dustin johnson golf clubs

Dustin Johnson Clubs: What’s in the Bag in 2022?

Dustin Johnson is an American golfer with two major championships to his name: the 2016 U.S Open and the 2020 Masters Tournament (in which he received a record score of 268). But what equipment is Dustin using to perform at such a high level? I, for one, had to find out! Can you add one

Best women's golf clubs for intermediate players

The 5 Best Women’s Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players in 2022

Although historically golf has been a sport enjoyed by men, we are seeing more women than ever flood into golf and it’s great to see. In response to this, manufacturers began producing golf sets solely designed for women (it’s only fair!). While these clubs often share the same composition as those for men, they are

Best mizuno irons hot metal irons

The Best Mizuno Irons In 2022

As long as I have played golf, players have praised Mizuno for their quality craftsmanship and the pure feel of their irons. The only downside is that most of their products cater to superior golfers. Nonetheless, I have worked hard to compile a list of the best Mizuno irons in 2022. When they started manufacturing

justin thomas golf clubs

Justin Thomas Clubs: What’s in the Bag in 2022?

Having won two major championships and several other tournaments, Justin Thomas has cemented his place in golf history as one of the best to have ever played the game. This success enabled him to land a ‘club and ball’ partnership with the all-American golf brand, Titleist. In addition, he also has a footwear deal with one

garmin golf watches
Range Finders

Pick the Best Garmin Golf Watch to Improve Your Game in 2022

If you’re like most golfers, you’re constantly trying to improve your game and lower your scores. While there are many ways to do this, a quick way to get better at golf is to invest in accessories that will help you with your course management. Distance Measuring Devices (DMD) are one accessory you would want

rory mcilroy hitting a golf shot

Rory McIlroy Clubs: What’s In the Bag?

Rory McIlroy has become a favorite of many golf fans over the last few years. TaylorMade saw the opportunity to capitalize on his popularity back in 2017, and he’s been with them ever since. As a result, Rory has a full bag of 14 TaylorMade clubs. And he has used them to top many events,

cobra radspeed driver review clubhead

Cobra Radspeed Driver Review – High Speed and Low Price

We all love a little nostalgia from our childhood, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the RAD in Radspeed is just a reference to the common ‘90s expression. After all, ’90s kids are now the optimal target market for new golf clubs with all our expendable income. However, the Rad in the Cobra Radspeed

best womens wide golf shoes sketchers max

The Best Women’s Wide Golf Shoes In 2022

A struggle that male and female golfers face is the width of their golf shoes. I am a victim of this pain, as my feet are wider than usual. When I use a narrow fit, I get blisters around and under my feet. In a previous post, I unveiled my pick for the best male

best xbox one golf games pga tour 2k21


Best Xbox One Golf Games in 2022 Xbox One came out in 2013 and is still a popular console with gamers. You have some great options if you want to scratch your golfing “itch” while sitting at home on the couch. But which game should you get? A realistic game where you compete in PGA tournaments

cobra f9 driver club head

Cobra F9 Driver Review – Still Worth It in 2022?

When the Cobra F9 series came out in 2019, it put most of the competition in its price bracket to shame. In fact, it gave a lot of the more expensive clubs a run for their money in terms of distance and forgiveness. That being said, this was in 2019, and golf club technology is

wilson d9 irons

Wilson D9 Irons Review – High Launch for Soft Green Approach

Wilson may not be the biggest name in golf products. Still, they have been consistently bringing out high-quality clubs since 1914. The D9 series is a testament to Wilson’s commitment to providing excellent equipment at a much more affordable price than many of its competitors. The D series of clubs has proven a popular choice

best ps4 golf games

The 7 Best PS4 Golf Games in 2022

Even the most committed golfers need some time away from the course to unwind, so golf video games can be a lot of fun. They are getting very realistic too. While the Sony PlayStation 4 was replaced by the PS5 in 2020, there are still a lot of stunning games, and you can find them


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