The 7 Best Looking Golf Clubs

Selecting the best-looking golf clubs is definitely a subjective matter and not every golfer will agree on a choice. There are many reasons such as a driver with a closed or open face, a set of irons with a thick or thin top line, or the color of the clubhead. My belief is a club must look good on the eye when at address. Others will believe the brand name is the important factor, or the marketing jargon about extra distance comes into play.

Below is my choice of the best-looking drivers, irons, and putters on the market today.

Quick Overview: Best Looking Golf Clubs

  • Low, Forward CG
  • Multi-Dimensional Stability
  • Featured Shafts
gstblcr-table__imageSrixon ZX5
OUR RATING: 5/5gstblcr-table__imageCobra King Tour Irons
  • mim technology
  • tungsten weighting
  • tpu insert
OUR RATING: 4.4/5gstblcr-table__imageCallaway Apex 21 Irons
  • designed with A.I.
  • Forged Blade Feel In A Players Distance Iron
  • Consistent Launch and Increased Forgiveness
gstblcr-table__imageCleveland CBX
  • LOFT:52-11 BOUNCE 11 GAP 52
  • LENGTH:36.25"
OUR RATING: 5/5gstblcr-table__imageTitleist SM8
  • Elegant brushed black nickel finish
  • Improved distance and path control
  • Maximum spin and ultimate control
OUR RATING: 4.7/5gstblcr-table__imageTaylorMade Spider Tour Black with Sightline
  • Pure roll insert for increased forward roll and distance control
  • Spider features a unique "square" shape for better alignment
  • Movable weight technology to match the desired head weight


1. Titleist



  • Traditional Looks
  • TS1 for moderate swing speed
  • Lighter 460cc head with 45,75” long shaft
  • TS4 for higher swing speed and distance
  • Smaller 430cc head with 45,5” long shaft
  • Ultra-low spin driver

Titleist drivers have always captured a fair share of the market for all categories of golfers. The brand name is synonymous with winning and this creates a huge emphasis on who will buy it. The traditional blackhead, without too many frills and markings attracts the player who follows tradition when making a purchase. The technology is world-class and the price tag affirms it. It sits well at address, if not with a slightly open face. Distance and accuracy are well balanced and it looks good on the eye. Definitely a favorite choice despite the price. The new TS1 caters to the moderate swing speed golfer and the weight is trimmed down to 275gms. The 460cc head with a 45,75” shaft, will deliver the goods! The TS4 model has a smaller 430cc head, a 45,5” shaft, and is an ultra-low spin driver. The low forward CG position delivers straighter ball flight and exceptional ball speed. Made for the player seeking distance.

2. Srixon ZX5


  • Traditional Looks and Square face at set up
  • Rebound Frame Structure
  • Fast Ball speed for long drives

The Srixon ZX5 may be a surprise choice for some, but the looks at address certainly appeal to my eye. It is very traditional in looks and sits squarely on the ground. It encourages a tilt to the right when at set up and automatically puts the head behind the ball. Srixon’s new Rebound Frame Structure delivers fast ball speed for long straight drives. Their ZX7 driver is very similar and offers the same high ball speed off the face.


Golf irons in today’s market cater to every whim and fancy of golfers seeking their ultimate iron set to suit their game. Unfortunately, too many players select irons that do not suit their game, and they struggle. Maybe the choice has become too wide!

Blades are definitely for the player who has a low handicap and practices or plays regularly. The Muscle Back Iron is the most popular iron and delivers the best results for amateurs. Oversized heads are popular for super game improvement but do not suit the mid to lower handicap player.

3. Cobra King Tour Irons


  • Pure soft feel at impact due to perfectly placed CG
  • Metal Injection Molding Technology
  • Precise and Intricate shapes
  • Tungsten toe-weighting
  • Tour Quality Cavity Back Iron

Cobra has introduced the new King Tour Irons and with it a new Technology for the manufacture of these superb looking irons. They sit perfectly at address and are extremely good on the eye. Cobra may not be the biggest of the iron manufacturers, but these will attract a lot of attention, for both looks and performance. The new Metal Injection Molding (MIM) process is an evolution in manufacturing to create precise and intricate shapes. Cobra claims it to be the reason for the softest and purest feeling iron they have produced and is softer than traditional forgings of carbon steel. Stability on mis-hits is enhanced by the placement of a high-density tungsten toe-weight which places the CG behind the hitting area on the face. The CG is thus perfectly placed for pure feel through contact. A Tour-Quality Cavity Back Iron that inspires confidence.

King Cobra has always been known for their distance achievements with their clubs, and this set will not disappoint.

4. Callaway Apex 21 Irons


  • First A I designed irons in their range
  • Tungsten Energy Core added for improved CG placement
  • Improved launch characteristics
  • Faster ball speed and spin consistency for increased distance
  • Urethane Microspheres deliver pure sound and feel at impact

Callaway has a superb range of irons, and my choice is the Callaway Apex 21 Irons. They sit well and are great on the eye at address. These irons are designed by A I and are forged. Improved spin consistency and faster ball speeds deliver the distance and control the better player will enjoy. A Tungsten Energy Core has been added to the Apex Irons for the first time, and the 64 grams of Tungsten allows for better positioning of the CG. This results in ultimate forgiveness on mis-hits, and exceptional launch characteristics. The thin top line on the head, with upgraded shaping, improves turf interaction, and these irons deliver superior performance and feel throughout the set. The body is forged from mild 1025 carbon steel, and the patented Urethane Microspheres produce a pure sound and feel at impact.


5. Cleveland CBX



  • Good, clean looks
  • Ability to play a variety of shots with a closed or open face
  • Can be used effectively from bunkers
  • Inspires confidence

Cleveland has always been one of the top wedge producers in the industry and their RTX wedges will be found in many amateur bags. Their range will suit most golfers, but having played them for many years, decided to try the CBX model. (52/11)

It is good looking at address and sits square. One of the characteristics is the ability to open or close the face and play a variety of shots, both high and low, with confidence. It lends itself to easy play from bunkers and fairways alike. It feels soft off the face and produces more than enough spin for any greenside approach or chip shot.

6. Titleist SM8


  • No1 Wedge on Tour
  • Versatility throughout their range
  • Great turf interaction and ball control
  • Good looking at address

Vokey wedges have been the market leader for many years and are used extensively by the top players on the Tour. The design is good-looking and the results produced are consistent. Titleist spin-milled wedges are constantly evolving and never disappoint. The versatility is unquestionable and their range will cater to all golfer’s needs. Their design glides through the turf for precise contact and ball control.


Putters come in all shapes and sizes and are purely a personal choice. Centre or heel shafts, on blades or broadhead putters, bent or straight shafts, and varying shaft lengths are all very popular. Grip size has evolved recently, as has putting styles.

7. TaylorMade Spider Tour Black with Sightline


  • Looks good and sits square at address
  • Perimeter weighting for added stability
  • Sightline for more precision line up

TaylorMade’s range of Spider putters has been extremely popular with Tour players and amateurs, who generally take the lead from the professionals. Putting is all about comfort and confidence, and the Spider delivers on both. The perimeter weighting adds stability through the stroke. Interestingly, the shortest swing or stroke in the game is the most difficult to master! The latest Spider Tour Black has a Sightline which allows the player to increase alignment precision, and hole more putts. It looks good, sits well at address, and inspires confidence. The price may be a deterrent!

Final Thoughts

The golf club market is filled with technological advances, and this sometimes confuses players as to what clubs they should put into play. Many, who do not have budget constraints, will go for the latest models, irrespective if it will improve their game.

The looks of a club on the ground at address are very important to instill confidence, before striking the ball. It is much the same when selecting a car to buy! Looks count, but don’t be confused by the jargon or marketing hype. Go with what fits the budget, swing speed, and looks good on the eye, and you will play better golf.

I did and it works for me.

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Nick Lomas is the founder of GolfSpan, an avid golfer, not quite a pro but has over 15-years of experience playing and coaching golfers from all over the world. His mission is to bring the golfing community a better experience then it comes to choosing the right golf gear, and finding the right set up for your game.

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