srixon golf balls

The 8 Best Srixon Golf Balls in 2022: A Comprehensive Guide

They’re only golf balls. How much difference can they make? That’s precisely the sort of attitude we hear among players who are new to the sport. So let us drop some knowledge. Your golf balls matter. The right ball for you can add yards to your drives and accuracy to your short game. But which

titleist velocity golf balls

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls Review: Great Ball for Mid-Handicappers?

Choosing a golf ball can be one of the tougher aspects of finding the right equipment because it’s hard to test them. When you hit irons and drivers, it’s easier to see what fits your stroke. But it can be tough to tell how a different golf ball will help — or hurt your game.

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The 7 Best Low Spin Golf Balls in 2022

Experimenting with a low spin golf ball should be a priority when shopping for new golf balls. Even though you might see the pros using spin to stop a 5-iron dead in its tracks or zip a wedge back 10 feet on the green, golf balls with less spin are what will help mid-to-high handicappers. Which

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The 8 Best Callaway Golf Ball In 2022

Callaway has been making products to make life easier for the average golfer since the 1980s. Today, they offer some of the best golf balls on the market. In this article, I look for the best Callaway golf ball for each type of player. Included in this Callaway golf balls review are low and high

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Balls Out! The 9 Best Golf Balls in 2022 for Every Player

If I were to jump back in a time machine to when I started playing and told young me to stop buying trashed second-hand golf balls, I’m sure I could have lowered my handicap much sooner. More so now than ever before— golf technology is improving rapidly. Flight time, accuracy, and distance can all be


The Five Best Illegal Golf Balls To Stay Straight And Long

Superior golfers consider the material, compression, spin, and aerodynamics of a ball. The average golfer simply demands distance and accuracy. In this post, I am unveiling my picks for the best illegal golf balls on the market to keep you straight and long. I will highlight the features and benefits of each ball and explain


Taylormade Tour Response Review

As an Amateur Golfer who has to purchase my golf balls I am always on the lookout for a golf ball that will deliver comparable performance to the Tour-quality ball but at an affordable price. The Taylormade Tour Response has been designed by Taylormade, a leading Golf Ball Manufacturer to provide a tour-level performance at


Callaway SuperHot 55 vs SuperHot 70

Callaway has over the years been a leading manufacturer of golf equipment, and their range of golf balls is everchanging with innovations to satisfy all levels of golfers. Jon Rahm, the No 1 golfer in the world today plays a Callaway ball as does Zander Schauffele a young and upcoming star on the PGA Tour.


Best Golf Ball For Cold Weather

If you have ever played squash, you will know that a cold ball doesn’t travel far, and the same principle applies in golf. Golfweek’s David Berner explains that the temperature impacts the ball’s speed, spin, and resilience. That is why I am unveiling my picks for the best golf ball for cold weather in this


The 7 Most Expensive Golf Balls

Golf is an expensive game and in many quarters seen as an elitist sport. Having said this, golf is a game that has taken off with the younger generation, for social pleasure or in the hope of playing golf for a living. Equipment development does not stop and the golf ball is an area where

maxfli tour golf ball review

Maxfli Tour Golf Ball Review

Choosing a golf ball is like choosing your new vehicle. Choice of preference will differ for the application. You don’t grab the first ball you see, you have to feel comfortable with your ball in hand. With all the different Golf Ball types, makes, and colors out there the choices can be overwhelming. The world


Who Makes Pinnacle Golf Balls? Brands Explained

There are very few golfers that can honestly say that they have never encountered a Pinnacle golf ball and tried it out. Although it is not the pinnacle of golfing technology, Pinnacle golf balls provide golfers with an affordable option golf ball manufactured by one of the premium brands in the golfing world. So, Who


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