The Top 8 Best Golf Magazines [Digital & Print Editions]

There were times when we very limited in terms of golf literature and had to take what we could get. These days we are spoilt for choice.

Not only does that mean that we now have more options but the quality and standards have improved dramatically. As old as the sport is, it is constantly changing. This is especially true of golf equipment.

There is some speculation as to whether the sport is declining or growing but one thing is true, there has never been more interest. The manufacturer’s figures speak for themselves.

While membership may be going down at a number of golf clubs there are multiple reasons for this. The game is evolving but it certainly still extremely popular.

Golfers are a passionate group and love to learn about different aspects of the game, what the different players are up to, new equipment developments, golf travel and many other aspects of the sport.

Anyway, back to golfing magazines. What has happened, and this is true of magazines in pretty much all categories, is that online magazines have become extremely popular.

They are up to date, generally of good quality and oftentimes free. While that is great for many enthusiasts, some of us still like to relax with an old school magazine. What many publications do is offer both or either options.

Sometimes the online edition is very much the same as the print magazine although in other cases they are radically different.  The other benefit the internet provides is they generally offer highly discounted subscriptions.

Prices are often a lot less than you would pay at the newsstand. Yet another benefit is that often a subscription to the print edition allows you a free subscription to the online edition.

Let’s take a look at some of the Best Golf Magazines right now.

Print Magazines

1. Links

This bi-monthly US golf magazine is published by Purcell Enterprises, Inc. based in South Carolina. Their stated mission is ” bringing the most engaging, sophisticated and surprising content to its audience of passionate golfers.” The magazine is clearly targeted at the more serious and dedicated golfers.

While they have general golf news from the US and around the world and information on golfing equipment developments, they have a strong focus on leading local and internal golf courses and course design. This is a fascinating subject and often difficult to find much information on.

It was first published in 1988 and started life as Southern Links.

2. GolfStyles

GolfStyles is a popular regional golf magazine based in Fairfax, Virginia aimed mainly at golfers in the Washington D.C. area. It has been going since 1994. Since it started it has expanded to offer other regional editions for Atlanta, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Ohio.

3. Women’s Golf Journal

Sadly, while many of the featured magazines do have content aimed at women golfers, Women’s Golf Journal is the only national United States golf magazine dedicated to this market.

It started in 2015 and covers a range of golf information of interest to women specifically. This includes profiles of lady golfers, golf travel information, health, fashion, fitness and a host of other topics.

They also include ideas on how to incorporate golf into your family life, balancing home and career and related issues.

Women’s Golf Journal is a quarterly publication and their motto is “Life in Play”. Some of the leading ladies in the LPGA are involved with the publication.

Print and Digital Publications

4. Golf Digest

Although not the oldest golf magazine, Golf Digest is one of the most popular amongst recreational golfers. It covers a wide range of golfing topics including player profiles, equipment news, tips, and instructions.

It covers all the latest golfing news and although it is based in the United States it gives news and information from around the world.

5. Golfweek

Aimed at a more upmarket audience, this monthly Golf Magazine is published by Gannett Publishers in Orlando, Florida. It has been around since 1975 so has a proud history and a loyal following.

You can expect to read about the latest golfing events, they feature rankings, information on courses and equipment. Their articles cover pros, amateurs, and college golfers.

They have a lot of breaking news and coverage of events and information for golfers at all levels. This is a leading magazine with high-quality coverage of golfing news.

They are part of the USA Today Sports Media Group. Also in their stable are the “Golfweek Digital Network, Golfweek Mobile, Golfweek Events and Golfweek Custom Media.”

6. Golf Tips

Most of us golfers are always looking out for the latest tips and techniques to improve our game or correct problems. Golf tips is a physical and online magazine that has been doing just that for more than 30 years.

Leading American Pros offer instructions, practice and improvement drills, mental tips and fitness advice. They also offer advice on golf travel for a range of budgets and give information and advice on golf equipment and accessories.

It is aimed at the beginner to the average golfer looking for game improvement ideas.

7. Golf Magazine

This magazine is available in print or for Kindle. It offers information on golf equipment, golf travel, and instruction. They do in-depth profiles on leading players and rising stars as well as club testing and gear reviews.

Digital Publications

8. Golf World

This is one of the oldest golf publications and was first published in 1947. It changed hands a few time before Condé Nast sold to Dicovery Inc. The physical magazine was discontinued in 2014 and is now only available in a digital format.

It is a New York-based magazine that features information on the international tours, PGA and LPGA Tours. It also gives local and international news on amateur events.

The one benefit of online magazines is they can give you up to the minute information on breaking news. Golf World, being a weekly publication, offers detailed coverage of current news and tournaments. It also gives predictions and information on upcoming events.

Final thoughts

We focused on golf magazines published in the United States. They give news and reviews with an American flavor while still providing information on what is happening in the world of golf.

While there are merits to both formats, find those you enjoy and you will have a wealth of information and entertainment. While online magazines are often more current and less expensive, having a quality print magazine to relax with it also very rewarding. You do not have to be restricted by one or the other, enjoy the best of both worlds.

Nick is the founder of GolfSpan and an avid golfer. He's not quite a pro but has over 15 years of experience playing and coaching golfers worldwide. His mission is to bring the golfing community a better experience when it comes to choosing the right golf gear and finding the right setup for your game.

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