10 Weirdest Golf Swings Ever Seen

Some of the weirdest golf swings on the Tour are oddly effective. You may not want to replicate these swings as your blueprint to success, but they are fun to watch.

Here are the weirdest golf swings:

  • Jim Furyk’s Unique Takeaway
  • Matthew Wolff’s Unconventional Footwork
  • Jim Thorpe’s Whirling Swing
  • John Daly’s Over-the-Top Power
  • Calvin Peete’s Bent Arm Impact
  • Arnold Palmer’s Twisting Finish
  • Lee Trevino’s Self-Taught Technique
  • Allen Doyle’s Compact Swing
  • Josh Broadaway’s Unusual Grip
  • Eamonn Darcy’s Strangely Effective Swing

My swing won’t win any awards, but it isn’t as weird as the golfers on this list. I like to share these swings when working with a client with a more unconventional swing.

So buckle up as we examine the weirdest golf swings in professional golf.

Jim Furyk’s Unique Takeaway

Jim Furyk is a PGA Tour Champion with a swing that can be described as strange and amazing.

His left arm stands tall in his unique takeaway move while keeping his hands close to him, creating an intimate atmosphere between himself and the ball. And he has made good use of it throughout his career.

Furyk’s has won 17 tournaments and 1 major championship over 29 total professional victories, including shooting the lowest score ever on tour, a 58! To watch Jim Furyk hit a shot is like watching an octopus drop from a tree.

Given this mastery at work here, perhaps giving Mr. Furyks’ style technique your attempt could unlock all sorts of new potentials during any upcoming games you have lined up?

Yet mastering such an unorthodox form will require practice if you wish to reap its rewards correctly – so keep pushing hard even when things get tough! Here are some amazing golf swing tips with photos.

Matthew Wolff’s Unconventional Footwork

Golf fans everywhere can’t help but marvel at the swing of Matthew Wolff, a former PGA Tour golfer and current LIV participant.

His remarkable style incorporates eccentric footwork to create an impressive show, unlike anything on a golf course. This might just be the most strange golf swing ever witnessed!

Despite having no lessons in his past, he has made many accomplishments over recent years. From obtaining second place solo in the 2020 U.S. Open Championship and seizing victory for NCAA Division 1 Individual Champion 2019- something few have been able to do before or since Bubba Watson’s 12 tour wins record (PGA).

If you’re ready to revolutionize your game by utilizing innovative techniques that diverge away from convention, then take after the one and only Matt Wolff. Sometimes, boldness leads to success, so go ahead and give it a shot today!

The Whirling Swing of Jim Thorpe

The golf game of Jim Thorpe is considered remarkable by many. His swing style looks like a whirling dervish as his club circles outward on the backswing and then comes slicing in with a helicopter-like follow-through.

This unusual technique has awarded him 3 PGA Tour victories, 13 wins on the Champions Tour, and 20 professional championship titles!

Jim’s unorthodox approach to the sport shows that embracing individuality can lead to success. So when you step onto the course next time, keep this example from Jim Thorpe at heart. Eccentric routes may take us far, too!

Remember, swinging isn’t just done conventionally but also unconventionally, depending upon who does it. Here is the swing mechanics of one of the best ever.

John Daly’s Over-the-Top Power

Golfers are often drawn to John Daly for his notorious, powerful golf swing and exuberant character. His backswing is quite exaggerated compared to the norm – which has led him to achieve 5 wins on the PGA Tour and claim two major championships. The Open Championship & PGA Championship respectively.

It’s no secret why enthusiasts follow both Daly’s persona and method. His larger-than-life technique makes playing a thrilling experience while allowing players access to that special ‘power boost.’ Hence, many people opt for this particular strategy when improving their game at any recreational or competitive level.

For those wanting an extra edge in their own techniques, you should incorporate elements from Johns’ when learning how to swing a golf club.

Calvin Peete’s Bent Arm Impact

Calvin Peete’s way of swinging a golf club is one-of-a-kind. His technique involves flexing his elbow when it contacts the ball, producing an unexpected and successful move on any golf course.

Thanks to this unorthodox swing style, he won 12 PGA Tour titles in total and secured victory in The Players Championship, demonstrating how effective, although unusual, movements can be for success out on the green.

Aesthetically speaking, perhaps Calvin Peete’s motion isn’t usually considered ‘beautiful,’ but its effectivity cannot be denied or overlooked. Having such impactful contributions carved into the PGA. Tour history cements him within that world.

If you want to see weird, check out the latest craze: the Juju golf swing.

Arnold Palmer’s Twisting Finish

The iconic golf swings of the legendary Arnold Palmer are characterized by his renowned “helicopter finish,” a twist to propel and guide him through each swing. This unorthodox move is credited for his success in amassing 62 PGA Tour wins and 7 major championships, showing that thinking outside the box can pay off!

It’s important to keep an open mind. Some say the best way to make your swing work for you is for it to feel like you’re throwing an uppercut.

Lee Trevino’s Self-Taught Technique

Lee Trevino’s golfing style has gained him legendary status due to its out-of-the-ordinary nature.

Despite having one of the worst golf swings, he won 29 PGA Tour victories and six impressive major championships. His unique approach is characterized by aiming left, which aids in creating a sweeping looped backswing that produces his signature fade.

Golfers wishing to emulate such accomplishments should take comfort from the knowledge that with practice comes perfection, just as Lee managed without formal lessons or swing theories!

And if all fails, it may be beneficial to turn towards our old friend Trevino’s “out-to-in” triumphal technique. After decades of dedication and relentless work at mastering it himself, this seems proof enough right here on the green.

Allen Doyle’s Compact Swing

The accomplishments of Allen Doyle are a testament to what can be achieved when golfers focus their swing on efficiency and control — he has won 11 times on the Champions Tour.

By keeping his backswing shallow with an effective hinge and controlled follow-through that maximizes speed without sacrificing precision, Doyle exemplifies why sometimes less is more than perfecting your game.

For those looking for inspiration while out on the course next time, remember to consider applying some elements of Allen’s compact style to your own swings, too.

You might just surprise yourself at how much it helps! If you’re worried your swing plane needs fixing, look for a training aid.

Josh Broadaway’s Unusual Grip

The weirdest golf swing out there might belong to this man. Josh Broadaway’s one-of-a-kind grip is an outstanding example of some remarkable but bad golf swings that don’t conform to traditional thinking.

As a right-handed golfer, his left hand holds the club below the usual spot on the right. This atypical swing has enabled him to join six PGA Tour events despite not being seen as standard practice.

This case proves how taking risks can lead you down paths filled with success and incredible experiences. When next playing around the golf course, why not try something different? It might make all the difference!

Eamonn Darcy’s Strangely Effective Swing

Eamonn Darcy has become a golf icon for his strange yet successful swing, leading to 15 professional tour wins, including four on the European Tour.

Despite its unconventional nature, this unique style inspires all those in the world of golf looking to take their game to the next level. And reach greater heights with confidence in their swings.

As such, it can be said that nothing is off-limits when mastering one’s technique at golf, even if it is unorthodox!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the PGA Player With the Weird Swing?

The PGA player known for his unique and unconventional swing is Matthew Wolff. Wolff's swing is characterized by a distinctive loop and a pronounced leg kick, making it easily distinguishable from the traditional golf swing. Despite its atypical appearance, his swing has proven effective, demonstrating that there's more than one way to succeed in golf.

What Is Gravity Golf Swing?

The Gravity Golf swing is a unique golf technique developed by David Lee, focusing on using the body's natural movement and gravity to create a fluid, efficient, and powerful swing. This approach minimizes muscle strain and maximizes leverage and rotational forces. It emphasizes a relaxed, balanced posture, smooth weight shift, and a free-flowing motion that allows gravity to generate power and consistency in the golf swing.

Do Any Pros Swing Over the Top?

Swinging over the top is a technique seen throughout golf, with even some of its greatest players utilizing it. Tiger Woods has used this as part of his practice methods, too! So why does this particular swing element get labeled as a fault? Well, in spite of its widespread use by pros around the globe, it still falls within that bracket.

What Is a Sweeping Golf Swing?

When making a golf swing, it is important to move the ball up in your stance before taking a full and broad sweep with the club at impact. This results in creating larger scoops of turf. Tour players typically take advantage of such an approach as part of their technique when on the course.

How Has Matthew Wolff’s Unique Swing Helped His Career?

Matthew Wolff’s unique swing has certainly been a boon to his career. Indeed, it was integral in bringing him success,, such as winning the 2019 NCAA Division 1 Individual Championship and performing exceptionally at the 2020 U.S. Olympic Games. Open that earned him a second place - talk about game-changing!

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