Overlap Vs Interlock Grip for Golf: Which is Better?

3 basic golf grips have dominated the game over the years, and the interlock and overlap are the most popular and effective. The hammer or baseball grip is the 3rd grip which is not ideal for a player wanting to improve their golf. It may be the easiest grip for beginners but should be changed. The interlock and overlap are not natural grips, but once mastered, game improvement will move rapidly. The grip is possibly the most important fundamental of the game, as the hands are the only contact point with the golf club during the swing. It has to

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Tapered Vs Non-Tapered Golf Grips

Using the right golf grip to suit your hands and grip can go a long way to improve your swing and better your scores. Expect to find yourself playing from the short grass more often when you have the right grips on your club. When closing your hands around a good fitting golf grip your fingers should touch the base of your hand when fully wrapped around the grip. Grips that are too wide will prevent your fingers from touching the base of your hand. Grips that are too small will result in your fingers and the base of your

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Which Are The Most Used Golf Grips On Tour?

Golf is one of those games that has become very high-tech, and we get pounded with information about how each innovation will bring us more distance, accuracy, and pleasure. Special spring face heads, lower CG for higher ball flight, and wider soles to create confidence.  Heard it all before? When analyzing all these new ideas, we tend to lose sight of the most important issue of swinging a golf club consistently, and that is the grip. The hands are the only body contact point with the club, and when these are not properly aligned and set correctly on the club,

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