The 5 Best Camera’s To Record Your Golf Swing & Improve Your Game

Golfers will never be satisfied with their swing and in their continuous search for perfection, they are reverting to the best technology available. Recording your swing for analysis is one of the best ways to improve your game. To get the best results you have to use the best camera that you can afford to


Bushnell Tour V3 vs V4 vs v5 – How Do They Compare & Which To Buy

Bushnell is an outstanding manufacturer of outdoor optical and rangefinder products. They are generally recognized as one of the finest, if not no 1, manufacturer of golf rangefinders. The use of technology to continuously improve their products has made the brand immensely popular and up to 99% of PGA Tour pros use Bushnell rangefinders. In

best golf shoes

The Best Golf Shoes – Don’t Overlook Your Feet

In 2016, Padraig Harrington showed that his average driving distance was 6-yards shorter with mobile golf shoes. The design you wear also impacts comfort and breathability, which can make or break the enjoyment of a round. To guide you on the right path, I have compiled a list of the 8 best golf shoes for

best golf sunglasses

The Best Golf Sunglasses — A Complete Guide

There are many equipment decisions a golfer needs to make, and they do not all relate to clubs. One accessory many players could give some thought to is sunglasses. The best golf sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and painful glare. You can more easily see your shot and the lie of your

best golf towels

The 10 Best Golf Towels

Playing golf in the open exposes you and your gear to the elements. With your clubhead striking the turf on practically every shot, any dirt remaining on the clubface will undoubtedly influence the ball’s trajectory. Having the best golf towel or even a regular golf towel out on the course can make your time more


The 10 Best Golf Headcovers To Protect Your Clubs

Golf headcovers have become extremely fashionable, and they serve a dual purpose. First, they safeguard your expensive clubs from harm and protect your investment. Second, they enable you to articulate your individuality through unique golf head cover designs.  Head covers have become part of the package when purchasing woods, enabling the manufacturers to get some


The 9 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

Most players focus on buying great golf clubs to improve their game, but comfortable shoes with good grip can also significantly impact them. Many golf clubs have banned golf shoes with spikes, so in this post, you’ll learn about the features and specifications of the best spikeless golf shoes in 2022.  The Best Spikeless Golf


Cold Weather Golf Gear and Clothing – What You Need This Winter

As long as you are willing to brave the elements, cold temperatures can be just as much fun as warmer weather — provided you wear the correct cold weather golf gear.  A complete set of cold weather golf attire would have: The right golf balls Warm golf trousers A warm golf hat Cold-weather golf shoes

best golf tees

The 10 Best Golf Tees – Which Fits Your Style?

Striking a ball resting on the turf has its challenges and leaves barely any room for error. Having the ball set higher on golf tees makes life a lot easier, especially with your driver. It almost permits you to cheat a little, legitimately, of course. Using the best golf tee will give you an advantage

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The 7 Best Golf Shirts To Wear

What you wear on the golf course needs as much consideration as the clubs or golf balls you use. Your clothing can impact your game if it restricts freedom of movement. To help you avoid that, I am unveiling Golf Span’s picks for the best golf shirts to wear in 2023. Our team searched for


The 7 Best Golf Pants – Golfers of All Ages, Styles and Tastes

The game of golf requires a fair amount of equipment. This is not restricted to clubs, balls, clubs, and golf bags, but also the clothing. Many courses have requirements for what you have to wear, and aside from that, you’ll want to look the part and feel comfortable on the course. Knowing what to wear


The 5 Best Golf Bag (& Cart) Coolers

Walking or driving around the course in the sizzling weather can be a thirsty business calling for some cool refreshments. Some people will prefer to wait for the halfway house to replenish their liquid intake, but there is no harm in taking precautions and stocking up with ice and liquids or the odd energy bar. A


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