11 Ways To Lower Your Golf Handicap This Year


Improving your golf handicap can happen with just some practice and by following some key course management practices. What do you think you can do to improve your game? Some players think they need to get longer off the tee, but the most important way to improve your game is by improving your short game. The following list provides you with multiple strategies to get better from tee to green and everywhere in between. This is not an exhaustive list, but it is filled with some simple techniques to get better quicker. They are in no particular order of importance. …

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Understanding Golf’s Handicap System a Beginner’s Guide


Are you interested in playing golf equally with everyone in your foursome? Do you ever feel out of place when competing against golfers who outscore you every hole? If you answered yes to these questions, it is time to start understanding golf handicaps for beginners. Once you have found your handicap, you will be on an equal playing field against everyone who also has a handicap. Whether you have a good golf handicap or an average golf handicap, the system is designed for fairness and equality. This handicapping system allows golfers of all abilities to compare their expected abilities. You …

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