Bushnell Tour V5 Review – Top Choice For Pros, Would It Work For You?

When 97% of PGA tour professionals and their caddies use a product, you know it must be good. However, equipment that works for the professionals doesn’t always for the average golfer. However, this is different when it comes to laser rangefinder technology. They are easy to use and beneficial for all golfers.

The Bushnell Tour V5 is the latest in laser rangefinder technology from the leaders in the market. I have taken the time and analyzed its features to see if it will benefit your game.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Laser Rangefinder

Laser rangefinders vary in price, size, functions, and accuracy. More detailed distance measurements enable you to improve your distance control and hit every shot with confidence.

Players looking for a measurement to the front, middle, or back of the green, can save, by purchasing a GPS rangefinder.

If you are serious about improving your distance control and lowering your scores then a laser rangefinder may work for you. These are a few factors you should consider before making your purchase.


The more detail that a laser range finder’s algorithm factors into its calculations, the higher the price will be. If this is a deciding factor, then you may want to rule out laser rangefinders with slope or element measurements. 

With that in mind, there are still a variety of standard laser rangefinders that offer accurate measurements to within 1 yard.

With that in mind, there are still a variety of standard laser rangefinders that offer accurate measurements to within 1 yard.

Mobile App

These days everything can connect to an app on your phone, including your rangefinder. The majority of new devices will pair with an IOS/Android app to enhance their performance.

Features that rangefinder apps offer are hole layouts with distance markings, 3D hole flyovers with distance markings, and course updates.

If technology is not your thing, then consider an older standard laser rangefinder. However, if you want to leverage the power of data and information to improve your game, then check to see if your device pairs with an app.

Course Layouts

Laser rangefinders use a laser to lock onto a target and determine the distance between two points. That means that they can only measure as far as they can see. 

If your course is stacked with intense dog-legs and blind drops, it may be advisable to think of a GPS rangefinder that can give you a distance from wherever you are. The downside to the GPS options is that you will not receive an accurate distance to the pin, only to the front, middle, and back of the green.


A large proportion of laser rangefinders are rainproof and not completely waterproof. It is challenging to make a waterproof device that is compact and has a comfortable ergonomic design, which is why not many devices are completely waterproof.

Rainproof will protect your device against a few drops of rain during your round but is at risk if it gets drenched. If you live in a region where the rain can bucket down without warning, and soak your bag, ensure that the laser range finder you buy is waterproof and not rainproof.

User Friendliness

The more advanced laser range finders, equipped with slope mode and other enhanced features, can only be used during practice rounds and on the range. This means you need to disable it. The older edition’s required you to physically switch the face from slope mode to standard. This is not a train smash, as you will only do this once, at the start of a round. 

The newer models on the market come with a simple switch on the device, allowing you to alternate between the two with ease. The other areas of user-friendliness to consider are the ease of switching between meters and yard readings and getting the rangefinder into focus.

Pinseeker Technology

Pinseeker technology saves you time and increases the accuracy of your yardage reading. It blurs out objects to the side and behind the pin to allow the laser to lock onto the flag better. This ensures you receive the distance to the cup and nothing else.

Distance Measurement

When it comes to distance measurement, most laser rangefinders will give you a reading to within 1 yard of the pin. This is what most of us are looking for. We need to ensure that the device we buy measures accurately to the pin. Not to the front or middle of the green.

Effective Playing Distance Feature

Newer range finders come with effective playing distance features. These features factor in the slope, the angle from your ball to the pin, weather, and altitude. This gives you the most accurate distance reading at that moment. Even though the measurement from point a to b is constant, the elements are invariable and will impact the outcome of every shot. 

Factoring in the wind, air moisture, temperature, and altitude can be the difference between landing it close and not being on the green.

Bushnell Tour V5 Laser Rangefinder Review


  • The magnet of the device allows you to stick it on the frame of your cart.
  • Jolt technology informs you that the laser has locked onto the pin, and read the distance.
  • Range of 1300 yards
  • A simple switch to alternate between slope mode and standard.
  • Compact design


  • Features are similar to older Tour V models
  • Not waterproof

The Bushnell Tour V5 is the latest edition of the Tour V series. The new laser rangefinder has been referred to as the most compact range finder of its time. Weighing in at 8 ounces.

Bushnell has also addressed the annoyance caused by their durable and safe case. While I applaud their work on the durability and secure nature of their cases, it became an inconvenience to take the rangefinder out every few minutes. That has been solved with a magnet that you can attach to your cart and bag.

Let us take a look at what features the Tour V5 has, and whether it is different from previous models in the series.

Features & Benefits

Patented Bite Magnetic Technology

Bite magnetic technology is fitted to the Tour V5, which enables you to place it on any cart bar. The bite of the magnet keeps it fastened to your cart even as you navigate bumps and rough terrain on the course.

This has increased the convenience of carrying around a laser rangefinder for 18 holes.


You have two types of Tour V5’s to choose from, standard and shift. The shift version includes slope mode and will enhance the accuracy of your read on holes with incline or decline. The button on the side of the device makes it convenient to switch between slope mode and standard. 

The standard option is more affordable. However, it only includes basic laser rangefinder measuring technology. While the standard model is still accurate to within one yard, the added assistance from the slope edition could help you put your approach closer, due to the additional factors included in the device’s algorithm. 

Ergonomic Design

The design on Bushnell laser rangefinders is always compact and easy to fit into the palm of your hand. The Tour V5 is even lighter and smaller than the V4, which was 30% smaller than the V3. This makes it easier to grip, aim, and point your device to get your reading.

Jolt Technology

In the Tour V3 and V4 models, the jolt technology gave you two vibrations to inform you that the laser has locked onto the flag. Once you felt this vibration, you would know that the distance you are seeing is to the pin.

This feature has been enhanced in the Tour V5 model, as you now receive the usual vibrations, and a red ring appears around the target. Giving you double confirmation that the distance you have is accurate to within 1 yard of the pin.

6x Magnification

The previous models were set at 5x magnification, but the Tour V5 is magnified 6x. This allows for a more powerful zoom, to focus on a target faster and feedback the reading.

2 Year Warranty

As was the case with the Tour V3 and V4, the Bushnell Tour V5 comes with a 2-year warranty. This gives you peace of mind, that if there are any defaults with the device they will replace it for you.


The brightness on the display of the Bushnell Tour V5 is 2 times that of the V4 and the V5. This increases the clarity of your vision, and the time it takes to receive your measurement. 


1. Nikon 50 Laser Rangefinder

This rangefinder has a longer range than any I have seen. The total range is just under 2000 yards, and it gives you a measurement in 0.3 seconds. Like many of the laser rangefinders on the market, the Nikon 50 comes with a slope measurement feature.

As is the case with the Bushnell Tour V5, the Nikon 50 has 6x magnification to increase the speed of the distance read. This device is fully waterproof and fog proof and can withstand the harshest weather conditions when out on the course.

The Nikon 50 is a compact device, that weighs the same as an average smartphone, which enables it to fit seamlessly into the palm of your hand. This is a device 

2. Bushnell Tour V4 Laser Rangefinder

The predecessor to the Tour V5 is an excellent option if you are looking for a device with slope measurements. The Tour V4 was also equipped with jolt technology that vibrated when the laser locked onto the target, making it easier to know when you had the read to pin. 

With many of the same features as the Tour V5, this is an excellent option at an affordable price. 

3. Hawke Laser Range Finder Pro 900

The Pro 900 is magnified up to 6x, waterproof, and has a range of 1000 yards. The device offers you four modes to enjoy, distance, beeline, height. In distance mode, the straightest line from your ball to the pin. 

Beeline determines the shortest horizontal distance to the flag or your target, while angle calculates the angle from your ball to the pin. Height calculates the distance to targets that are higher than the lie of your ball.

Final Thoughts

Other than the smaller design of the Tour V5, new visual jolt technology, and an increased maximum range, the features are not vastly different from the Tour V4. However, Bushnell continues to impress in terms of its accuracy, which will do wonders for your distance control over time.

If you are looking for a new rangefinder without the elements feature, take a look at the Bushnell Tour V5 here.

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