9 Best Golf Grips For Drivers

Your grip is one of the first things you learn as a beginner and one of the few things in golf you learn and, hopefully, never have to change again. Selecting the proper grip for your longest club is paramount as your only contact with the club.

Your driver can get you in a lot of trouble, so be sure you choose one of the best golf grips for drivers. You want to ensure that you minimize all the issues that could cause your ball to go offline, and having the club twist in your hand is a common culprit.

Put a leash on your big dog with a comfortable and tacky grip that will give you the confidence you need to stripe drive after drive right down the pipe!

What are the best golf grips for drivers?

  1. Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip – Best Overall
  2. Lamkin Sonar+ Wrap Golf Grip – Traditional Pick
  3. Winn Grips Dri-Tac LT – Best for Neutral or Consistent Grip
  4. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip – Best Pick for Fast Swing Speeds
  5. Lamkin UTx Cord Golf Grips – Great for Wet Weather
  6. Lamkin Crossline Cord Grip – Great Corded Grip
  7. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip – Best Overall for Slow Swingers
  8. Winn Dritac Wrap Golf Grip – Best for Soft Feel
  9. SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip – Great for Traction

Below you’ll find plenty more on each grip, including who it’s best for and who should avoid it. Read on to learn everything you need to know.

Best Golf Driver Grips Overall

If you’re unsure which golf driver grip is best and don’t want to take any chances, go the safe route with one of these. They are great for irons, too, so matching your entire set will be comfortable.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip – Best Overall


  • Great for all skill levels
  • Provides dual grip surface
  • Combination of materials is perfect for all clubs
  • Works well in wet weather
  • Available in different colors


  • Design causes uneven wear between top and bottom half of the grip

Rating: 5/5 Stars

This is the most famous and popular golf grip since the invention of leather. It’s seen in countless professional bags and continues to be a favorite among players of all skill levels.

The genius of this driver grip is its combination of cord and compound rubber, hence the name “multi-compound.” It provides superior grip at any speed.

A subtle weave of cord material supports your upper hand through the compound rubber. While the lower portion is just rubber for added feel around the greens. This is what makes this grip excellent for all clubs in your bag.

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Lamkin Sonar+ Wrap Golf Grip – Traditional Pick


  • Traditional wrap design
  • Works great on all clubs
  • Versatile for changing grip to affect shot shape
  • Wicks moisture


  • Feels a bit thinner than other grips; you may want the mid-size for your driver

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

For a more traditional look, we can always count on Lamkin. They’ve been making grips for decades and famously partnered with Arnold Palmer for many of those years. This is the best grip for a golf driver you’ve never heard of.

It’s based on the old-school wrap style, which feels very neutral in your hands. The upgrade comes in the material used. We are a long way from leather here with this special rubber that is soft while also being tacky.

For further grip and moisture-wicking properties, micro-milling is done on each wrap. These tiny grooves are noticeable but provide exceptional grip when swinging the big stick

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Winn Grips Dri-Tac LT – Best for Neutral or Consistent Grip


  • Minimal taper to sync hand rotation with body
  • Multi-layer absorbs shock on off-center hits
  • Uses comfortable and tacky material
  • Great for players with a neutral and consistent grip


  • Not great in wet conditions

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

The driver swing will be the fastest you swing with any club in your bag. This means that even the smallest error can be exposed and exaggerated. This often happens in the hands as getting the right timing can be difficult for mid-high handicappers.

To fix that, a less-tampered grip could help get your hands in sync with the rest of your body.

You may only want this grip on some of your clubs, but as a golf grip for drivers, it could help you hit more fairways, resulting in much less frustration.

The material is unique to Winn, and if you did a blind grip test, you could tell this is a Winn right away. The soft layer allows your hands to sink in and create maximum surface area, perfect for high speeds.

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Best Golf Driver Grips For Fast Swing Speeds

Need a little extra grip? Choose one of these for high-speed swings you can make with confidence.

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip – Best Pick for Fast Swing Speeds


  • Simple and traditional feel
  • Updated wrap texture to increase friction
  • Consistent feel between both hands
  • Easy to manipulate your grip
  • Available in different colors


  • Not great in inclement weather
  • Might be too rigid to use on short irons

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Sometimes simple is best. When you swing at such high speeds, you don’t want any surprises, and a grip that doesn’t reinvent the wheel is perfect for that. Sticking to the classic wrap style is excellent for players who swing fast to maintain control and increase their consistency.

This is not your grandfather’s wrap grip, though. The special rubber compound is extra tacky, and the wraps are prominently raised. This allows it to fit into all the nooks and crannies of your hands for optimal traction.

It’s also available in a few different colors to match your golf bag. This grip is great for your irons, but some players find it a little too rigid for finesse clubs like wedges.

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Lamkin UTx Cord Golf Grips – Great for Wet Weather


  • Includes woven cord material
  • Excellent protection against wet conditions
  • Keeps hands in place at all times
  • Compound rubber provides comfort and traction


  • Wears down pretty fast

Rating: 4/5 Stars

If you want the most friction, look at any grip with the word ‘cord’ in it. This material is woven throughout the grip and is completely immune to moisture. It’s a rope-like texture that keeps your hands in place no matter how hard you swing.

If you find yourself in bad weather often, then accept no substitute. This unique addition, coupled with advanced compound rubber, makes this one of the best driver grips for fast swing speed players.

Its application makes it so that you can comfortably use this with the rest of your irons as well. But the cord can be tough to get used to, so don’t be afraid to only install it on your driver.

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Lamkin Crossline Cord Grip – Great Corded Grip


  • Maximum amount of cord material
  • Excellent in all weather conditions
  • Consistent pattern makes it great for all clubs
  • Perfect for players who don’t wear a glove


  • Known to cause a few callous

Rating: 4/5 Stars

For even more cord-y goodness, try this very successful grip that Lamkin also makes. Other companies make corded grips, but none do it as well as Lamkin. The others seem to skimp out on the cord, and after a few months, it’s all worn down, not with the Lamkin Crossline Cord grip.

The cord is featured prominently and is great for players who don’t like to wear a glove. Even if you swing at high speeds with your driver, this grip is secure in all types of weather, from stormy to downright humid (ugh, sweaty hands!).

If your grip becomes oily or worn down in some areas, you can clean cord grips by using sandpaper. Simply rub the sandpaper on the high-traffic areas, and it will erode the rubber and dirt before affecting the cord, thus making it feel brand new again.

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Best Driver Grips For Slow Swing Speeds

Swinging slower allows you to focus on direction and shot shaping. To have full control choose one of the golf driver grips that helps you promote this, so you never miss another fairway.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip – Best Overall for Slow Swingers


  • Soft feel for excellent feel and feedback
  • Ideal for use on all other clubs in the bag
  • Helps promote shot shaping and trajectory control
  • Neutral feel is comfortable for any style of grip


  • Wears down rather quickly

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

The gold standard in grips and an excellent grip for players with slower swing speeds. This allows players to have a feel of the club head. Since your driver is the largest of all clubs, it pays to have complete control throughout the entire swing sequence.

This is a perfect option if you would like to maintain the same grip throughout your entire set as well. Its neutral feel will support clubs of all lengths.

While it’s not great in bad weather, it will provide a secure grip every other day. The soft rubber compound allows your hands to sink in as it fills all the gaps to keep your hands steady. The standard grip may feel a bit thin to some, so you may want to add a layer or two of extra grip tape underneath during installation.

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Winn Dritac Wrap Golf Grip – Best for Soft Feel


  • Unique material used only on Winn grips
  • Excellent for all clubs in the bag
  • Wrap design suits many different hand sizes and grip styles
  • Helps to control ball flight of your tee shots
  • Available in a few different colors


  • Terrible in wet conditions
  • Will wear down in high-traffic areas

Rating: 4/5 Stars

There’s no denying that Winn grips feel great when they are new and dry. Despite the leaps and bounds that this manufacturer has made, they are still grips that are a bit niche.

Golfers with slower swing speeds will benefit from this style grip because of its softer exterior. Having relaxed grip pressure is best for this grip, as it functions best when it has room to breathe and attach itself to your hands.

Extreme grip pressure will cause this grip to feel loose in your hands. If you apply the proper tension and swing at a comfortable speed, this driver grip will help you gain control over your ball flight and trajectory.

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SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip – Great for Traction


  • Design shows you how to square your clubface
  • Unique material provides great feedback for beginners
  • Thinner in circumference for maximum mobility
  • Special tacky surface keeps hands from twisting on missed shots


  • Definitely softer than it is tacky

Rating: 4/5 Stars

For beginners with slow swing speeds, you can get more from your driver grip if you choose the SuperStroke Cross Comfort. Its unique design will help you maintain a consistent grip while providing traction and control.

The design is such that you can ensure your thumbs are in the same place for every drive. You will be able to tell when your grip or clubface is not square before hitting the shot, and this is a massive advantage for any shot, let alone your tee shots.

This grip feels a bit thin and will wear down due to the material, but in the meantime, you can enjoy a tacky surface that keeps your drives on line.

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Why You Should Trust Us

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Buyer’s Guide for Driver Golf Grips

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZLwI6EdF8SE” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen></iframe>

When choosing the best driver grip, you need only consider three aspects;

1. Design And Pattern Setup

This is the first thing your hands will notice; first impressions are everything. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t try to force it. Just try a different design.


This is a traditional approach that has been used for hundreds of years. These days, the only thing that has changed is the material used. If you want a neutral feeling that is versatile and allows you freedom, a wrap-style design will work for you.


Choose a crossline pattern that offers your hands incredible friction and surface contact for more traction. Lamkin’s best versions of this design are available, but other companies also offer variations. This works best for those with a tight grip and who are willing to sacrifice a bit of feel. Use this style if you don’t like wearing a glove.


For beginners and high-handicappers, having some direction on your grip is beneficial to help you create a consistent grip every time you grasp the club. These can be subtle or very obvious. For the driver, you can select one that is obvious since you will be gripping it the same way every time.

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2. Material

Choose your material based on how much friction you require and what type of weather you will face most of the time.

Rubber Compound

This is the most common and versatile material. Grips made with this will be the most inexpensive and allow players excellent grip without any surprises. Many of the best grips for drivers are made with this, as it’s great for high speeds and provides feel if you choose to use it on your other clubs.

Synthetic Polymer

This material provides better grip at first but can wear down quite quickly. If you don’t often play or tend to have very light grip pressure, you may find these to be quite useful for your driver. The soft feel is excellent for achieving maximum surface area contact, which is required for fast swings such as with the driver.

Cord Inlay

For maximum traction, look for grips with cord material woven throughout them. This style will probably cause you to wear out gloves faster, but the grippiness is unmatched. If you prefer not to wear a glove, you can do so with these kinds of grips even when swinging at high speeds with the driver.

3. Size

Once you’ve landed on a design and material, all that’s left is to choose the size. Some grips will feel better as a mid-size, even though you traditionally use a standard.

You can also customize the size of any standard grip by adding layers of grip tape between the grip and the shaft during installation. Just be sure to mention this to your club fitter before giving the go-ahead to change your grip.

The most common size driver grips are;

  • Women’s
  • Standard
  • Mid-size
  • Jumbo

Standard is usually best unless you have distinctly larger hands. You’d rather a grip be slightly too small than too big. Only in rare cases, like basketball players, are jumbo-sized grips used.

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Are Driver Grips The Same As Iron Grips?

Yes, driver grips are the same as iron grips, but there are no rules against having a different grip on your driver than the rest of your set if you prefer. Sometimes players want more grip when swinging the big dog so having a tackier grip on their driver makes sense.

What Size Grip Should I Put On My Driver?

For most golfers, the size of grip that should go on your driver will be a standard size. You want to have maximum surface contact to ensure the club doesn’t twist or come loose at any time. Thicker grips will also hinder your ability to smoothly turn your hands over at impact, thus preventing the clubface from squaring, which we don’t want.

Do I Need To Buy Any Extra Of The Best Golf Grips For Driver?

No, you don’t need to buy extras of the best golf grips for drivers. Even the busiest golfer will still only need to change their grips once a year at the most. Unless you suspect your favorite and best grip for the driver will be discontinued or unavailable for some reason, you can play your driver until your grip becomes noticeably worn down.


The best golf grip for a driver is the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound, and I say that with confidence. I love the difference in feel from the upper hand to the lower hand, and its durability is almost unmatched.

Depending on your experience, you may be looking for something more specific, but as long as you create a neutral and repeatable swing with whichever grip you choose, that’s the right one for you.

Find more fairways, hit more greens, and make more birdies. It all starts with a great tee shot.

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