What is Golfer’s Elbow? The Causes, Symptoms & Remedial Exercises

If you feel like you have or are suffering the symptoms of Golfers elbow, then this article should help to highlight some of the main causes and how you can treat this common issue. So what is golfers’ elbow? When the tendons that connect the wrist to the elbow, become damaged or tear, inflammation sets


What Do The Numbers on Golf Balls Mean? It’s Not What You May Think

Have you ever opened up a box of golf balls and wondered why each one has a different number printed on it? Every golf ball manufacturer will print one or more numbers onto their balls, and these numbers can mean different things depending on where they are on the ball, and who manufactured it. Let’s


When Is The Best Time To Buy Golf Clubs? Newbie, Upgrade or Game Improvement

The golf business today is huge, and because of that, there are more and more companies entering the market fighting for your business. When it comes to purchasing new golf clubs that can make your decision a tough one. These companies are spending millions on marketing with promises of your “longest ever drive” and the


How to Measure a Putter Length the Correct Way

With all the custom fitting done in the modern golf world, the putter is often the last club considered. A classic mistake that golfers make is to focus more on tweaking their driver than their putter. Playing a putter that is the correct length for you will aide setup, consistency of stroke, speed control and


Golf Terms Explained – A Complete A to Z of Common Golfing Terms and Sayings

Each sport or pastime has its own lingo, jargon, and expressions. Golf is no different. Someone new to the game might find many of them rather confusing at first. Given the age and popularity of the sport, golf probably has quite a few more than many other sports. Evened seasoned players often come across a


How To Clean Golf Clubs and Make Them Last Longer

Our beloved game of golf requires a lot of preparation both before after you complete a round. Cleaning your golf clubs regularly will ensure that the investment that you made in the set of clubs will last a long time. We will give you the low down on how to clean golf clubs. After all


The Health Benefits of Golf – Is Golf Good Exercise?

First and foremost, any exercise is better than no exercise. Secondly, exercise is a whole lot easier to accomplish when it is enjoyable. This can differ from person to person but golf has to be hands down one of the best ways to get some air in your lungs and enjoy a bit of a

best golf magazines

The Top 8 Best Golf Magazines [Digital & Print Editions]

There were times when we very limited in terms of golf literature and had to take what we could get. These days we are spoilt for choice. Not only does that mean that we now have more options but the quality and standards have improved dramatically. As old as the sport is, it is constantly

what to wear golfing

What To Wear Golfing – The Dos and Do Nots on The Course

As if it is not challenging enough selecting the right golfing equipment, what you wear is also extremely important. While many clubs have relaxed their rules over recent years there is still a tradition and etiquette that dictates what is appropriate or not. Not only is it important for the golf club, your choice of

LPGA Average Driving Distance

What is The LPGA Average Driving Distance?

Make no mistake, the LPGA ladies can drive. The average driving distance is impressive and getting better all the time. If you are wondering about the LPGA average driving distance, we have done a bit of research to bring you the facts. A Little More About the LPGA The LPGA or Ladies Professional Golf Association

percentage golfers break 100

What Percentage of Golfers Break 100? – Think You Can Get There?

Golfers are generally a highly competitive bunch. While many try to play simply for fun it is very hard to resist the urge to be competitive. What makes the game even more interesting is that you not only compete with other players but also with yourself. Many players wonder what percentage of golfers break 100.

gap wedge vs approach wedge difference

Gap Wedge vs Approach Wedge – What’s The Difference?

While many golfers focus on their drivers, irons, and perhaps putters they often forget the importance of wedges. If you look closely at the game you will see that the vast majority of golfers have incredible potential to easily reduce their strokes with better wedge play. Sure, all aspects of the game are important and


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