Titleist T100 Irons Review

Titleist is a premium golfing brand that used to cater exclusively to professional and better golfers. This changed over the last decade where Titleist decided to become more inclusive adding ranges that will suit the average golfer as well as professional and better golfers.

The 2021 release of the T100, T200, and T300 are the successors of the highly successful 2019 ranges.

This article will look exclusively at the Titleist T100 that is aimed at professionals and better golfers.

Titleist claims that the new T100 series are the result of new materials, new processes, and new refinements resulting in improved precision.

Jordan Spieth was the first tour professional to use the new T100 irons when he managed second place at the Open Championship in 2021.

T100 irons come with a continuous face construction and a flawless striking area that provides a consistent leading edge for enhanced control. No inserts were placed on the face of the T100 irons.

The 7-iron loft is kept to the traditional 34-degree loft configuration thus it is not aimed at golfers with slower swing speed.

The center of gravity (COG) of the new design is lower compared to the 2019 T100 irons. D18 Tungsten weighting is added to the heel and toe of the forged, dual cavity construction on long to mid irons (3 – 7 irons) enabling Titleist to place the center of gravity accurately. It generates a higher launch and increased ball speed with no impact on the feel compared to the T100.

Research from the Vokey Tour team is carried over into the sole of the T100 irons providing more bounce to the toe of the irons and less bounce to the heel of the clubhead.

Enhancements to the sole bounce also help with turf interaction on the scoring irons and improved versatility from an assortment of lies.

T100 irons are not the most forgiving clubs available from Titleist. If forgiveness is what you are looking for, the T300 range will be more suitable.

Titleist T100 Irons Review

Titleist T100 Iron



  • Traditional lofts on the T100 while the T100s are stranger by 2-degrees
  • Looks are an improvement on the previous T100
  • Incredible feeling irons with good looks.
  • Excellent sole design
  • Decent forgiveness
  • Higher launch and landing angle


  • Does not offer much forgiveness

Looks, sound, and feel

On request of touring professionals, the new T100 range comes with a brushed chrome finish to reduce the reflection of the sun.

When addressing the ball you will find the thin top line with minimal offset appears quite appealing to the better golfers.

Continuity from the sole to the top edge at the back of the iron comprising a subtle Titleist logo provides a softer and blade-like appearance.

Feel and feedback from a center strike on the T100 produces is crisp and satisfying as should be expected from a player’s iron.

Does the performance match the looks, feel, and sound?


It is claimed that the new T100 range will increase ball speed by the 90g of tungsten added to the bottom of the clubhead.

This results in you being able to hit the at a higher launch and land angle reaching a higher peak adding some distance compared to its predecessor for more stopping power on the green.

Stopping power is further assisted by the extra spin that you can achieve with the new T100 irons.

Titleist uses a co-forging process to fuse the tungsten into the head of the mid and long T100 irons for enhanced stability.

Who Are They Aimed At?

Touring professionals and the better golfer that prefers a thinner top line, little offset, and a blade-like appearance will benefit most from the T100 irons. Mid-to-high handicap golfers will feel intimidated by the blade-like appearance.


1. PXG 0311 T Gen3


PXG clubs are by no means the cheapest available thus it is not aimed at the mass market.No cost is spared in the research and development of every club that the company produces.The founder of PXG wants every club that leaves the production line to be better than any club that it competes with.

Vibration reduction is achieved through the use of soft polymer in the interior design. This also adds structural integrity to the face and stores energy to be transferred to the golf ball and achieve more distance.

Using HT1770 maraging-steel in the face allows PXG to produce a 1.5-millimeter face that features a 1.0-millimeter internal channel around the perimeter for the increased rebound.

PXG’s use of innovative materials and process continue with the use of soft 8620 carbon steel that goes through 5 processes to forge the body. It is further highlighted by the use of lightweight titanium and heavier tungsten weights remain to produce an optimal center of gravity and moment of inertia.

Similar to the T100 the top line of PXG’s players iron is thin while the sole is designed with sufficient bounce to produce perfect divots.

2. Callaway Apex Pro

Callaway is an extremely popular brand that offers competitive players irons. Their 2021 offering of the Apex Pro seamlessly blends technological improvements with good looks.

The new Apex Pro features a hollow-body construction for the first time.

Continued use of artificial intelligence in its design allows Callaway to produce its unique variable-thickness geometry on the clubface.

Tungsten is used to build an energy core that is surrounded by microsphere-filled urethane adding precision to the placement of the center of gravity.

3. TaylorMade P7MC

TaylorMade has produced some of the best-looking and most exciting irons recently.

Irons are forged from 1025 carbon steel using a 2,000-ton press enabling TaylorMade to decrease the grain size and improve the overall properties of the carbon steel while simultaneously reducing the need for hand polishing.

Performance and feel are improved by moving mass slightly upward toward the center of the face.

As generally found on players’ irons, the top line is thin while the offset increases progressively as the clubs get longer.

TaylorMade P7MC irons have a narrow sole with a tight leading edge to maximize turf interaction for precisely cut divots.


Player irons are continuing to improve in performance and looks.

Titleist offers the T100 to some of the best golfers globally and continues to perform well on all professional tours.

Although competition remains stiff, you will not be disappointed with the new Titleist T100 irons.

Your feedback on the T100 irons will be highly appreciated in the comments section below.

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