what golf ball should I use

What Golf Ball Should I Use? (+ Easy Quiz)

Golf is full of questions. When you find the best clubs to buy, courses to play, and shoes to wear, you have to figure out how to pick a golf ball. If you know your handicap and swing speed, you can answer the question, “which golf ball should I use?” We have made this as

best wilson golf balls

The 10 Best Wilson Golf Balls

Wilson possesses 7 decades of golf ball manufacturing experience, enabling them to build a diverse range of balls for slow, mid, and high swing speeds. What’s the best Wilson golf ball for you in 2023? Wilson Triad – Best for most golfers Wilson Staff Zip – Best budget pick Tour Velocity Accuracy – Most forgiving ball After reading

inside of golf balls

The Inside of Golf Balls: A Visual Guide

No other ball in sport compares to the complexity of the golf ball. One mysterious question for your average golfer relates to the inside of golf balls. What’s inside a golf ball? The center of a golf ball is made of injection-molded rubber, so it will compress when you hit it. Up to four layers of

best putters for beginners

3 Best Maxfli Golf Balls You Need To Consider

You probably thought that Maxfli was not a golf company anymore. We all remember seeing our favorite players, such as John Daly, sporting a Maxfli hat, but it’s been a while since we’ve bought any equipment bearing that name. Well, the drought is over, and we are happy to see them reemerge with some amazing

How much does golf ball weigh

How Much Does a Golf Ball Weigh? 11 Brands Compared

If you are looking to improve your game with the small wins or are just interested simply in the facts of the game, you have probably thought about what is the weight of a golf ball. It’s a natural thought to wonder, how much do golf balls weigh? After all, you spend all of your

best cheap golf balls

The 10 Best Cheap Golf Balls

You tear open a new sleeve of golf balls, tee one up on the first hole, and slice it out of bounds. When you play with the best cheap golf balls, the mood is less somber than if it were a Titleist Pro V1. In this post, I take you through the best cheap golf

golf balls high handicap

The 10 Best Golf Balls For High Handicap Players

As a golf equipment geek, I love to know what clubs and balls my peers are playing with. I am shocked by the responses, as the chosen equipment is not suited to certain swing speeds or skill levels. In this post, I will assist beginners in finding the best golf ball for high handicap players.

best mizuno golf balls

The 3 Best Mizuno Golf Balls

Mizuno is a legacy brand in the golf industry famed for its forged golf clubs, soft feel, and premium quality. However, few golfers know that the company now manufactures golf balls. In the post, you can read in-depth Mizuno golf ball reviews to see how their dimples match up to their grooves. You’ll notice that

straightest golf balls

The 10 Straightest Flying Golf Balls

Accuracy is a core challenge for amateur golfers who spend more time searching for golf balls in the woods than lining up birdie putts. The best way to hit straighter shots is to identify the issues with your swing mechanics and work on squaring the clubface at impact. However, adding the right golf ball for

srixon golf balls

The 7 Best Srixon Golf Balls

They’re only golf balls. How much difference can they make? That’s precisely the sort of attitude we hear among players who are new to the sport. So let us drop some knowledge. Your golf balls matter. The right ball for you can add yards to your drives and accuracy to your short game. But which

titleist velocity golf balls

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls Review: Great Ball for Mid-Handicappers?

Choosing a golf ball can be one of the tougher aspects of finding the right equipment because it’s hard to test them. When you hit irons and drivers, it’s easier to see what fits your stroke. But it can be tough to tell how a different golf ball will help — or hurt your game.

best low spin driver

The 7 Best Low Spin Golf Balls

Experimenting with a low spin golf ball should be a priority when shopping for new golf balls. Even though you might see the pros using spin to stop a 5-iron dead in its tracks or zip a wedge back 10 feet on the green, golf balls with less spin are what will help mid-to-high handicappers. Which


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