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How To Get Into Golf As a Lady (From a Women’s Perspective)

Have You Been Thinking About Getting Into Golf? There are lots of reasons that women decide to take up Golf. Fortunately, I started as a kid, and I’ve never known a life without the game. This is a gift I highly recommend parents giving their children, but not all women are so fortunate. Golf can

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What’s The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs?

As a female golfer, when the time comes to replace golf clubs, you naturally gravitate towards the women’s options. There are, however, a few more things to consider when choosing golf clubs, and the category “women” does not cover them all. In this guide, I will explain the difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs

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Golf Terms Every Golfer Must Know [Over 250 Terms!]

Someone new to the game might initially find many golf terms confusing. I know this was the case for me, and I was surprised at how many special terms golf had.  Given the age and popularity of the sport, golf probably has quite a few more than many other sports. The first evidence of modern


How To Clean Golf Clubs and Make Them Last Longer

Cleaning your golf clubs regularly will ensure that your investment in the set of clubs will last a long time and it doesn’t affect their resale value too much. Using clean golf clubs will also help you lower your score as bits of dirt could send your ball far from your intended target. Knowing how

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How To Stop Slicing The Golf Ball – It’s All In The Grip

How many times have you stood on the first hole with such high hopes, only to see that first tee shot slice off into the right rough or even worse? The second and third hole produces the same results, and by the fourth hole, you are aimed about 30 yards left of the fairway, just

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32 Gifts for Golfers Who Have Everything (Literally!)

Looking to buy a gift for someone who loves golf, but they seem to already own everything golf-related? It can be difficult to shop for a golfer, especially if you’re trying to buy them something related to their passion. Chances are, they’ve already purchased or been given all the hobby-related items they can possibly think

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18 Golf Gifts For Dad – Treat Your Dad No Matter What The Occasion

There’s a good chance that some other big event for your dad is coming up, like a birthday, anniversary, or celebratory occasion. Plenty of dads like to golf, so if your father is one of them, you might be thinking of buying them a gift that suits their hobby. But, if you’re not a golfer

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25 Golf Gift Ideas For Women – Go On, Treat Her!

Looking for gift ideas for that lady in your life who loves to golf? If you’re not a golfer, it can be difficult to find the right gift for those passionate about the game. You want to buy the perfect gift, but with all the options available, it can be difficult to figure out what

common beginner golf problems
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The 10 Common Golf Problems Every Beginner Makes

The game of golf is one of the most mentally and physically challenging sports you can play. If you want to improve your game and lower your handicap, you will need to identify your weaknesses and strive to improve them. In this article, we cover some of the common beginner golf problems and how to

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How Often Should You Change Golf Balls For a More Accurate Game?

There are countless numbers of golf balls in the world, and each one is typically made in the same fashion. You don’t need to understand all the logistics of golf ball manufacturing to know when it’s time for a new set of balls. As with replacing your clubs or grips, how often should you change

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How Much Does it Cost to Regrip Golf Clubs & When Should You Do It?

There will come a time when most of the grips on your clubs have become worn, cracked, or loose. When this happens, you should consider having your clubs re-gripped. So, how do you know when to re-grip your golf clubs and how much does it cost? 1. Look at The Grips Closely You can tell

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How Long Will Your Golf Clubs Last and When to Replace Them

Golf clubs, like most things in life, have an expiration date. There may come a time when they just are not working like they used to. Reasons you should regrip golf clubs. Some sets of clubs can cost a lot of money, so you may be asking yourself, “How long will golf clubs last?” The History


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