7 Best Golf Rangefinders With Slope Mode: Pros, Cons, Reviews

When rangefinders began featuring slope mode, they were typically found in premium models beyond the budget of most golfers. However, we have seen a surge in entry-level devices that include this function. That has inspired me to seek the best golf rangefinder with slope mode.

This post aims to unveil the best rangefinders on the market for this year. I have included a combination of premium, affordable, highly accurate, and long-range options. As it stands, the best golf rangefinders with slope mode are:

Read on to learn more about each of these great rangefinders, and at the bottom of this article, I have provided a buying guide to help you know what to look out for.

Top 3 Golf Rangefinders With Slope Mode

Best Overall Best Budget Most Accurate
Callaway 300 Pro Gogogo GS03 TecTecTec ULT-X
  • Value for money
  • Locks onto the pin from 300-yards away
  • 6x magnification
  • Rain and fog-resistant
  • Slope technology
  • Accurate to within 1-yard
  • Affordable
  • Measures wind speed
  • Locks onto the flag from 350 yards
  • Slope technology
  • Maximum range of 900 yards
  • Accurate to 0.3 yards from 300 yards out, and 1 yard up to 1000 yards away
  • Bright images even in low light
  • 2-year guarantee
  • 6x zoom
  • Continuous scan mode gives you yardage to hazards and landing zones while you scan.
  • Battery life drains quickly
  • Could do with a stabilizer
  • Cannot turn slope mode off
  • Pinseeker only functions from a maximum of 170-yards
  • You need a steady hand to stabilize the image beyond 200-yards
Price Score 90.8 98.2 85.1
Range 92.1 91.7 92.1
Accuracy 91.8 87.4 98.3
Optics 93.6 86.2 91.9
Rating 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars

Why You Should Trust Us

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How We Reviewed These Products

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I’m an experienced golfer of 28 years and thoroughly researched and evaluated the products shared below. Then an editor reviewed and fact-checked the list. Finally, we conduct regular content audits to update and revise our reviews to ensure you receive the latest information.

To select these best rangefinders with slope functionality, we considered the following criteria:

  • Value
  • Range
  • Accuracy
  • Magnification
  • Speed mode
  • Display
  • Warranty
  • And more!

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Best Golf Rangefinder With Slope — Reviews For 2024

1. Callaway 300 Pro — Best Overall Golf Laser Rangefinder With Slope Mode

RRP Weight Range Magnification Ranging Accuracy
$200+ 0.5 lbs 5-1000 yards (flag 300 yards) 6x +/- 1-yard
  • Value for money
  • Locks onto the pin from 300-yards away
  • 6x magnification
  • Rain and fog-resistant
  • Connects to golf carts via magnet
  • Slope mode
  • Accurate to within 1-yard
  • Battery drains quickly
  • Could do with a stabilizer

The best golf rangefinder with slope mode for 2024 is the Callaway 300 Pro. It tops the list because it is reliable, accurate, affordable, and even rainproof. As a result, the 300 Pro performed optimally across the board, making it the star of the show this year.

Its standout feature is the precise slope measurement. It is included to factor in the angle of the gradient to produce “plays like distance.” In addition, it is equipped with 6x zoom, enabling you to pick out your target and receive a measurement rapidly.

The Callaway 300 Pro boasts an accuracy of +/- 1-yard between 5 and 1000 yards away. Considering its mid-range price tag, those are impressive maximum-range features. Only the Thgolf rangefinder has a greater range at 1,100 yards. 

When you are 300 yards from the pin, you can activate Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T) to seek out the flagstick. In our experience, it’s fairly easy for the laser to lock onto the target, providing an accurate measurement. However, for those with shaky hands, we can certainly see it taking a few attempts to properly lock on.

Since the Precise Slope Measurement feature violates USGA rule 4.3a, Callaway included a switch to deactivate it during tournament play.

Furthermore, the outer casing of this model is water-resistant, and the scope is rainproof. Therefore, it performs optimally, come rain or shine.

Ultimately, the Callaway 300 Pro is moderately affordable, accurate, consistent, and produces ample range. Most amateurs can benefit from this model, but it best suits the needs of mid-handicappers looking for moderate accuracy, a budget price tag, and sufficient range. It’s also one of the few golf rangefinders with slope mode and a magnet for golf cart attachment.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about the Callaway 300 Pro.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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2. Gogogo GS03 — Best Budget Golf Rangefinder With Slope Mode

RRP Weight Range Magnification Ranging Accuracy
$85+ 0.4 lbs 5-650 yards (flag 300 yards) 6x +/- 1-yard
  • Affordable
  • Measures wind speed
  • Locks onto the flag from 350-yards
  • Slope function
  • 650 yards of range
  • Cannot turn slope mode off, making it illegal in tournament play
  • Pinseeker only functions up to a maximum of 170-yards

The Gogogo GS03 is the best bet for high handicappers and golfers. By picking up this unit, you acquire a golf laser rangefinder with ample range, speed measurement, and acceptable accuracy for under $100.

This slope rangefinder is accurate to the nearest yard and locks onto the flagstick if it is 300 yards away or closer. This means it has the same range in this regard compared to our top pick, the Callaway 300 Pro.

The downside is that the pin-seeker only functions on shots from 150 yards and closer, and you cannot disable slope mode. Therefore, it reduces the delay in receiving a reading for shots beyond 150 yards. You cannot use the device in tournaments as it violates rule 4.3a. In our opinion, this is a pretty large oversight on the part of Gogogo.

Boosting the accuracy of this device is its speed-measuring function, which is included for hunting purposes but can also benefit golfers. It detects speeds between 12 and 186 mph. This feature lets you measure wind speed by locking onto an object like a tree branch.

Overall, the Gogogo GS03 contains premium features in an entry-level product. We found the inability to disable slope mode coupled with a limited pin seeker range makes it ideal for high handicappers and senior golfers. Competitive amateurs will need the option to switch off slope mode.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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3. TecTecTec ULT-X — Most Accurate Golf Rangefinder With Slope Mode

RRP Weight Range Magnification Ranging Accuracy
$250+ 0.4 lbs 1000 yards 6x
  • < 300 yards = 0.3-yards
  • 301 to 600 yards = 0.5-yards
  • 601 to 1000 yards = +/- 1-yard
  • Pinpoint accuracy to 0.3 yards from 300 yards out, and 1-yard up to 1000 yards away
  • Bright images even in low light
  • Slope adjustment
  • 2-year guarantee
  • 6x zoom
  • Continuous measurement mode gives you yardage to hazards and landing zones while you scan.
  • You need a steady hand to stabilize the image beyond 200 yards

The most accurate golf rangefinder for 2024 is the moderately priced, consistent TecTecTec ULT-X. This is a slope rangefinder that mid-to-low handicappers can get excited about.

High-precision measurements propel the ULT-X to the top of the accuracy standings this year. From 300 yards out, this device is accurate to 0.3 yards, while it returns 0.5 yards of accuracy from 600 yards away. Plus, up to 1000 yards, its readings are accurate to the nearest yard.

You will unlikely be tackling many holes beyond 600 yards, so you can expect a margin for error of 0.5 yards or less. This gives it a clear edge over almost every other rangefinder on this list as many are accurate to 1 yard.

Moreover, the engineers employed 6x magnification to produce crystal clear optics, reducing the delay in receiving the yardage reading.

Target Lock Technology (TLT) prompts the device to scan for your target. Once the laser locks onto the pin, it vibrates to notify you that it has registered the distance. As for negatives, only one really stood out. We found it a little difficult to keep the camera stable enough for the lock-on feature to activate, as there is no in-built stabilization. However, this wasn’t a large issue for us. It just takes a few extra seconds to receive your reading.

Lastly, the Continuous Scan function detects the distance to targets in your line of sight while you scour the hole layout.

Consequently, the TecTecTec ULT-X produces supreme accuracy and optimal range at a moderate price point. As a result, it is an ideal rangefinder for low and mid-handicappers hoping to save a few pennies.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

4. Thgolf Rangefinder — Longest Range

RRP Weight Range Magnification Ranging Accuracy
$95+ 0.3 lbs 3-1100 yards (flag 300 yards) 6x +/- 1-yard
  • Accurate to the nearest yard
  • Slope switch
  • 6x magnification
  • Speed mode
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Diopter adjustment
  • 2-year warranty
  • Can be difficult to lock onto flag
  • Readings are sometimes inconsistent
  • Conflicting product info

The Thgolf rangefinder is an excellent, inexpensive rangefinder with features typical of a device worth twice the cost.

The total range of the unit reaches an impressive 1100 yards, and it returns accuracy to the nearest yard. Furthermore, our research indicates that this rangefinder can lock onto the flagstick from 300 yards out, which is around average compared to other rangefinders. However, we did find that readings varied when looking at the same object. This shows that it can have some trouble locking on.

That being said, we rate the vibration confirm feature, indicating when the rangefinder has locked onto a target. Thanks to the diopter adjustment, these readings are also easily viewable by all. Long-sighted or short-sighted, you can even view the screen clearly without glasses, provided your vision isn’t terrible.

Added to its impressive range abilities, the V5 produces 6x zoom. That enables it to clearly enhance the view of the target to reduce the delay time in receiving the reading.

We also appreciate that this rangefinder runs on replaceable batteries, making it convenient to use. Most others use disposable batteries, which can be a real pain.

Finally, the Thgolf range finder supports speed mode allowing you to check the velocity of traveling balls, we doubt you’ll use it all that much, but it’s a nice feature to have nonetheless.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

5. Peakpulse LE600AG

RRP Weight Range Magnification Ranging Accuracy
$85+ 0.25 lb 6-650 yards (flag 330 yards) 6x +/- 0.5-yard
  • Inexpensive
  • Accurate to half a yard
  • Slope function
  • Flag lock technology
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Shortest range
  • Graphics could be clearer
  • Average build quality
  • No batteries included

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly rangefinder with superb accuracy, the Peakpulse LE600AG could just be the device you are after. Priced under $100, it undercuts most of the competition while sporting many of the same functions as the higher models.

For starters, it features slope mode to give you the “plays like distance”, and you can toggle this on and off depending on whether you are practicing or competing. It also features Flag Acquisition and Pulse Vibration technology. These help you to lock on to the flag with ease and a subtle vibration tells you when you have successfully done so.

While it’s true the maximum range of the LE600AG is 650 yards which is the least on this list, based on our observations, the lockable flag range of 330 yards is fairly typical. What’s more, 650 yards should cover you for most golf courses.

It seems Peakpulse went all in on accuracy rather than range, offering precise measurements that are 0.5 yards of the true distance. By this metric, the LE600AG outperforms all other devices bar the TecTecTec ULT-X as this offers 0.3, 0.5, 0r 1 yard of accuracy depending on the target range. While we rate precision, we don’t feel this matters much. In reality, half a yard of additional accuracy makes very little difference.

Overall the Peakpulse LE600AG is a superb lightweight rangefinder. It offers incredible value, and while its build quality is not the best, its light weight, the savings you make, and its reliable functionality make it a great choice.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

6. Wosports Rangefinder — Cheapest Rangefinder

RRP Weight Range Magnification Ranging Accuracy
$85+ 0.5 lb 5-800 yards (flag 250 yards) 6x +/- 1-yard
  • Inexpensive
  • Maximum range of 800 yards
  • IP54 water protection
  • Flag lock technology
  • Speed version
  • 1-year warranty
  • Average build quality
  • Does not vibrate to indicate it has locked onto a target

Continuing with the affordable trend, we have the Wosports rangefinder, which performs surprisingly well considering its low cost.

With a range of 800 yards, this little device is more than sufficient to measure distances on most courses. However, the flag lock mode is a little shorter than most range finders at 250 yards, so take this into consideration before opening your wallet. We also found it doesn’t buzz when you lock onto a flag — hardly surprising, given this is more of a luxury feature.

It has IP54 protection so it can withstand light water spray and some dust protection. This makes it a good alternative to the Blue Tee Series 2, our rangefinder pick for wet weather.

Another neat feature of the Wosports rangefinder is the speed function. It can track speeds from 0-300 km/h just like the Gogogo GS03. In fact, these are the only two devices on our list that can track speeds at all, so that’s certainly a strong tick in the advantages column for this rangefinder.

Something else you might find useful to know is that Wosports also sell a cheaper rangefinder (25 bucks less). This device is the same, except it doesn’t have a slope feature, and the battery is disposable rather than rechargeable. Therefore if you’re happy with going without these features, you could save yourself a chunk of change.

Rating: 4 Stars

7. Blue Tees Series 2 Pro Best Slope Rangefinder for Wet Weather

RRP Weight Range Magnification Ranging Accuracy
$180+ 1 lb 800 yards 6x +/- 1-yard
  • Slick design
  • Maximum range of 800 yards
  • Accurate distances to within 1-yard
  • Flag lock technology
  • 2-year warranty
  • It struggles to lock onto the pin from beyond 300 yards away
  • There is no option to deactivate slope mode
  • Heavy compared to its competitors

Not everyone has the luxury of playing in beautiful, sunny weather. Some of us need to endure soaking, cold conditions to get a round in. This category is dedicated to the best rangefinder for wet weather. Your top performer for 2024 is the slick-looking Blue Tees Series 2 Pro.

Based on our testing, the S2 Pro offers a maximum range of 800 yards and is accurate to the nearest yard. On top of its range is 6x magnification, producing a high-definition display for impressive optics.

Although the slope mode technology provides “plays like distance,” you cannot switch it off, just like the Gogogo GS03. As a result, this device is prohibited in tournaments. That is why it is best suited to casual golfers.

In addition, Blue Tees crafted a water-resistant casing to protect the device in light rain, which we really appreciate. However, it’s important to recognize that this device is not waterproof. If you are caught up in a torrential downpour, the rangefinder may succumb to water damage.

Lastly, the S2 Pro includes flag lock technology to ensure that it has measured the yards to your target and nowhere else. Once the device has locked onto the flag, it vibrates to notify you.

Ultimately, the Blue Tees Series 2 Pro rangefinder performs adequately in accuracy, range, and optics. However, it is not tournament legal and benefits casual high handicappers the most.

You can learn more by checking out our Blue Tees rangefinder guide.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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What to Look for in a Golf Rangefinder 

Range and Accuracy

Two of the main figures that stick out at you when shopping for golf laser rangefinders are range and accuracy, and most of the time, you don’t need to pay too much attention to these. This is because the majority of rangefinders are more than sufficient in both of these areas.

Let’s start with range. Most rangefinders can view 1,000 yards or more. Given you can’t hit the ball a quarter of this length, they are a bit overkill. You should pay more attention to the lockable flag limit if the rangefinder has one. These typically vary from 250 to 450 yards.

As for accuracy, almost all rangefinders can measure with 1 yard of variance, such a small error margin makes no difference in how you approach your shot.

Slope Mode

61w1cdelejl. ac sl1280

The greatest advantage of a rangefinder with slope mode is that it provides slope-adjusted distance. That means the device factors in the gradient between the target and your ball. This calculation then provides the actual distance from your position.

Bushnell provides a simple example of how slope mode impacts your distance in the image above. If you are 150 yards from the pin but have 6 degrees of incline between the two points, the actual distance is 166 yards.

Without slope mode, the device would read as 150 yards, but when slope mode is switched on, it gives the “plays like distance.”

Elements Mode

Lower handicappers, who demand precise measurements, might fancy finding a device with slope and elements mode. Elements mode includes the air temperature, pressure, and elevation to increase the accuracy of its measurements. However, such features are very rare.

In an interview with David Feherty, Phil Mickelson explains how the temperature, elevation, and time of day impact your yardage. That is why a device with elements mode optimizes the accuracy of a read and fetches a higher price.

Speed Measurement

Speed measurement is not a function often found in golf rangefinders and is more prevalent in hunting models. As the name suggests, this function tracks wind speed.

It is not a feature the average golfer demands. But if you come from a windy city, you may appreciate it. Understanding wind speed and its direction helps you make better-informed decisions regarding club choice and shot shape.

Surprisingly, highly affordable devices offer this feature, such as the Gogogo GS03. Naturally, while it may appear in an entry-level device, the accuracy of the measurement is likely to struggle against premium designs.


The zoom of your laser rangefinder determines how far the model can zoom in. The higher the level of magnification, the more it can zoom in on your target.

The average device on the market sports 6x magnification, which will zone in on your target within a second or two. However, you can find more powerful options that offer 8x magnification.

Water Protection

Electronic devices tend to not fare so well in the wet weather, so if you plan on using your rangefinder outdoors, you should consider purchasing one with some water protection. Of the rangefinders that offer water protection, most are water-resistant rather than waterproof, making them less effective.


We don’t consider rangefinders essential pieces of kit. Your clubs, for instance, are far more important. However, they certainly enhance your golf experience and can help your course reading skills. Try to budget based on your needs and how much you are happy with spending. The cheapest models go for as little as $66, with the most expensive units clearing $400.

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Golf Laser Rangefinder With Slope Mode — Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Golf Rangefinders With Slope?

As far as the best golf rangefinder brand, few would argue against Bushnell. They consistently push the boundaries of innovation and produce an accurate model with an extended maximum range.
However, in 2022, the best overall rangefinder with slope for golf is the Callaway 300 Pro.

Is Slope On A Rangefinder Worth It?

Slope mode enhances the accuracy of your distance measurement by factoring in any gradient between your ball and target. Without this feature, a device may provide a reading which is sometimes ten to fifteen yards off the plays like distance.
Therefore, if you want to leverage the true power of a golf rangefinder, you should ensure that it has slope mode.

Can You Use Rangefinders With Slope?

Yes, you can use golf rangefinders with slope mode, just not in tournament play. The USGA rule 4.3a states that you can access the reading from point A to B in a tournament while slope mode is deactivated. Basically, slope mode is fine for practice rounds but not permitted in a competition.

What Is The Most Accurate Rangefinder For Golf?

The most accurate rangefinder for golf in 2022 is the TecTecTec ULT-X. It is accurate to within 0.3-yards from 300-yards out and 0.5-yards from 600-yards away. Between 601 to 1000-yards, it is accurate to the nearest yard.

How Much Does Slope Affect Distance In Golf?

In this example by Bushnell, they show the impact of slope on the distance of a shot. They mention that a player is 150-yards from the pin on a flat surface. However, there are six degrees of incline between the ball and the flagstick. From their calculations, they suggest that the play's distance is now 165-yards.
If you hit a 6-iron 150-yards but a 5-iron 165-yards, the reading is off by a club difference. Had you not had slope mode on and used a 6-iron, you would be 15-yards short of your target. Therefore, slope mode is the difference between chipping for three and putting for birdie.

What Is The Difference Between Slope And No Slope Rangefinder?

The most obvious difference between slope and non-slope is the price. You can find numerous rangefinders without slope mode for under $100.
Secondly, the difference boils down to accuracy. A device without slope mode that does not factor in the degree of the gradient can cause you to hit a club less on inclines and a club more on shots with a descending angle.
At the end of the day, rangefinders with slope mode cost more but produce superior accuracy.

Final Thoughts

That wraps up my job for this review. Now it is up to you to select the rangefinder that best suits your needs.

The Gogogo GS03 is an ideal companion for high handicappers and golfers on a budget. Conversely, those looking to get that little bit of extra range should instead look into the Thgolf rangefinder.

I suggest that low and mid-handicappers searching for a highly accurate rangefinder contemplate the reliable TecTecTec ULT-X. Then, those who live in high rainfall areas are advised to study the specs of the Blue Tees Series 2 Pro.

While the above products thrive in their respective categories, there had to be one overall winner. The best golf rangefinder with slope mode for 2024 goes to the Callaway 300 Pro. You will want this device if you aren’t willing to spend a fortune but still demand accuracy, ample range, and a water-resistant device.

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