go out to the store to buy your gear. Short par 4 golf is a website that you subscribe to for a monthly fee and they send you a


Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review – How Do These Balls Stack Up?

Titleist has had the best-selling balls on the professional tours for many years with the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x. They identified a gap for a low spinning golf ball providing a low trajectory and extraordinary feel on and around the greens. To fill this gap Titleist added the AVX 3-piece golf ball. In

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How to Swing a Golf Club – The Mechanics Involved For a Perfect Shot

A good swing is the foundation of your game and understanding it is the first step to developing a decent motion that works. While not all players will ever achieve a perfect swing it is essential that you have a relatively consistent swing with a fair amount of power. There is a lot to know


Going Solo – Can You Play Golf by Yourself and Should You?

People that are new to the game of golf might wonder if it is acceptable or not very proper to play golf by yourself. The answer is that you can absolutely play golf by yourself! There are a few exceptions to this rule, and there are also variations that you can add to your round

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How to Put Backspin on a Golf Ball: Golf Instruction

The pin is placed near the front of the green which is protected by a deep bunker. Phil Mickelson takes out his wedge and lines up this 120-yard second shot. It sails over the bunker, over the pin and pitches towards the back of the green. There’s a sigh from the gallery as they expect


What is an AW Golf Club, What Does It Do & When To Use One

If you have seen the abbreviation AW when referring to golf clubs, you’re probably wondering what it actually stands for, which club it is and when to use it. Quick Answer: An AW is an approach wedge often referred to as a gap wedge by some golfers and companies. The two names basically mean the same


Low Compression Golf Balls – And The Pros & Cons of Using Them

Amateur golfers pay attention to the features and aspects of golf clubs such as new drivers or irons, and golf balls usually are overlooked. You use your golf ball on every stroke, so why not pay more attention to what you are playing? The type of golf ball that you play on all strokes of

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The Types of Golf Clubs, Their Names and Uses: Beginners Guide

For beginner golfers, it can be confusing to remember all of the golf club names. There is quite a bit to remember about each type of club, but we have put together a comprehensive guide for you all right here. If every beginner could just take a look at this, it could really solve a


What Are Hybrid Golf Clubs & How Do They Differ?

A hybrid is generally known as a mixture of two different species or things, usually trying to get the best attributes of both. Quick Answer: Hybrid golf clubs are a mix of woods and irons in an attempt to get the best features of each into one club. The hybrid will take the easier swing


Who Invented The Golf Tee? The Quick Golf Questions & Answers

Golf is a sport that has obviously come a long way with today’s technology and inventions. Still, there are some things that are basically the same design from the beginning. That is exactly how the golf tee is. In this post, I am going to break down who invented the golf tee and some of

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What Is Senior Flex And How Does It Differ From Regular Flex

The club shaft is the engine of the golf club. There are many different manufacturers of golf shafts worldwide and this includes steel and graphite as a choice to the golfer. The manufacturing process varies from one manufacturer to another and therefore flex differs slightly. In simple terms, the definition of flex is the amount of bend


Golf Buddy Voice 2 Review – Do We Recommend This RangeFinder?

Judging the correct distance to the green is a major challenge for golfers at all levels. Despite the available markers it is essential for club selection and accuracy to know the exact distance you want to strike your ball. Technology helps a great deal and one should take advantage of this opportunity. We look at


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