Blue Tees Rangefinder Review – All You Need To Know

I recently watched a Blue Tees Rangefinder review where Co-Founder Chris Markham explained why the company was born. Markham said they saw an opportunity when the only rangefinder options were cheap Amazon models or $400 premium devices.

According to Blue Tees, over 50,000 golfers worldwide have added their devices to their bags. In this article, we are looking at the pros and cons of the Series 2 Pro Slope rangefinder. Plus, we will touch on the added service features that are included in each purchase.

If you have been hunting high and low for an affordable rangefinder with premium features, this post is for you.

What To Consider Before Buying a Rangefinder

GPS or Rangefinder

The first factor to consider before buying a rangefinder is whether you need one. If you are a weekend golfer that only wants a rough idea of the distance to the green, a cheaper GPS device is the way to go.

You could also save yourself even more by paying a small subscription fee and downloading an app.

However, if you are a serious golfer who demands precision, a laser rangefinder is the superior choice.

A rangefinder delivers accurate measurements to specific targets rather than a broad area. That setup enhances your ability to select the correct club and dial in your distance control.


Before you start shopping for a rangefinder, do some research and set yourself a budget. These devices range from under $100 for an entry-level device to over $500 for a premium product.

Pinseeker Technology

Each company has a fancy name for Pinseeker technology, but the principle is the same throughout.

Devices with this feature detect the flagstick, even when bushes and trees blur the view. It speeds up the time it takes for you to receive your yardage, aiding the pace of play.

Tournament Legal

Although premium rangefinders offer various advanced features that benefit the accuracy of our distance reads, some of them are prohibited in tournament play. If you are thinking about a gadget with slope, elements, or club selection mode, make sure you can disable it during competitions.

As per the USGA rule 4.3a, you stand to earn a two-shot penalty if you use the above features during a round. However, if you repeat the mistake during the round, it is an automatic disqualification.


The purpose of a distance measuring device (DMD) is to help you accurately determine how far your ball is from your target. However, rangefinders deliver varying degrees of accuracy.

Premium devices tend to be accurate to one yard, while more affordable gadgets may be two or three yards off.

The further away from your target, you are, the less accurate the measurements from your launch monitor become.


The range of a rangefinder determines up to how far away it can measure the distance. In my experience, the average range is 1,000 yards, longer than any par 5. However, these devices typically struggle to detect the pin from beyond 500 yards.

While you probably won’t be looking to drive a 500-yard par 5, it helps to know the distance to the pin to help you plan your hole from the tee box.


The more magnification that a rangefinder offers, the quicker it takes for the device to zero in on a target and give you the yardage. Premium quality laser rangefinders tend to feature 6x magnification, while affordable products contain 4x and 5x.

Jolt Technology

Jolt technology is not essential for a rangefinder to function. However, it saves time and increases the convenience of your measurement.

When your device’s laser locks onto the pin, it vibrates to let you know that it has calculated the distance. You don’t need to waste seconds checking to ensure that the distance is to the hole. And not the trees behind the green.

Blue Tees Company Overview

Chris Markham, Co-Founder of Blue Tees, explains that the company is built on the idea that high-quality rangefinders needn’t be expensive.

After testing a budget Amazon model versus a $400 product, the team noticed a significant disparity in the quality of the two options. The cheap option became damaged quickly, while the expensive option was out of the budget of many average golfers.

The team set out to design a premium quality rangefinder at an affordable price point. And after six months, they released it to the market. 50,000 customers later, and the California startup has reached its growth stage.

Besides the value for money of their product, the company has grown in popularity thanks to their customer experience. A 60-day money-back guarantee is available on all purchases, with no questions asked. Plus, a two-year warranty is in place in the event of operational defects, where a hassle-free exchange process will have a new model in your hand in no time.

After success with their Series 1 and 2 models, Blue Tees have tweaked their design to construct a superior performing Series 2 Pro Slope rangefinder. Let’s take a closer look at their latest release.

Blue Tees Rangefinder Review

Blue Tees Series 2 Pro Slop Rangefinder


  • Flag lock pulse vibration
  • Measures plays-like distance
  • 800-yard range
  • 6x magnification for optimal clarity
  • Water-resistant


  • No magnet to fit the device to the frame of your cart
  • It is not tournament legal

Blue Tees impressed their customers with the Series 1 and 2 Rangefinders, but they upped their game with the Series 2 Pro Slope. Packed with HD display, Flag Lock vibration, and Slope mode, amateur golfers praise this model.

The ultra-clear display helps you identify your target faster to speed up the pace of receiving your yardage. And 6x magnification helps to zero in on the target in no time.

Slope mode provides plays-like distances that factor in the gradient between the target and your ball. However, Blue Tees engineers added a button for you to disable this feature during tournaments.

Finally, the maximum range of the water-resistant Series 2 Pro Slope is 800-yards, which is 200-yards shorter than the average, but more than enough to get you around the links.

Blue Tees Series 2 Pro Slope is an ideal rangefinder for serious golfers on a tight budget.

Features & Benefits

Flag Lock

To save you time checking to see if your gadget is measuring to the pin, Blue Tees added flag lock functionality. Your device will start to vibrate once the laser of your has locked onto the flag.

Active Slope Mode

Despite the Series 2 Pro Slope being almost half the price of a premium rangefinder, it is surprising to see that they included slope mode. By activating this feature, you will receive plays-like distance yardage.

That means that the rangefinder factors in the gradient of the slope between your ball and the target.

Since the USGA prohibits slope functionality in tournament play, the device contains a button for you to switch into standard mode.


Although I don’t recommend throwing it into the bath or the pond, the Series 2 Pro Slope is water-resistant. It is a handy feature if you play golf in high rainfall areas, where you are confident that your device will get wet.

Blue Tees Series 2 Pro Slope Rangefinder

1. Bushnell Tour V5 Shift

Bushnell has long held the honor as the king of golf rangefinders, and when you look at the Tour V5 Shift, we can see why. Exceptional optics, range, magnification, and accuracy are the results of an expertly designed device.

The Slope toggle feature enables you to switch from being tournament legal to a non-conforming device. When slope mode is activated, it provides play-like distances to your target by factoring in the gradient of the slope.

Furthermore, the Tour V5 Shift contains Jolt Technology which causes the device to vibrate when the laser locks onto the flag. With six-time magnification, this rangefinder provides exceptional clarity to speed up the time it takes to get a reading.

Finally, if your device experiences any factory defects, you are covered by a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. The Bushnell Tour V5 is an exceptional rangefinder for the golfer who demands the best. If you can fit it into your budget, you will reap the benefits on the course.

2. Callaway 350TL

Callaway makes every other type of golf equipment. So, it comes as no surprise that they have entered the rapidly expanding rangefinder market.

The 350TL features a Powerpad that allows you to activate the device’s laser by pressing anywhere on the top of the device. Plus, internal magnets enable you to fix the gadget to the frame of your cart.

Like the Blue Tees Series 2 Pro Slope, the Callaway 350TL features slope mode, which factors in the incline or decline to provide plays-like measurements.

Furthermore, this rangefinder includes Pin Acquisition Technology that releases vibrating bursts when the laser has locked onto the flag.

With a range of 1000 yards and a magnification of 6x, the 350TL can lock onto the flag from 300 yards away. Plus, its measurements are accurate to the nearest yard. This device offers mid to high handicappers, an affordable option that performs to the levels of a premium device.

3. TecTecTec ULT-X

The TecTecTec ULT-X is a smart laser rangefinder that assists golfers and hunters, gain accurate readings.

As you would expect from a quality rangefinder, the device vibrates once the laser has locked onto your target. Plus, it contains slope mode for more accurate readings. What sets the ULT-X apart from its competitors is the accuracy of the model.

Some premium rangefinders can only guarantee accuracy to the nearest yard. But the French company delivers superior results with an accuracy of 0.3 yards from 300 yards out. Even from 600 yards, it won’t be off by more than 0.5 yards.

The optics on the ULT-X are exceptional, delivering crystal clear views, aided by 6x magnification. Finally, continuous scan mode detects the distance to hazards, and landing zones in your line of sight, to improve convenience.

The TecTecTec ULT-X is an exceptional device for the price, and I believe it benefits low to high handicappers.

Final Thoughts

Our Blue Tees rangefinder review has shown that it is possible to find a premium quality device at an affordable price. Thanks to the innovation by Chris Markham and his colleagues, the average golfer on a budget can now reap the rewards of rangefinder technology.

Although Blue Tees is young, their rangefinders have won over, 50,000 golfers and the release of the Series 2 Pro Slope can only grow those figures. The clarity of the optics and features such as flag and slope mode elevates this rangefinder to a high-quality product.

If a premium quality rangefinder evaded you because of the price tag, Blue Tees have designed the answer. You can take a closer look at the Series 2 Pro Slope here.

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