3 Important Wedge Play Tips from Golf Pro Andrew Rice

If you dread any form of pitch or chip shot, then this article is expressly for you. If you feel like you could save a few more strokes around the greens, then this article is for you. Utilizing better technique will literally make these shots easier. Here are a few straightforward improvements that will get the job done. Watch Andrew to see how’s it done…

Key To Wedge Play #1: Set Up

  1. Feet should be close together. The most common mistake I see is a stance that’s too wide.
  2. Alignment should be square. Yes, square.
  3. Ball position is centered to slightly forward.
  4. Weight distribution is slightly favoring the front foot.

Key To Wedge Play #2: Wrist Action

andrew rice key to wedge play
Courtesy of Andrew Rice’s website
  1. Wrists should be relatively quiet in the backswing.
  2. Avoid excessive cupping in the lead wrist. The left wrist for you righties out there.

Key To Wedge Play #3: Body Pivot

  1. Keep the chest rotating through the strike to shallow the attack angle.
  2. Extend the lead side through impact.
  3. Avoid thoughts of “stay down“, “hit down” or “pinch the ball.

As you work towards better technique, be aware that instantaneously your results will not transition from bad to good. Taking ownership of the upgrades will take time and patience. Get the setup correct, use the wrists properly and shallow the angle of attack with good chest rotation. Now we’re talking!

If you’d like to learn more about improving your wedge play, check out Andrew’s Wedge Project.

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Andrew Rice has taught golf for over 25 years and uses cutting-edge technology to help golfers of all abilities. His primary objective is to help golfers understand what they need to do to enjoy the game more. He is on the PING Engineering Team, is a TrackMan Partner, and a SwingCatalyst Ambassador. He took a minute and gave us some wedge play tips, which you should check out. You can connect with Andrew on LinkedIn, IG, or FB.

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