Which State Has the Most Golf Courses? A Golfers Paradise…!

Golf in the United States is very popular in most areas, however, there are some areas of the US where golf courses are very prevalent, and this article will highlight those areas. Below, I have pulled together a list for which state has the most golf courses and included other honorable mentions.  Without further delay let’s get right into it! ContentsTop 6 States with the Most Golf Courses1. Florida2. New York3. California4. Texas5. Ohio6. Michigan Top 6 States with the


The SC200 Swing Caddie Review – Can It Improve Your Swing?

Swing improvement and distance control are extremely important for growing in confidence and accuracy. Many professional and rising golfers have taken to launch monitors to aid them in getting to the top of their game. There are distance markers available on the driving range but these are based on a set position at the back of the range. To be more accurate in your distances the launch monitor will be able to report accurately on the distance that your shot


When is Golf Season? Is There Seasonality In The Sport?

Golf is a sport that has a very long season in some areas and a very short-lived season in other parts of the world. While it is hard to pinpoint when golf season is, I think that we can break it down into different areas throughout this article and give you a better idea. Keep in mind that it is all up to your interpretation and if you can play in harsh conditions.  Some golfers might say that freezing is


How Many Golf Courses are in the US? And Are They In Decline?

The United States is one of the best countries in the world to play golf, and that means that there is a large number of golf courses. According to my estimation and other sources online (source), the United States has the greatest number of golf courses in the world by far. The number of golf courses in the United States is actually right around 43% of the golf courses in the world. With such a large number of golf courses


What is a Links Golf Course and How Do They Differ?

Golf courses are all different all over the world, but there are actually names for different types of golf courses.  There are links, parkland, and desert golf courses and even executive courses. The type of golf course that I am going to talk about today is a links golf course. ContentsWhat is a Links Golf Course?Links Golf Course vs Regular Golf CourseWhere Did Links Golf Courses Start?Why Are Links Golf Courses Popular?Popular Links Golf CoursesRelated Articles What is a Links


What is an Executive Golf Course? And Who Can Play One?

We’re sure that you’ve heard of an 18-hole course, a 9-hole course, and even a par 3 golf course. But you might not know what an executive golf course is. Well, that is understandable because they are not that common, and a lot of people do not know about them. The short and sweet definition of an executive golf course is that it is a shortened golf course compared to the normal distance and part of a regular 18-hole golf


How Many Acres is a Golf Course? 9-Hole and 19-Hole Course Sizes

As we all know, golf courses come in all shapes and sizes.  Some courses might play long at over 7,000 yards and some might be around 5,000 yards.  All golf courses are unique and totally different in sizes, but it is possible to narrow down an average size. It is really hard to get a general size on golf courses because of other factors such as the layout and how spaced out the property is.  Some parkland golf courses are


Where is the World’s Largest Golf Resort? (Hint…It’s Not in The US)

For the longest time, the Pinehurst golf resort in North Carolina in America was the largest golf resort in the world. It is no longer claiming the top spot because of the impressive golf resort that has been produced in China. The resort is called Mission Hills Golf Club, and it is nothing short of golfer’s dreams to get to play there and soak in the atmosphere. The resort lies just around 25 miles north of Hong Kong, and it


How Much Do Golf Caddies Make? You Might Be Surprised

Being a golf caddy is an incredible job if you love being on the golf course and being involved in the game of golf. It can be even more special if you are caddying for an incredible player. Maybe you are wondering if you want to be a caddy or not in the future? Well, it is a fair question to wonder how much golf caddies make on all levels, and that is what this post is going to help

Training Aids

SC100 Swing Caddie Review – How Does It Perform & Is It Worth It?

The world’s leading golfers on the various golfing tours, PGA, LPGA, European tour, etc. fine-tune their swings, accuracy, and distance control through the use of launch monitors. This comes at a huge expense, but they can afford it as they are either sponsored by the manufacturers or have earned sufficient purse money to afford one. The same is not necessarily true for the general golfing public. As the top end launch monitors sell for $10,000 or more several smaller companies

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